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The people’s business


A Nazi war survivor was asked about Trump being like Hitler.  The media did not like her answer.  She said that the problem is not Trump.  From what she lived through her opinion was that the liberal left was acting more like Hitler in their behaviors and actions.  I noticed the liberal left doing a book burning of materials written by Trump.  It was similar to Hitler’s book burning to ban books he disagreed with and wanted to keep those thoughts out of the minds of others.  We mock the early church as they did book burnings to keep ‘secular’ materials away from the innocent minds. I remember hearing about conservative churches doing ‘record burning’ where they would burn the ‘evil rock and roll records or demon music’.  People are upset but they are not upset over Trump.  They are upset over no longer having free reign and being able to do whatever they wanted without consequences.  The people of America voted in Donald Trump to make significant changes to government, Washington D.C. and to America.  We were fed up with a President and a government what seemed to cater to everyone except Americans.  We were fed up with a government that was synonymous with corruption.  Donald Trump is simply doing what the people hired him to do!

What is really happening in our society is nothing more than a spotlight being shown upon just how far we as a nation have fallen.  As I see the ‘old guard’ such as Pelosi, Waters, and McCain coming unglued it tells me that their reign of power is threatened.  We had a revolution to stop being under the hand of a monarchy and have turned our Congress into nothing more than a massive monarchy of people who remain in power year after year doing the same old nothing that they did before.  I ask myself what the Congress has actually done in the past ten years of any significance that was not totally partisan.  I cannot answer the simple question.  There are some who would scream Obamacare.  But let’s be honest.  That program might have some merit somewhere but in its present form it is a total fiasco.  The cost versus befits are completely out of proportion and its overall good is far too minimal in comparison to its downside.  It was nothing more than a political act of pure partisan politics.

Over the past few days much has been revealed about our government.  We have found spies in the government who have been accessing confidential and sensitive information without need.  We have had information leaked of sensitive matter.  And we have seen just how far people have been placed in our government in order to undermine our own safety and security.  The noisy left is getting revealed and having their toes stepped upon.  It is about time.  Now while these people love to create chaos they need to also remember that it was the mass Americans who placed Trump in office.  It will be the mass Americans who will stand behind our President.  The left can yell, holler, burn and protest but if push comes to shove they will lose.  I am simply giving a friendly warning to them.  There is a lot of talk about their using force.  I grew up around Chicago as a kid.  I have found that many people have nothing but talk and when it comes up to actually putting their money where their mouth is they have nothing.  I wish to simply give a friendly warning.  We will support our President should anyone be so stupid as to think that they could ever produce an armed insurgency.  For decades our government has permitted people from the outside to infiltrate key significant positions.  Now they are coming to light.  Maybe it is time we actually cleaned house.

I would say that the conservative population has been more than patient.  It is so ironic that the left claims that the conservatives are gun hungry and blood thirsty maniacs.  If we were as depicted there would not be any left liberals remaining.  We want peace.  We love our country.  We support our military and police forces.  I truly do not know why anyone would do the contrary.  We support freedom of speech and all of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.  We love our Forefathers and the dream of the new world of liberty.  We believe in God.  We are willing to fight for these rights not just for ourselves but for everyone.  I really do not know why this seems so odd to the liberal left.  We do not oppose their right to their freedom of speech.  But for too many of the liberal left it does not stop there.  I honestly feel bad for those of the left who simply believe differently than me.  They have their rights and I do not deny this because it is the core of what I believe which is freedom, liberty and personal rights.  It is unfortunate that there are so many of the liberal left that overshadows the more moderate left.  There is a whole section of the left who does not promote riots or burning buildings.  In all reality it would be to the moderate left to start putting the radical left in their place.  The moderate left are workable people.  But the radical left are the ones who are setting the stage for what they call armed insurgency.  This is the most asinine idea the left ever produced.  The radicals really are their own category.  I do not know if they truly fit in the realm of the liberal.  These are the people who are more Marxist.  The have their own agenda and government which they want to install.  These people do not want a nation of liberty and freedom.  These people want a nation completely different than our Forefathers envisioned and outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is these people who pose the threat.  These are the ones who could spark a major problem under the mask of the liberal left.

What we are seeing in our country right now is the result of many years of planning.  Marxist, radicals and other forms of subversives have infiltrated every aspect of our government and all levels for decades.  No one has had the nerve to oppose them because no one could go nose to nose with their structure and machine.  It has been this machine that has placed extremely powerful people in extremely high positions.  It is a machine that is highly funded and has no problem using that money to completely destroy any opposition.  If the average person tried to oppose this machine they would simply disappear and never be found again.  This machine is deadly and has no regard for anyone or anything.  If you get in the way of their agenda the average person would not have a chance.  Then comes a man like Donald Trump.  He does not need their money.  He has his own machine and structure which is equal if not greater than those who have been in power for decades following the present agenda of infiltration.  Trump represents their worst nightmare because he does not simply go away.  This threatens the machine and they are showing their true colors.  Those who have quietly infiltrated our government are coming unglued and showing who they truly are and their motives.  The machine is being shaken at its core.  The shadow group is having a major spotlight shown upon it and it is threatened.  They seek to bring their agenda to fruition.  They also totally discount the average person.  They are not used to anyone actually opposing them.  Donald Trump is doing just that and has the backing of the people.  It is going to be interesting to see how the Marxist and radical machine fares against an equally powerful individual who also has the support and backing of our military and one of the largest armed populations in the world; the average American.


Got your six

thin blue line

Our politicians have thrown our police under the bus for the sake of votes.  Many have abandoned the very people who protect them for the sake of power and position.  The war on law enforcement continues with the blessing of groups like Black Lives Matter as they make the chants against law enforcement and people such as the various race baiters who would go broke if race ever ceased to exist continue to fan the flames of hate against the police.  There is something that these people have failed to take into consideration.  That is the common citizen.  There are many of us who are armed, trained, willing and ready to watch the backs of those who risk everything every day.  If a person thinks this war on the police is a race thing they are a fool.  If they think that it is just a police thing then they are more stupid than a box of rocks.  Let us get one things very clear.  Anyone who is willing to attack an armed and trained uniformed police officer will not hesitate one second to kill and unarmed untrained citizen who happens to get in their way.  This is why this war on the police must stop.  The only way any war stops is when the enemy fears their opponent.  Only then will this war cease.  Those who want to harm law enforcement must be made to fear those of us who will back our law enforcement.

This is a call for all citizens who love life and being able to live without fear from some moron who wants to demand his or her way through threats and intimation to step up and be noted.  If you can carry legally then do so.  If you see a law enforcement officer gassing his rig, out to eat or doing something that might pose a threat, pause and make sure they are safe.  If someone tries to hurt them, help them.  If that officer does not go home that night and you had an opportunity to aid him or her and you did not, then the harm that came upon that officer and their family is on YOUR head.  I do not tell anyone to do anything illegal because I do not want someone in an ugly suit knocking on my door.  What I will say is that whatever it takes for that officer to be able to go home at the end of their shift is fine by me.

The only thing that stands between anarchy and you is that officer.  If that line is breeched, the citizen will feel its effects.  If you do not care about yourself then realize that your parents, siblings and children will feel the ramifications.  Anyone willing to harm a police officer will harm a civilian.  There is no honor in harming a police officer.  There is no nobility in the riots.  There is no dignity in the protest that attack innocent people and destroys their property.  If a person wanted truly to simply protest something they can do so without destroy of property or threats to others.  I call upon every law abiding citizen to be the unseen eyes and ears for law enforcement.  I call upon everyone who loves to live in peace to be vigilant for those who are there to protect you.

I get so irritated at the critics of law enforcement.  Now I am not naive.  I know there are some bad officers because I carry some emotional scars from them.  But while I have never been a commissioned law officer I have been behind a badge and a warehouse at zero dark thirty looking for people who had not regard for others.  I have had positions where my cargo made my life not even worth the papers my name was written upon.  I know what it is like to know that the only thing standing between you coming home and not coming home is being a little crazier than your opposition and those who would do your harm.  I would love to stick some of these nitwit politicians who have no greater threat during the day than possible heartburn from eating too rich of foods, out with a target on their chest in the middle of the concrete jungle to see how long they would last.

I do not care if you are democrat, republican, white, black, brown or pink; the bullet that the thug will send the direction of a police officer would be just as easily sent in your direction.  It is time that the enemy feared good people again.  It is time that a line is drawn and this time when a line is drawn it means NO MORE.  We WILL have the backs of law enforcement.  We WILL watch out for them.  We WILL attack those who seek to do them harm.  We WILL with full vengeance and rightful anger be the unseen guardians for those who risk everything for an ungrateful people.  The politicians have made it so that the criminals do not fear the law so it is time that the criminals feared the people.  WE WILL STRIKE BACK!   We are armed; we are trained; we are willing; we are capable; we WILL HAVE THE BACK OF ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT.  ANY AND ALL WHO SEEK TO HARM LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE!

I’m so tired


Those who appreciate the classics have a special place in their hearts for Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing saddles’.  As Madeline Kahn poured out her heart with her rendition of ‘I’m tired’ it found a place forever in the souls of the fans.  I can relate with at least one aspect of the lyrics because I am so tired.  She is tired of being the goddess of desire; I am so tired of being the target of a liar.  The police officer in Baltimore was attacked by a man who made the direct claim that the attack was done in the name of allah and Islam.  He meant to kill the office in obedience to Islam.  He attempted to assassinate the police officer out of allegiance to ISIS.  Yet the spokesperson for the White House says that they are still investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who protects the enemy.  I am so tired of a president who calls everything workplace violence.  If someone is attacking a police officer in the name of ISIS which is a terrorist organization then it is an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who plays politics with American lives.  I am so tired of a president who blames the guns used by the Islamic terrorist rather than the terrorists.  I am so tired of a president who is so quick to release captured terrorists from Gitmo just so they can return to the battle field against Americans.  At what time and what is it going to take for this president to finally be called down for treason?

This president is forcing the hands of Americans.  No one wants internal conflict.  This man seems to have civil war as his agenda for America.  He is determined to have law enforcement remove legally owned guns by legal gun owners while he is purposely ignorant regarding the growth of ISIS in America.  In my opinion, this man who sits presently in the Oval Office has a goal of turning America into an Islamic nation and to completely ignore the will of the people.  Obama has armed himself with an Attorney General who appears to be equally as racists and pro-Islam.  He has strategically placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations.  It is my perspective that this man and his administration is doing everything possible to set our nation up for a major conflict between Islamic radicals and the rest of the nation.  It also appears he wants to edge his bet by attempting to remove legally owned firearms from the general population knowing that radical Islamic terrorists will give no regard to the law.

It is now time for law enforcement and the rest of the populous of this nation to settle the issue regarding civil disobedience.  Law enforcement has learned the hard way that this administration does not have their backs.  This administration, I believe, is more than willing to make all the unconstitutional rules and then to sacrifice our police officers by sending them in to confiscate the firearms from legal gun owners.  I can easily see this administration calling in their ‘civilian army’ during a stage of national emergency.  I am not a pessimist.  I do not wear a tinfoil hat.  I am simply a man who is willing to read the reality of our present situation.  I refuse to bury my head in the sands of denial.  We are in a major and dangerous situation.

We have sheriffs from numerous states throughout the country that recognize that America is in a dangerous situation and that the armed citizen is going to be the answer.  Terrorism wants to invade our nation.  Islamic radicals want to spread their slaughter across our land.  But the armed American has and will continue to make a difference.  Germany has found that there is a place for the individual carrying a sidearm.  Countries are learning that disarming the people does not make them safe.  Any more as this administration continues to make its moves toward disarming the people and denying the role of Islam in the increased global attacks, it has to be done with purpose and full intent.  It cannot be done any longer under the mask of ‘not wanting to jump to conclusions’.  To deny the role of radical Islam is deliberate.  To disarm the populous has to now being an action done with the full intent of leaving good people to the actions of murderous intent of the bad.

As my daddy used to say:  Enough is enough.  This administration has pushed the good people of this nation enough.  There has been enough of the defending of Islam that we are tired of having it shoved down our throat.  This administration has drawn the line for the American people.  Americans have never been known to simply lie down and roll over.  I doubt that we are going to start now.

Now hear this

thin blue line

My dad used to have a saying of:  enough is enough and too much is right down nasty.  I know I might only be one small person but I have come to the realization that I have a huge audience of readership.  I am beyond fed up with the level of disrespect given to our law enforcement.  I am from a law enforcement family with two brothers who are retired police officers.  People who are not part of a law enforcement family cannot comprehend how every day you fear that dreaded phone call telling you that your loved one has died in the service to their community.  I am calling upon all those reading this article to start putting your money where your mouth is.  Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts, Waffle House, Starbucks and any place out there that wants to disrespect our law enforcement must begin to feel the effects of their actions.  I call upon any and all of these places to be boycotted until they come to an open and honest accounting for their actions.

I do not care if your cause if ‘black lives matter’ or unicorns for president, it has no place in disrespecting law officers.  If you are so worried about black lives then protest how many of the black murders are done by black people.  If you do not care about the police because of your ‘black lives matter’ cause then next time you need a cop call Al Sharpton.  I am sick and tired of law enforcement officers putting their lives on the line for people who do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about their lives or families.

These businesses think they can have total immunity.  But it is the people who will decide if they remain open or closed.  Maybe these business need to be more careful who they hire.  If they do not want a reputation as being disrespectful to our military and police then the responsibility falls upon the management of those businesses to screen prospective hires better.  It is these people who are going to place a shadow upon their business.  If you want to remain open then start screen your employees better.

We vote with our wallets.  It is time we put our money where our mouth and values are now and in the future.  Businesses have gotten away with extreme acts of disrespect and it is time for accountability.  This is not just another angry rant over the actions of a stupid employee.  This is a call to action.  This is a call for accountability.  I am stating here and now for businesses to decide which side of that blue line where our law enforcement is concerned and green line where our military is concerned (and while you are at it include the firefighters and medical providers because anyone who is out there risking their butts for an ungrateful society deserves to be treated with respect and dignity) you choose to stand.  Either you are for us or you are against us.  There is no middle ground.  There is no place for apathy.  There is no place for silence.  While the businesses might think this is an awfully big order from a simple writer I have realized that over time I have a few hundred thousands who read my articles and many who feel as I do.  I am calling upon anyone reading this to vote with your wallet.  I am calling upon them to directly ask the businesses they patronize where they stand and when was the last time they did some tangible to show their support for these people who risk everything to serve.  To those who chose to support our law enforcement, military and those who serve their communities may you prosper and grow.  To those who chose not to openly and clearly support these people in the Name of God and all that might be remaining right and good in this world may you lose money and close.  It is up to you to decide.