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Israel in America

flag and eagle

I listen to people from our Congress to individual individuals complain about how much aid the US gives to Israel.  Yet these same people seem to have no problem with all the billions given to Islamic countries.  To Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and India alone America have over 9 billion dollars to last year.  This is only to four countries and there are many more than receive American taxpayer money.  To Israel last year a little over 3 billion was given.  You can hardly turn on the news and not hear of more people who have been recently killed by radical Islam.  The body count of Americans killed by radical Islam is difficult to calculate.  Americans have been beheaded on our own soil recently by radical Islam.  I have yet to hear of one American beheaded by Israel.  I have yet to hear of Israel going into peaceful gatherings of people who have not done anything negative to anyone and killing randomly.  After Netanyahu spoke to Congress I listened to the responses of the Democrats who were not at the meeting.  For people who supposedly did not listen to his speak they seemed to have a great deal to say.  Their responses ran from the ridiculous to the absurd.  Never before has the Prime Minister of an alley nation ever been treated to such disrespect as some within the Democrat Party showed towards the Prime Minister of Israel. 


Within our present administration there seems to be a line drawn between Islam loyalties and our political relationship with Israel.  Our President is either purposely blind to the American history of Islam, purposely lying about the historical influence of Islam in America or is a complete and total moron regarding the matter.  Never has Islam been positively influential in the history of America.  Islamic pirates learned early on the America was not a place of easy pickings.  Early American Forefathers warned American leaders about Islam and the destruction they have seen it sow in other countries.  There may be some very good Muslims living in America but they would have to be much in the order of a “jack” Muslim much like a “jack” Mormon may be a Mormon but does not accept as valid all the teachings and principles of the Mormon church.  True Islam has never been a major part of America and can never be a major part of America.  True Islam has at its core teachings and principles which more align with Sharia Law than they would the US Constitution.  True Islam teaches the superiority of Islam and all other beliefs are to be destroyed.  True Islam teaches the complete and total subjection of the female to the point of death for her offenses.  In true Islam the female can and will never be an equal to anyone and no one is the equal to a Muslim male.  Islam has always supported the taking of slaves and does so to this day.  The idea of everyone being made equal will never be a part of Islam. 


There is an intense wave of invading anti-Semitism creeping into America.   While Islam has never been a part of American history Judaism has been with America since the beginning.  It was a millionaire Jewish man named Haym Salomon who gave his fortune to fund the American Revolution.   In respect of his sacrifice the 13 stars on the back of the dollar bill is arranged in a Star of David.  Within the 13 folds of the American flag the 11th fold represents Israel.  Yet with this rich heritage of Israel in America Liberal Democrats keep screaming how we are giving too much money to Israel and need to cut them off.  These same Liberal Democrats are also the same ones who have no problem with our giving billions to countries who burn the American flag in public, kill our men and women, torture men, women and children simply because they disagree with their religion, and practice genocide against all who do not share their same religion.  This is an insult to the history of America, the principles of our Forefathers, and everything that is humane.  America should never be the supporter of imported slaughter.  Islam has always been the importer of slaughter from the beginnings of their Jihad.  They carried Islam throughout the Middle East butchering as they went.  I hear people try and compare the Islamic Jihad to the Crusades.  The ignorance of this argument is not worth discussing in that the Jihad covered numerous nations while the Crusades were few and did not happen until after the Islam hordes began their Jihads.  Additionally, Jihad continues to this day as Islam tries like locust to spread across nations killing everything in its path.


At present the level of stupidity that this administration spouts its pro-Islam agenda mounts to nothing less than having become a propaganda tool for the religion.  This is largely because the media failed and betrayed the American people.  The media has become complacent with the ‘Islamification’ of America and has become deaf to the lies being spread in the name of Islam.  Our government has become an accomplice in the betrayal of American roots by permitting a double standard pitting Islam against American Christian roots.  For those who like to try and dispute America’s Christian heritage must disregard scores of records, testimonies of contemporaries of the Forefathers, writings of our Forefathers and their very lives and their personal living testaments.  It is questionable as to what is actually worse.  It is too bad that people are trying to twist and corrupt the history of America by calling good bad and bad good.  But what is worse is that this corruption of history is coming from elected leaders in our own American government.  It is easy to see where a common individual may be incorrect in their understanding of history and historical facts.  But for people in extreme leadership of America who wants people to follow their leadership and instructions to be so ignorant of true American history is beyond the pale.  It demonstrates either extreme ignorance in which their leadership is not worthy to be followed or heeded or it shows a willful intent to purposefully deceive and mislead the American people in which they have just forfeited any right to expect people to want to follow their leadership.   


Obama and his other face

two faced

I am from Chicago.  That was where I was born.  I am proud to be from Chicago.  I have a brother who spent his formative years in Chicago, has many good memories of Wrigley Field and likes going back to Chicago.  Chicago is also well known for corrupt politics.  This goes back many years and is so deeply rooted in Chicago that the term ‘windy city’ is not because of the wind coming off of the lake but because of all the hot air the politicians used to blow at the people.  Obama learned politics well in Chicago.  He kept his agenda hidden very well.  During the 2006 election many people fell for his deceit.  Many good and intelligent people believed his smooth talk which never revealed the real Obama.  The media was so in awe of him they failed the public by not doing their jobs and never asked the hard questions of Obama so that the people got to know the real person.   During his first term in office he knew well how to remain insulated by have others do anything that might be deemed questionable allowing him plausible deniability.  His second election came and went.  This election was with a bit more open corruption with the voting machines but not enough to warrant a second look from the now complacent media.

Now the nation is half way through the second term of Barack Obama.  His religious ideologies were kept secret during his first term.  Now with his power well entrenched America has numerous members or associates of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions of governmental leadership.  The administration is facing outside threats from radical Islamic terrorist groups but refuses to recognize their reality as being Islam.  A pseudo-war is being waged against ISIS while being micromanaged by the White House assuring they do not insult Islam.  Christians are being slaughtered and are being all but ignored.  Americans are being beheaded and met with little more than apathy and appropriately chosen wording in speeches.  Jews are being targeted and being labeled as purely random shootings.  Radical Islam has attacked military bases and innocent citizens have had their heads cut off for not converting to Islam and it is all being simply called work place violence.  Boston was rocked with bombs at it is domestic terrorism even though the culprits were doing so under the leadership of Islamic leadership to kill Americans.  Christians from Egypt are beheaded in mass and are simply labeled citizens.  Obama shuns the Prime Minister of Israel and when allowed to address Congress Obama makes comments how Netanyahu will pay for his accepting the invitation to speak.  As it has been said by others, America has a storm ahead.

Our President does not and cannot recognize and address radical Islam.  He cannot and will not recognize the attacks of radical Islam upon the Jews and Christians.   Our President has shown that he is closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and has welcomed them repeatedly into the White House.  America is one of a few nations which do not call them a terrorist organization even though they are referred to in this manner by other Muslim countries.  One must ask the question of why.  When ISIS was targeting and slaughtering the Christians with starvation in Iraq it was the cry of the American people that forced the hand of Obama to drop aid and food.  America, we have a problem.  We have a President who is getting increasingly open in his disregard for Israel, Jews and Christians.  He is blatant in his favoritism towards Islam.  It is dangerous that he is also very open with is associates within the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is not a good time for America.

What is being done?  America is in a very bad place with a man of power in position who is being protected by many within his party and the media.  He is seeing executive orders as his way of ruling without question.  His bigotry against whites is unquestionable by many of his own comments.  His radical views have been laid out before American in his books yet no one seemed to ask about them.  He is openly favorable to Marxism, communism, and socialism.  His attitude towards Jews borders upon anti-Semitism.  America is beginning to see the other face of Barack Obama.  He is transitioning from the smooth talking community planer to the radical Marxist and open Islamist of his upbringing.  His associates are open in their radical views and are placed in leadership.  There is coming a time in America when good people in leadership will have to decide between doing as they are told versus doing what is right.  Oaths to support the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties of citizens will become in stark contrast to expectations from authorities.  These are the winds that are blowing in America.  The only question remaining is once they begin which direction will YOU go?

Muslim verses Jew

Muslim and Jew

In the court of public impression and presentation I find these two religions interesting in their comparisons and contrasts.  In many ways they are much alike.  The primary ways in which they are different is the manner in which they express themselves to the public.

Muslims and Jews both have dietary restrictions as per their religions.  Neither eats pork or pork products.  Both require items that are prepared in a particular manner.  One is halal and the other is kosher. Neither celebrates Christmas nor traditionally see Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind.  Both have a sacred scripture where one as the Koran and the Torah.  These are just some of the most cursorily similarities in their religions.  Both believe they are correct in their interpretation of the Holy Writ and are following the instructions of God or Allah.

What I find most different is the manner in which they address their particular aspects of their faiths.  Recently there are events in the news where the Muslims are demanding that food banks have halal produced foods.  Particular restaurants that serve pork or pork products have come under extreme fire by the Muslims to change or remove those offensive items from their menus.  On the other side of the issue I find that if the Jews do not find what meets the dietary requirements of their religion instead of demanding that others change to please them they make those items available to the members of their communities themselves.  They seem more determined to be self-sufficient to their unique aspects rather than to demand that outsiders supply for their needs and demands.  Restaurants that serve items found offensive to the Jew simply are not purchased nor consumed.  The restaurant is left alone permitting it to operate as an independent business as the owner desires.

Another point of difference between the Muslim and the Jew is how they approach the public schools.  The Muslim communities have been demanding that the public school cease to celebrate Christmas in that it offense the Muslim and is contrary to their beliefs.  Contrarily the Jew has found that they simply do not have to take part in things they find in contradiction to their beliefs while permitting those who believe in Christmas to continue to enjoy their season.  I have yet to read about Jews throwing rocks at Christians as they are leaving a church service.  I have yet to read about Jews killing people because they spoke negatively against the Torah.  I have yet to see Jews behead anyone because they refuse to turn to Judaism.  What I find is a great deal of demanding done by the Muslims while I see a great deal of tolerance by the Jews.  The Muslims claim they are a religion of peace.  Likewise, according to many teachings by the Muslims the Jews do not have a reason to exist and needs to be removed from the face of the earth.  What I see verses what is said, the Muslims appear to be the religion of war and conflict while the Jew seems to be the religion of peace and tolerance.

If the Muslim does not like this impression or opinion of their faith then they need to start being active in portraying it in a different manner.  If they do not want to be seen as the religion or war and conflict then they must step out from among the chaos and speak out against those who wish to insult Islam by their actions.  It is not the ‘infidel’ that insults Islam.  It is those within Islam which insults Islam.  It is those who claim to be part of the religion of peace yet keep demanding that everyone stop their way of life and bow to what they want and need.  It is those who demand that their way becomes the ways of all instead of allowing the same freedom of religion which they demand.  If the Muslims want to be half the religion of peace that the Jews have presented themselves as being through the years they need to start speaking out against the hatred and killing which is being done in the name of their Allah and start emulating peace and tolerance for others.