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Facing hard realities

hard realities

When I was a practicing counselor people knew that, although they might not like to hear it but, I would tell them the truth.  At times those truths included hard realities but I felt that I was doing them an injustice not to tell them the truth as I saw things.  I am seeing some hard truths regarding where we are going as a nation.  For numerous reasons rioters are being permitted to attack innocent people who are expressing their freedom of speech.  The only thing they are doing is going to hear someone speak whom the rioters do not like.  I would imagine these things happening more during the time of Martin Luther King and people being pelted with raw eggs as they would go to listen to him speak but I do not remember this happening even then.  For whatever reason these rioters are permitted to attack innocent people while law enforcement stands by and watches.  San Jose was a disgrace.   Each time the rioters are not stopped in encourages their actions and those people who are getting paid to riot and protest are seeing $15.00 as easy money.  Here is the hard reality of what is going to happen if things do not change.  If things do not change, then those same rioters will be at the Republican National Convention in full force.  They will make the electoral system a shambles.  Innocent people will be hurt.  It will only take one time for someone who does not care to be beaten by someone waving a Mexican flag and burning an American flag to fight back or, worse yet, defend him or herself with lethal means.

Law enforcement is often controlled by the political powers over them such as the governors.  Against San Jose was a disgrace and all those in the political chain of command deserve to be sued to their last dime.  There is a plethora of non-lethal means by which law enforcement is able to disrupt a riot.  Mainly all they need is permission by their superiors to do so.  But every time the political powers refuse to do so whether it is because of political correctness, they do not want to offend the Mexicans or Muslims, they oppose Donald Trump or they simply have a liberal agenda, the riots increases in personal power.  America is a nation divided.  The radicals, leftists, liberals, radical Mexicans, radical Muslims, radical blacks are all on one side with the liberal Democrat agenda and the conservatives who want America back to being America and the Constitution and citizen’s rights on the other side.  America is being set up for a sucker punch.  If we are not careful and the rioters are forced under some form of control, the RNC and the resulting riots by the liberal radicals will result in a state of national emergency.  Barack Obama would have his reason for martial law and United Nations to be used for ‘peacekeeping’.  Bill Clinton already signed into Executive Order the use of the UN for ‘peacekeeping’ purposes in the US.  If people think that Obama is going to fade out peacefully they do not understand his mentality.  He is a raving egoist.  If he is given an opportunity to maintain power he will take it.  Hillary is nothing more than an extension of Obama.  If he feels that the liberal agenda of the leftist Democrat/Socialist ideology is in jeopardy he will create a situation to maintain control.

America is on the cusp of civil war.  Personally, I believe this has been the agenda of this administration from the beginning.  It has been this administration’s goal to ‘radically transform’ America.  From the beginning race has been pitted against race, black has been pitted against white; Christian has been pitted against Muslim; all with the goal of division.   Over the course of time things have moved from being very subtle to open attacks against whites, Christianity and law enforcement.  Comments made by people in this administration brag about their efforts to turn America into a Muslim country.  As a nation we now have multiple members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions of our national security.  All this has been happening over years and no one dare call it treason.

If American law enforcement does not regulate the protests and rioting someone will.  This is what is concerning.   We are a nation of laws.  Yet those in charge of protecting those laws have corrupted those laws in their enforcement.  The enforcement of those laws has not been bent necessarily if a person has money or not.  The corruption of the legal system has been towards those with the most political power.  LA Raza is numerous immigrant workers but with a political agenda of returning the south-eastern portion of the United States to Mexico at any cost.  It is the political power of the politically correct mentality which desires a unified North America and the power and money which that represents.  The Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of our grandfathers.  What is the Democrat Party of today is a usurping of a traditional political party by the Socialist/Marxist/Communism of yesterday.  Those parties have and always have had the goal of domination.  Their ideas are not sound and cannot withstand critical analysis.  For this reason outspoken critics of their ideologies must be silenced by any and every means possible.  Lenin said that America would fall without a shot being fired through the use of 26 tin soldiers referring to the alphabet.  Hillary Clinton represents the power of not only a unified North America but also of a unified global economy under a limited ruling party.  Now I am not going to get into the ‘Illuminati’ and all the rest of the conspiracy theories, but I do believe there is a primary push for global power.

I do not know how much can be done to stop this direction America is headed but I do know what will happen if nothing is done to intervene.  If the protest and riots are not stopped or met with legal opposition then the results are relatively clear.  What will happen next will depend solely upon how much the surviving populous wants to live as free men and women.


Physician heal thyself

heal thyself


This is one of those posts that is going to have some liberal who living in the basement of his or her parent’s house writing opposition posts to anything conservative going bat crap crazy.  It is clear and obvious that America has a huge problem with minorities.  Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gay and Lesbian issues; these all are critical explosive points.  But one thing that most people are too afraid to say is that if there are to be resolutions where people live in peace these groups are going to have to start policing themselves better than they have in the past.  I watch young black college students going totally out of their minds because of a ‘wall’ that has pro-Trump writing on it.  I see university students being ‘afraid’ over chalk.  I see mass groups of blacks blocking freeways interrupting the life’s flow of everything from simply wanting to go either to work or home from work to emergency services trying to get someone to a hospital to save their lives.  I see Hispanic groups who are not here wanting a better life making it impossible for those who did simply come to America, legal or otherwise; just to have a fighting chance at a better life.  I see Muslims killing their children in the name of honor killings expecting the world to simply accept that their god approves of running their children over with a car because they looked at a non-Muslim male.  I see some Gay Lesbians who simply want to be left alone to live life and they choose while others are demanding to be allowed in the locker rooms of little girls simply because they ‘feel’ themselves to be a female in a male body.  This is totally ridiculous.  If there is ever to be answers it must come from inside these groups themselves.  If they cannot control their own people who is going to?  If the police get involved then they scream discrimination.  If others step up and speak out they whine about racism.  So if you do not want others to get involved they had better get off the dime and start doing something themselves!

When I owned my own security company I had a Hispanic who was my business partner.  We worked well together and watched out for each other.  In him I saw the meaning of family for a Hispanic person.  Yet as we worked the various clubs and parties I was disgusted at watching the celebration for their 15 year old daughters becoming nothing more than an excuse to get drunk, sell drugs and have gangs come in to start fights.  I was so tired of watching children in strollers being in a building at 1 AM where the music was so loud it hurt MY ears.  If people are going to claim to be family oriented then protect the family.  The ‘black lives matter’ group is another example of contradiction.  They scream how black lives matter yet they are doing nothing to stop black violence.  All they seem to want to do is protest anything that might ‘hurt their feelings’.  It is beyond time for these various groups to grow up!  They need to either put up or shut up.  I would begin by advising them that if black lives really mattered that they get off the freeway.  If black lives mattered then stop making black lives into road pizza.

In France it was determined that only 30% or less of the Muslim community would report violent extremist behavior of other Muslims to the authorities.  This means that 70% of the Muslim communities did not care if innocent people died at the hands of extremist as long as they were able to protect fellow Muslims regardless of their intent.  Is there any wonder why people do not trust Muslims?  Yet when you talk in this manner then you are ‘Islamophobic’ which really is not a word.  If they are not willing to control and change their own people then they have no room to complain when others step in to protect the innocent.  They have no room to complain when communities step up and say that they do not want Muslim populations.  They have created the problem and they need to either deal with the problem or get out of the way while others remove the threat.  This is equally as important for the Gay and Lesbian communities.  Now I do not believe that everyone who is Gay or Lesbian is a child molester.  That would be like saying everyone who wore a black hat was a villain.  But there are some common sense things which must be observed.  If you are a male with male parts, regardless what you might think yourself to be, you do not belong in the locker room of a 6 year old girl.  If you are a male with male parts most men are not going to sit idly by while you follow their wives into the bathroom.  This is just plain and simply common sense.  If these groups are not willing to keep those who very possible do have ulterior motives under control then they also have no basis to get upset when people step up to protect their loved ones.  If someone was protesting because he was not permitted into a child’s locker room or shower of the opposite sex, there probably is reason to deeply question that person’s motive.

What I am saying here is not radical.  It is just simple and practical.  It is reasonable and rational but that is the problem.  Today’s society is not reasonable and has no concept of rationality.  They want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’.  They do not want to control their own groups yet they want to reserve the right to get all upset when someone else steps up and says something.  Growing up if there was a brat child and the parents were standing by watching their little darling tear things up at someone else’s house or in public, it was not uncommon for someone else to step and say something to that child.  As a security office I often would have to tell a parent to take their child outside because they were misbehaving and being destructive.  Maybe that is a big part of the problem.  These groups that scream the loudest of family and community have forgotten that community includes discipline.


Who’s picking up the tab?

executive orders

Obama believes that he needs to finish his immigration plan.  He seems to believe that it is the only right thing to do is to make sure that he allows everyone to be able to have the American dream.  He seems to see his actions as being a matter of civil rights.  These are all fine and good concepts and lofty ambitions but there is one question that has yet to be addressed by either Obama or any of his supporters.  That question is simply who is going to pay for all these wonderful lofty plans?

The present plan includes benefits that are available to all citizens which once the illegal immigrant is accepted into the program will be technically.  These benefits include medical coverage, tax rebates and refunds, social program payments, as well as all the present programs that are current in operation from law enforcement to medical care and social services.  All these things are not free.  These all have cost factors which must be calculated before there can be any thought of an amnesty plan.  The money must come from somewhere.  Who is going to pay for all these wonderful programs?  Keep in mind that America has already been demoted in its credit rating because of its inability to meet all its present obligations.  In our family budget if we are having difficulty making our monthly bills the last thing we try to do is to purposely create another huge debt.

Obama seems to have his priorities backwards.  Retirement pay for military is threatened with facing reduction.  Amnesty is looking like it is going to raise costs by over $40 billion per year.  A male with no dependents on the food assistance program received a whopping $16.00 per month while Obama and/or his family has taken more vacations over his time in office than most Americans take in a life time and at total cost in the hundreds of millions.  Legislatures whine about not getting paid enough money while our military looks at cuts.  Now the amnesty program which is being sold as providing the American dream is going to be at a cost where there is not going to being enough money left in which to dream.  The one thing that appears to be the primary reason for the amnesty program is to have millions of new voters.  But even with the idea of millions of new voters who are expected to vote Democrat, how are those million new people supposed to live after they receive their amnesty?  There are not enough jobs in America presently to keep the people employed.  Now there is going to be a flood of a few million more people seeking work?  How are they going to provide for their families?  The government is having enough problems then to add the cost of a few million more recipients of federal aid will only make a difficult program impossible.

The idea of amnesty for millions of illegals might be appealing to some.  But it is a double edged sword that America cannot have and that those walking into what they think is a free trip to citizenship will not truly expect.  Eventually the government well is going to run dry.  But people do not think that far ahead.  Where is the extra money going to come from for additional law enforcement needed to handle the resulting social effect of the millions of new ‘citizens’?  Where is the money going to come from to handle the additional hospital and medical services cost from addressing the additional health care needs of the new multi-million patients?  Like with so many idealist and progressives in politics, the wonderful ideas of caring for the masses come down to basic math in dollars and cents and that cost factor has not been examined in reality.  Someone somehow somewhere must pay for these things.  Who is going to pick up the tab?  Obama either has never stopped long enough from his executive orders to actually think about that simple matter or he has just set into motion a calculated and deliberate plan to bankrupt America creating the stage for civil crisis after the money runs dry.