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Why Trump


Since the election in November the media has been abuzz with the reports of protests, threats to members of the Electoral College, threats to disrupt the inauguration as well as the classic BLM people and Soro paycheck anarchists.  Hillary and Bill are blaming everyone but themselves for the loss.  College students are demanding more safe space because they cannot handle that Trump won.  And the basic melt down of liberal mentality continues to consume our delicate snowflakes.   All of the above are racked with the endless question of how Trump won and why did the people elect him.  It is truly amazing that these people cannot stop long enough to realize that they are the reason why Trump won and won so astoundingly.

The American people got, and still are, fed up.  We were a land of laws that tried at least to protect everyone.  We were a nation of brave men and women who faced down the Nazi and Japanese governments at the same time.  We were a nation of men who looked death in the eye at the coast of Normandy and went ahead anyhow because they knew what was needed and that lives of millions was dependent upon them risking theirs.  There was never any talk about college students needing ‘safe spaces’ because someone said something that made them so distraught that they could not function.  People who were that fragile were considered of questionable mental and emotional balance not the building blocks for a future generation.  Something like Black Lives Matter who would burn down places such as Ferguson and the extreme destruction of Baltimore were seen as simply riots by anarchists and not an expression of ‘free speech’.  People and ‘governments’ such as ISIS which would attack our citizens upon our soil was not deemed as people we needed to sympathize with or understand; they were sought out and killed.  American leaders respected other countries leaders but bowed to no one.  America welcomed people from other countries but just expected them to enter legally.  Even those who did not enter legally was still basically welcomed as long as they did not break any laws and tried to fit into the American way of life.  I personally know of one such person, who came here illegally but worked hard to become a citizen, did not break any laws, worked hard and was rewarded.  Now we have people who fly foreign flags screaming against our way of life and doing everything they can to disrupt things openly.

Why did Trump get elected?  Trump got elected not because of the Russians.  Trump got elected not because of racism.  Trump got elected not because of sexism.  Trump got elected because the American people were fed up with what we have been seeing and where America had been going.  Americas got fed up with a political system that was available to the highest bidder regardless of their desire for the future of America.  Americans got fed up with a Congress that had every other agenda except for the prosperous future of America and the keeping of the Constitution.  Americans got fed up with living in fear of some religious NutJob attacking innocent people simply because they wanted to enjoy a beer and bacon cheese burger at the beach with a bikini clad partner.  Americans got fed up and political leaders who were so afraid of offending people that they never even acknowledged the enemy.  Americans got fed up with a government that was so afraid of offending someone what in turn offended everyone who simply wanted some resemblance of normality such as men in the men’s locker room and women in the women’s.  Americans got fed up with legal double standards where there was one set of laws for the political elite and another for the rest of society.  Americans got fed up with people blocking traffic in the name of ‘social reform’ keeping good people from getting needed medical attention.  Americans got fed up with the death of common sense and common decency.  THIS IS WHY DONALD TRUMP WON THE ELECTION!

The liberal left has not figured out that if they continue their antics all they will be doing is cementing Donald Trump in the hearts and minds of the people.  If you want to undermine Trump, stop your protests, stop your road blocks, stop your blaming, stop you ‘safe spaces’ and grow up.  If you think Trump is extreme you might be right but it is also because we have gone extreme to the left in this country.  By not wanting to see or admit where our nation was headed does not make it any less real.  Our nation was in a very real place of very real threats and we were doing basically nothing to correct the matter.  It takes a very special state of denial for anyone to look at France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and not to see the ‘refugee’ matter an extreme threat to safety.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at the attacks upon American citizens on American soil and to think that all we need to do is to eliminate gun ownership and it will all go away.  It takes a special state of denial to look at radical Islam and to think that it is still al religion of peace and love not posing a threat to anyone.  It takes a special state of denial to look at Black Lives Matter and their track record and to still see them as just another social cause group fighting for national good.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at the very fabric of America being torn at by people who have no regard for America, its laws, its history, its goals or its agenda and not have its days numbered as a free society.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at groups who feel it is right to remove elements of American history simply because they do not agree with it and thus are justified to override the rest of the nation.  Americans simply got fed up with living in denial.  The liberal left should take a note from history and Admiral Yamamoto  and realize that they have awoken a sleeping giant.

Operation Paperclip


Many people have never heard of something the government did after World War II.  It was a little something called Operation Paperclip which gave total immunity to many Nazi war criminals for exchange of information.  The information was supposed to be so important, and it was in many cases very beneficial to the space race and other things, that the lives of the many taken by the monsters were considered insignificant.  While it has been delegated to the realm of conspiracy for years, there is a mountain of evidence supporting the notion that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in the bunker but lived the rest of his life in Central America.  With the history of our government making shady deals personally I wonder how much of a hand our elected leaders and black operations had in the escape of this madman.

There has been so many times in history where the government has sold out the people for a price.  There were agreements between the United States and Russia after World War II that directly impacted the Korean War.  According to some sources the Vietnam war was a direct result of agreements made between the United States and Ho Chi Mihn where the Indo-Chinese kept their end of the deal while the US bailed on theirs resulting in what later resulted in the Vietnam War.  Billions of dollars was made by Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird off of the production of heavy equipment and the construction companies used to rebuild the country during the war.  War is an inevitable evil in society and always has been but it is made worse when governments use lies and deceit in profiteering off of the suffering of others.

I have always known that governments were corrupt.  One of the greatest lies every spoken was:  I am from the government and I am here to help you.  But I must admit that I was never prepared for the level of corruption that I have been seeing in my government and elected leaders recently.  It is not just something that has popped up over the past 8 years.  This is something that has been brewing like the proverbial frog in a pot of water on a low heated stovetop.  I ask myself what our Congress has accomplished.  Unless they have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes and away from cameras, which I highly doubt, I cannot list anything that has been done and especially anything done worth all the money that these people have drawn as salaries.  Never would there have ever even been the notion of elected officials being investigated by the FBI.  As I watch the propaganda of the media and how they twist facts to support or attack one or the other person.  It does not matter what the facts are but simply what politics are to be supported or which person is to be demonized.

One thing that has been good about this election is that the spotlight of corruption has been planted firmly on our government and media.  The things that normally are reserved to making up ‘B’ rated movies are facts being discovered regarding leading people.  I was born in Chicago, a counselor for combat veterans for approximately 20 years, grew up working in a rehabilitation center and believe that I have seen and heard most everything.  But I am honestly shocked into a level of disbelief as things get increasingly revealed.  All that I know is that unless something significant changes in our nation there are going to be major push back against the increase of corruption by those who are supposed to be above board.  If there is not an awakening by those who are supposed to be servants to the people and caretakers of the truth there will be an accounting that might just rival that of France.  Beware of loosely using the attitude of ‘let them eat cake’.

Aiding and abetting


I am going to stick my neck out and be blunt.  Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy.  The Attorney General has ordered that the transcripts regarding Orlando be scrubbed of any reference to ISIS and Islam.  The terrorist gunman made it very clear that his motive was that he was a soldier of ISIS and was dedicated to Islam.  It would not normally matter what religion the gunman was following but in this case he made it his motivation.  I do not believe that if the gunman kept proclaiming extreme dedication to Christianity and that he was a soldier of some anti-gay movement that these statements would be scrubbed.  But because our government is bound and determined to protect Islam at all cost they have removed what amounts to evidence of a federal investigation from the investigation.

ISIS and radical Islam cannot stand anything to do with homosexuality.  Radical followers of Islam are throwing homosexuals off of the tops of buildings.  A simply basic look at recent history has had the radical Islamic countries hanging homosexuals in public and other forms of execution.  Yet it is mind boggling how the liberals who are major supporters of the homosexual movement can also support Islam.  It is like someone who is supposed to be a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement while also sending billions of dollars to support the KKK.

ISIS has declared war against America.  Our governmental leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact because they are determined at all cost, and that includes American lives, will protect Islam.  Our government has hamstrung our soldiers in their efforts to fight the ISIS problem while countless lives are being sold in slavery, butchered and executed in the most hideous manners.  This administration refuses to acknowledge facts.  This administration is a muslim administration and/or consistent muslim sympathizers.   It was refreshing when Scott Baio came out and made the comment that Obama was either stupid, a muslim or a muslim sympathizers.  What was feared during the McCarthy era pertaining to Communist is now fact regarding Islam.  While it normally would not matter what ‘religion’ a person would follow in this case the ‘religion’ is the problem because the ‘religion followers’ are at war with America and are killing Americans in the name of their religion.

Our government and the Attorney General are trying to hide evidence because that evidence is damming to Islam.  Islam is trying to ride the fence using our Constitution as protection.  Islam is a religion while also a political philosophy.  It is a way of life and a standard by which the force others to follow.  There is not difference between Islam and the way they force their standards upon others to the extent of executing those who refuse to accept their full way of life and any other tyrant in history.  Pol Pot slaughtered millions because they refused to blindly follow and dared to ask questions.  Adolf Hitler slaughtered millions because they refused to accept the Nazi regime and beliefs.  The list can go on but the truth is that Islam is doing the exact same thing as the other tyrants only Islam is to cowardly to have anyone stand up and say that they are the ones demanding the murder of innocent lives.  Islam is putting that on God and saying He is responsible for their actions.  The followers of Islam are not even capable of accepting the responsibility for their own actions.

Our government is trying its best to force Islam upon this nation.  They are sterilizing and sanitizing the blood off of the hands of Islam in an effort to keep it acceptable and appealing.  They have basically done nothing in the battle to stop the slaughter and enslavement of countless lives while at the same time moaning and whining about black slavery during the early years of American history.  The hypocrisy of this administration is blinding!  A radical mentality of Islam has taken hold of the leadership of this country.  I am just hoping that we can hang in there until the election and Trump wins.  I am not completely sold on Donald Trump so please do not take this as a total and complete endorse of a candidate.  But our nation is at stake.  Hillary Clinton has sold herself to the highest bidder.   In this case Islam has taken the lead and is evident by the ‘donors’ to her foundation.  Personally I do not want to live in an Islamic nation.  I want to live in a free nation where a person is allowed to choose their religion.  Is we are forced to become an Islamic nation we will lose that freedom and we will see sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty set of rules that is in total and complete contrast to the Constitution.

Our leaders are guilty of treason and complacently accepting the rules, orders and demands of a corrupt administration.  From Fast and Furious to the Iran Nuclear deal this administration has lied to the people and has placed lives in danger.  Now they are scrubbing a Federal investigation of evidence regarding an action of terrorism against the American people.  I am just hoping that we will have enough of a Constitutional Republic to have an election in November and a new President in January but at this rate I am having my doubts.

Fear the people

don't tread on me

America is under attack.  The enemies are coming from both inside and without our own soil.  We are at a position in time in which people need to really start using their heads and not simply little slogans or PC politics.  The individual who sits in the Oval Office and many of his staff are part of these enemies of the people of the United States.  Obama has protected the radical Islamist enemies more than many of the major muslim countries.  He is determined and many of his staff to make America an Islamic country before he leaves office.  Hillary is nothing more than a continuation of Obama.  She has proven that she has no love for the Constitution nor the traditional way of life in America.  While both of these groups rally around and support Islam ISIS and others in Islam plan attacks upon our soil.  Right now there is no need for them to fear any real retaliation from America because our leaders are weak, inept and, basically, support them.  But there is one aspect that is over looked.  That aspect is the people of America.  Personally, I believe that is why there is such a push to disarm the people.  I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is under major attack because the powers that be which prefer to support Islam knows that an armed citizen is the only real threat to radical Islam.

I hate to say it but I truly believe that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the present administration would like nothing more than to see America subject to Islam.  Many of these so called political leaders have surrendered their positions to Islam and are enemies of the state.  These people are traitors and should be tried for treason but because of their political connections and the weakness of our present Congress they never have any real concern over being held accountable for their actions.  We have a war on our police which have had fuel poured on it by the actions of this administration.  We now have the remaining bastion of privacy for girls and woman in the form of the bathroom removed by a stroke of a pen of this administration to where now every wacko who has been waiting to get into the woman’s locker room now has freedom to do so.  All that can truly be said in the light of all that is happening is ‘fear the people’.  Americans are going to be putting their foot down and when they do it will be felt.  We will no longer be allowing what few rights and safeties remaining to be taking away by Obama and his minions.

Obama takes money away from the veterans and gives it to the ‘refugees’ flooding America.  Many of these refugees are known to be nothing more than enemy soldiers looking for an easy route to enter this country.  The hordes of refugees going to countries in the United Kingdom have done little more than rape, pillage and plunder.  Sexual assaults have skyrocketed.  There is one main difference between America and other countries and that is that American women often carry a weapon.  While this administration is determined to disarm our nation and leave it helpless to the bands of those wanting to invade us, we will fight.  Fear the people.  There is no need for ISIS to fear our government.  Our government is more of their alley than enemy.  But the people do not hold the same values as our leaders.  We will fight.  Fear the people.  Obama had an opportunity to take the concerns of families who still have people listed as POW or MIA in Vietnam but he refused to respect or recognize their concern prior to his lifting the arms embargo just like Bill Clinton refused to respect or recognize those same concerns prior to his re-establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  The people are tired of being played as fools.  Fear the people!

No one wants civil war.  This is why this election is so vital.  Anyone who thinks that Hillary should be elected as President simply because she is a female, is a fool.  Clintons have already shown their hand as to where they see the American people and how they see the American people.  We are not important to them.  We are nothing more than low life people who are supposed to obey, follow and pay for their whims without arguing.  I may have some questions regarding Donald Trump  but, I at least feel that Trump is not interested in the American people being his piggy bank.  Trump understands economic and global economics.  Obama is a fool and an egomaniac.  He is a laughing stock globally making America a laughing stock.  The world knows Obama’s agenda for America and the only ones who seem to reject that idea are the Democrat leaders.  The people are tired of having someone embarrassed to represent America.  Obama and the Democrats keep pushing the people.  They keep taking and taking more and more of the common person’s rights away.  We are not stupid as they would like to think.  My advice for them would be to FEAR THE PEOPLE.  If I see a rattlesnake I have a level of fear.  I do not fear that they are going to suddenly rise up and attack my home, but I do respect what might happen should I be foolish enough to poke at it with a stick.  It is this type of fear that I would tell our political leaders to stop poling us with a stick and to FEAR THE PEOPLE.

A realistic perspective

reality check


I like to think of myself as a realist.  I am not a pessimist because I do not see a dark cloud everywhere I go but neither am I an optimist thinking that unicorns are going to bring me cookies and ice cream.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I believe that there are answers to most if not all my issues and problems but I might not like those answers because they might just involve hard work.  I am also a realist as I look at my country and my government.  Let us face some hard facts.  We are a nation divided.  Never have I seen the blacks and whites more at odds and that even includes the 60’s.  Never have I seen the division so encouraged by our government.  As I read threats openly made by Black Lives Matter people and Black Panthers as to how they are going to seek out and kill all white people, white police officers and their families and babies I am amazed as to how our government sits by and does nothing.  Yet if a white person would make such a comment there would be investigations funded by the highest offices.  I watch radical Islam killing Americans in America and our President basically doing nothing.  He does not even acknowledge that it is Islam even though they are screaming about Islam while they are on their rampage.  I see consistently where ISIS flags and materials are being found around the Mexican border in America.  I read where there are ISIS training camps in America and even see maps showing where they are located.  Along with this I see our government doing nothing.  I see planes being blown out of the sky and ISIS and radical Islam taking credit and our government doing nothing.  I see ISIS butchering Christians, women and children and bragging about raping their sex slaves and our government doing nothing.  With all this my realistic conclusion is that our government, at various levels, is ISIS.  We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in numerous places of high security.  Many Muslims nations have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization yet our President consistently appoints them to key positions in our nation’s security and operation.  Our government is in alliance with the enemy of the state and the people of America.  Our government is in support of the enemy and permits the enemy to continue and grow in America without restraint.  Our government knowingly and consistently is and has been placing American lives at risk by their inaction.  Our government has committed treason against the American people through their violation of their oaths to support the Constitution and to defend America.  Where there are parts of Arizona where Americans cannot enter due to Mexican cartel activity is evidence of treason by their permitting a foreign hostile element to invade and occupy American soil.

I also see a President who has been the biggest fraud ever forced upon a people.  This is magnified by the fact that the Democrat Party, or at least some of the higher ups in the party, knew that Barack Obama was a fraud and still forced him upon the electorate and the people in full attempts to overthrow the American way of life.  These people knew that Barack Obama was not an American citizen in that he still has yet to produce a verifiable birth certificate and now even those in power in Hawaii where he claims to have been born have signed affidavits admitting that there has and is no record of his birth in that state.  The media has and is part of this passive overthrow of the America way of life in that they refused to do their duties as journalist and refused to reveal any of the truth regarding Barack Obama and his past.  This man who was trained in Marxism, Communism, and radicalism all of his life was never vetted by anyone.  He has lied throughout his Presidency to the American people.  His administration was one of the biggest frauds in the history of America and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is both trying to detach herself from the administration while also claiming what a great job she did while in the fraudulent administration.

America is at a precipice.   There really is only one of two things that will happen over the next few months as I see it.  One way I see things happening are:  There will be a major civil uprising sparked by radical Islam in this nation, radical blacks and the Mexicans who believe that America belongs to Mexico and that it must be returned at any cost.  This will result in Barack Obama proclaiming a state of national emergency and invoke the powers of FEMA.  As he invokes a state of national emergency then the United Nations in an executive order signed by Bill Clinton would have ‘power’ to bring their forces to bear within America as ‘peace keepers’.  This will only result in major civil war in the streets of America and a nasty gorilla war.  The ‘major transformation of America’ as proclaimed by Barack Obama as his goal for his presidency will be complete.

The second way I see things happen, and I pray this is the reality of the situation, is that the election will precede as planned.  I will go ahead and say it:  and I hope Trump wins the election.  If Hillary Clinton wins the election then there will be nothing more than a continuation of the present course of government.  That which is remaining of the Constitution will be eliminated.  If Sanders wins the election then unicorns will be needed to help out in Congress because he does not seem to be in our present reality.  Sanders and his policies will usher in a level of Communism into this country that would make the old USSR blush.

Americans have been encouraged by sheriffs across the country that if they are legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon to do so.  They have made comments how it will be the armed citizen that will be the front line of defense against terrorist attacks.  It has been pointed out how the terrorist attacks in other countries have been so deadly mainly because those countries to not permit their citizens to be armed.  America has stood because of our right to keep and bear arms.  Now is the time to get your concealed weapons permit if you do not already have one.  Now is the time to make sure that your home is armed and ready if needed.  Now is the time to make sure that you are trained in how to use that firearm.  If you are not trained, DO NOT CARRY!  Get trained.  We do not need people who are not trained shooting at everything that moves.

America is at a difficult time.  I never thought I would ever see my America at this point.  I never thought I would ever see enemies of the nation in public office.  I never thought I would see people who openly oppose everything that our Constitution proclaims.  If America is to stand or fall it will be up to the people.  If you do not want the American way of life there are many countries out there who will welcome you.  DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE AMERICA!  Either support America or leave!  We do not want nor need sharia law.  We like pork, beer, bikinis and western music.  All we want is to live in peace with our fellow Americans.  If the radicals are determined to ‘change America by force’ that will not end well.


I see stupid people

stupid people

I try to be careful of my terminology.  I do not always succeed but I try.  I use the term ‘stupid people’ on purpose.  I believe anyone who gets up and promotes an idea or cause who does not fully understand that idea or cause fits the category.  I heard an interesting comment regarding Hillary Clinton and Sanders.  The comment was that they were not Democrats; they were not capitalist, but that they were Socialist.  Do people even know what being a Socialist means?  Socialisms say that the average person does not work for themselves.  According to Socialism the average person works for the government.  It is the government which decides what people need and want.   It is the government which is the ultimate authority.  If you understand history it was the King of England that had this idea.  According to the colonialist days England it was the king that had all the power.  Your house was only yours as long as the king did not want that house.  People are supporting an idea which strips them of all authority and autonomy over their lives without even realizing what they are supporting!

Socialism does not work.  You eventually run out of other’s money.  As long as people know that the government will take care of them there is no motivation to change or to be active.  As long as people know that the government can and will take anything of theirs that the government wants there is no motivation to advance.  It has been capitalism which built this nation.  It is capitalism why people have migrated to America for centuries.  People come to America because they believe hard work will make a better future.  But people are voting between two candidates that hold a strong philosophical view that completely rejects that concept.  I actually wonder if Sanders and Clinton even truly know what they are promoting.  Socialism is fine as long as you are the one in power making the choices.  Once money runs out Socialism demands that if things continue to be provided that it is rationed.  There is no other option.  Remember in the USSR how food and gasoline was rationed?  Communism is basically just another form of Socialism.  If anything Socialism is the baby brother of Communism.

I do not know about anyone else but I do not want to work for the government.  It is bad enough how much our present government taxes the average person.  Our present administration has been pushing Socialism with its land grabs, EPA demands which are able to force the coal industry into oblivion and fine people for having a man-made pond on their property.  Our government and these so called ‘leaders’ need to wise up.  The people are getting fed up and just like under George Washington they are taking up arms against those who are trying to take away they is not theirs to take.  I am not saying that what happened in Oregon was right or wrong but it is an event putting the government on notice.  It also shows how little our government views the average person.  If you stand against the government be prepared to die.  It is difficult to say this but unfortunately it is true.  I also find this especially true it seems when there is a democrat/socialist in office.  I remember Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Both ended in crisis where people took at stand, right or wrong, against what they viewed as an oppressive government.  The government officials gave the word to ‘end the conflict’.  Oregon was another event where the government ‘ended the conflict’ with the death of one of the participants.  Now I am probably the last one to condemn a police officer who must kill someone in the line of duty.  But with the vast array of tactics which were at the availability of the officials on hand there seemed to have been multiple other means to end the conflict other than killing one of the so called ‘rebels’.  Maybe that is the problem.  People who opposed what they see in the government as oppression are simply deemed as ‘rebels’ or worst as ‘terrorists’ and deemed worthy of death.  It is interesting that our government labels these people as ‘terrorists’ and are more than willing to exterminate them yet when Islamic terrorists starts killing Americans in large numbers the government seems to hunker down in a protective mode defending them as simply needing job opportunities.

This election, if we make it that far, is critical for many reasons.  Our government is way out of control.  There have been things happening under this administration that has never been permitted in the past.  Our Congress must bear some of the blame because no one seems to want to reel in our president and his administration.  I have never seen such high levels of corruption in government as there is presently.  People are tired of it and are fed up.  Many in law enforcement realize this and also read the tea leaves as they are speaking up saying how they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.  They are realizing that the people have a right to be fed up because of the government over reach of power.  I have never seen such an anti-American government before in my life.  In my studies of American history I have never heard of such an anti-American government in the history of this nation.  No one wants civil discord and especially civil war on our soil.  But this seems to be the goal of this administration.  This administration seems to be wanting to create an environment where their Islamic refugees can infiltration and set off the powder keg which they have created.  I can only hope that our military will be wise enough to realize the reality of the situation.  I hope that there are enough leaders in the military which will support the Constitution of the United States over a corrupt government.  It is coming where people will have to choose between obeying orders or doing what is right according to the US Constitution.

Porky’s:  DoE edition


Most redblooded young men from my generation can remember the iconic movie Porky’s.  The shower scene where the young boys had found a peephole in the girl’s shower room will forever remain a classic.  Now evidently according to the Department of Education to a school in the Chicago area that is now more than just a movie and a peephole.  It appears as if this one school must permit young boys who identify themselves as girls into the girl’s locker room and shower.  I remember a number of boys in high school and junior high that would gladly dress up as a girl if it gave them direct permission into the girl’s shower room.  I guess is you are not able to figure out which sex you are it is possible now for you to just pick one.

Maybe in our internet generation and all the complicated aspects of our society that people have become confused.  Therefore allow me to simplify matters.  If you have a ‘whinky’ and sit down when you pee then the answer to the question of your sex is:  boy.  If you do not have a ‘whinky’, have an innie instead of an outie down there and sit down to pee then the answer to your sex is:  girl.  On your driver’s license where it ask ‘sex’ the ‘M’ does not stand for ‘maybe’, ‘much’ or ‘mucho’.  On your license ‘M’ stands for ‘Male’.  On your license ‘F’ does not want for ‘frequent’, ‘frigid’ or ‘forget it’.  The ‘F’ stands for ‘Female’.  This is not difficult.

This so called sexual revolution that seems to be making the political waves is nothing more than a ridiculous excuse for people to do things now in public that before would have been grounds for arrest.  Parades where grown men are able to prance around in little more than a thong in public is not a public expression of sexuality but rather nothing more than an excuse for sickos to expose themselves to innocent children.  With the threat of losing federal funding the Department of Education thinks they are now able to order a school to allow boys into the girl’s shower room simply because the boy dresses like a girl and might have given himself a cute little girly name.  If he has a penis he has no business in the girl’s shower especially if girls are present.  The federal government is out of control.  They now think that they have the right or power to order schools to do things regardless of the safety and well-being of the young girls who are present.  If this school gives in to the government’s demands every parent of every child in that school would be within their rights to withdrawal their child from that school.  Allow the school to keep their federal funding just do not let them have any children.

The discussion regarding homosexuality is one worth having between questioning minds.  If someone chooses to live the homosexual lifestyle, that is their choice in a free society.  But when people are permitted to invade the lives of the majority because of a choice then a line must be drawn.  Never were the freedoms of others to be set aside because of the freedoms of a few.  There are no laws saying that if that boy wants to think he is a girl that he is forbidden from doing so.  But as a man with a daughter I would have a serious one directional discussion with the school officials if they even thought of allowing a boy regardless of his ‘preference’ to be in the same shower as my daughter.  If a baker does not want to support the gay lifestyle then they should not be forced to do so.  If a minister does not want to support it he or she should not be required to do so.  But in our present government arena the truth is not about gay or straight, homosexual or heterosexual; it is an attack against Christian principles and the Christian lifestyle.  For those who think my tin foil hat is too tight or that I am a raving Conservative, those who know me would be able to tell you just how far from either of those ideas that I am.  But I would pose the question how many people really think that there would be one issue if a Muslim refused to support a gay wedding.  How many people think that there would be even talk of a law suit if a Muslim refused to permit their Mosque to be used for a conference of pork farmers?  This administration has a primary goal to drive America away from being a Christian nation and towards being an Islamic one.

Gays, liberals and others who are cheering the shift in society and the mocking of Christian beliefs and basis need to education themselves regarding Islam.  Right now America is in transition.  The gays, liberals and those antagonistic towards Christian principles will be finding themselves in a very bad position should Islam be allowed to take root.  Islam supports and promotes the killing of all homosexuals and the slaughter of anyone not embracing Islam.  While these people might presently feel that Christianity is not being friendly to those who hold other beliefs will soon find that Islam is the nightmare of intolerance.  Christian principles might ask a homosexual not to be so open in front of the children regarding their life style.  Islam will kill you and not even bother asking.