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Aiding and abetting


I am going to stick my neck out and be blunt.  Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy.  The Attorney General has ordered that the transcripts regarding Orlando be scrubbed of any reference to ISIS and Islam.  The terrorist gunman made it very clear that his motive was that he was a soldier of ISIS and was dedicated to Islam.  It would not normally matter what religion the gunman was following but in this case he made it his motivation.  I do not believe that if the gunman kept proclaiming extreme dedication to Christianity and that he was a soldier of some anti-gay movement that these statements would be scrubbed.  But because our government is bound and determined to protect Islam at all cost they have removed what amounts to evidence of a federal investigation from the investigation.

ISIS and radical Islam cannot stand anything to do with homosexuality.  Radical followers of Islam are throwing homosexuals off of the tops of buildings.  A simply basic look at recent history has had the radical Islamic countries hanging homosexuals in public and other forms of execution.  Yet it is mind boggling how the liberals who are major supporters of the homosexual movement can also support Islam.  It is like someone who is supposed to be a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement while also sending billions of dollars to support the KKK.

ISIS has declared war against America.  Our governmental leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact because they are determined at all cost, and that includes American lives, will protect Islam.  Our government has hamstrung our soldiers in their efforts to fight the ISIS problem while countless lives are being sold in slavery, butchered and executed in the most hideous manners.  This administration refuses to acknowledge facts.  This administration is a muslim administration and/or consistent muslim sympathizers.   It was refreshing when Scott Baio came out and made the comment that Obama was either stupid, a muslim or a muslim sympathizers.  What was feared during the McCarthy era pertaining to Communist is now fact regarding Islam.  While it normally would not matter what ‘religion’ a person would follow in this case the ‘religion’ is the problem because the ‘religion followers’ are at war with America and are killing Americans in the name of their religion.

Our government and the Attorney General are trying to hide evidence because that evidence is damming to Islam.  Islam is trying to ride the fence using our Constitution as protection.  Islam is a religion while also a political philosophy.  It is a way of life and a standard by which the force others to follow.  There is not difference between Islam and the way they force their standards upon others to the extent of executing those who refuse to accept their full way of life and any other tyrant in history.  Pol Pot slaughtered millions because they refused to blindly follow and dared to ask questions.  Adolf Hitler slaughtered millions because they refused to accept the Nazi regime and beliefs.  The list can go on but the truth is that Islam is doing the exact same thing as the other tyrants only Islam is to cowardly to have anyone stand up and say that they are the ones demanding the murder of innocent lives.  Islam is putting that on God and saying He is responsible for their actions.  The followers of Islam are not even capable of accepting the responsibility for their own actions.

Our government is trying its best to force Islam upon this nation.  They are sterilizing and sanitizing the blood off of the hands of Islam in an effort to keep it acceptable and appealing.  They have basically done nothing in the battle to stop the slaughter and enslavement of countless lives while at the same time moaning and whining about black slavery during the early years of American history.  The hypocrisy of this administration is blinding!  A radical mentality of Islam has taken hold of the leadership of this country.  I am just hoping that we can hang in there until the election and Trump wins.  I am not completely sold on Donald Trump so please do not take this as a total and complete endorse of a candidate.  But our nation is at stake.  Hillary Clinton has sold herself to the highest bidder.   In this case Islam has taken the lead and is evident by the ‘donors’ to her foundation.  Personally I do not want to live in an Islamic nation.  I want to live in a free nation where a person is allowed to choose their religion.  Is we are forced to become an Islamic nation we will lose that freedom and we will see sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty set of rules that is in total and complete contrast to the Constitution.

Our leaders are guilty of treason and complacently accepting the rules, orders and demands of a corrupt administration.  From Fast and Furious to the Iran Nuclear deal this administration has lied to the people and has placed lives in danger.  Now they are scrubbing a Federal investigation of evidence regarding an action of terrorism against the American people.  I am just hoping that we will have enough of a Constitutional Republic to have an election in November and a new President in January but at this rate I am having my doubts.


Not the Democrat Party of your grandfather

democrat party


I believe that originally the Democrat Party originally, while still somewhat sketchy, had good intentions for the country.  I do not believe that originally the Democrat Party was any more crooked than the Republican Party.  But over the years the party has become hijacked.  Those of us who were of the 50’s generation remember many things that the present millennial generation cannot even fathom.  When and if they see the clips of students being taught to duck under their desk for safety during a nuclear attack they laugh.  Granted that desk would only serve to possibly identify any remains, but it was something that we lived with and knew that at any time the world as we knew it could come to a crashing end.  One main memory of my childhood was the riots.  In my opinion, these riots were nothing more than weak minded people who were easily swayed by paid communist agitators.   These people knew that they could create problems with the intent of cracking the core of America.  The biggest thing these riots accomplished was extending the Vietnam War for years and the hell endured by our POWs.  We grew up knowing that there were spies in America sent by Russia to promote communism and to attempt to bring down America and the American way of life.  For those who are screaming McCarthyism at your computer, history has proven McCarthy to have been correct!  The approach could have used some tweaking.

Today’s Democrat Party is best described by Obama’s latest comment of ‘capitalism, communism, socialism whatever floats your boat’.  The present Democrat Party sees no difference.  Never would there have been outspoken socialist in your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  Today’s Democrat Party is an insult.  It used to be that there were at least educated people in the party.  Now you have people like Maxine Waters who declares that a person is racists if they do not support sharia law.  Or Sheila Jackson-Lee who thinks she is a princess while dressing like a pimp and giving us the mind-blowing statements as how murder is the greatest form of homicide in America today.  And let us not forget the insightful words of Hank Johnson as he shares his fear that the presents of the Navy in Guam was going to make the island tip over.  I truly do not know how these people dress themselves in the morning.  Leading the Democrat Party is Obama who while berating business for spending money outside of the United States recently purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in Dubai.  Two things raise questions.  The first is that Dubai does not have extradition to the US.  The second is that it is a Islamic country during a time when Islam is being radicalized and slaughtering countless people in their path.  In my own opinion, the lies told by Obama and the Democrat Party to the people of America are going to be coming to such light that even the most liberal of minds would not be able to deny their reality.  I believe this will give Obama the perfect opportunity to openly be Islamic and after the evidence of treason comes to light he would be able to thumb his nose at the American legal system knowing the he cannot be touched.

Now the Democrat Party is fully coming out of the closet with outspoken socialist.  Both Sanders and Clinton are proud to be socialist.  As if being socialist should not enough to have blocked them from their position in politics, Sanders has yet to come up with a plan to actually pay for all his free things and Clinton just hopes to say out of the way of the FBI as her emails keep nibbling at her heals.  She has lied so many times that anyone else would have been labeled pathological by now. People also need to know that Marxism is normally the initial stage of the big three:  Marxism, socialism and communism.  Communism is the final stage.  I cannot understand how our political system has gotten so far removed from our Forefathers that these people are not representing the Democrat ballot.  We have gone to war to stop these ideologies and now we are voting on which one of its proponents will be on the ballot for the office of President.  I am hearing the words of Stalin when he made the declaration that America would fall without a shot being fired.

I am not saying that Democrats are bad people.  I am saying that Democrats, like everyone, must start looking beyond their party.  If they vote simply based upon a party affiliation they have abandoned the basic principles upon which America has been built.  Anyone who votes simply based upon a party spits upon the graves of those who died to create liberty in this country.  Use your brains before it is too late!  I do not care which party the candidate is associated with, whenever I hear anyone being referred to as the Messiah for America I cringe.

I believe this very much could be America’s last election.  I am not a doomsayer.  I am a realist.  If the people or a corrupt ballot system sees either Clinton or Sanders in the Oval Office, America will be America in name only.



I believe what we are seeing in the present election process is a second American Revolution and it is blowing the minds of the status quo.  The populous have had to listen to the elected leaders speak to us as if we were ignorant children.  We have had to sit and be still as they have corrupted the greatest government system in the world.  We have had to sit and be quite as our government has turned into simply big business with the citizen seen as nothing more than a piggy bank to fund their whims.  The people are speaking and it is rattling the cages of the establishment!

Trump is not a politician.  He does not care who has the most money because he does so he is not open to bribes.  He does not care about political correctness and neither does the average citizen.  Actually the average citizen is sick and tired of political correctness and has seen it do nothing more than destroy what was once a beautiful and productive nation.  The people are speaking out against the years of the establishment through their support of Trump.  The administration and the status quo had better start listening again to the people.  I doubt that things will go back to the way things were before because the people have risen up in the manner that our Constitution permits.  Our Constitution permits a bloodless coup every four years.  Now is the time for that coup.  The Republicans and the Democrats on both sides of the aisle had better get their heads out of their butts and start listening, REALLY LISTENING, to the people or they will be unemployed.

The status quo is trying to fight this revolution.  But this revolution is people stimulated, people lead, and people driven.  People are tired of being minimized by our elected leaders.  People are tired of being mistreated by our elected leaders for the sake of a select few.  It is time that that silent majority step out and be counted.  The people have risen.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor Admiral Yamamoto made his famous quote after some of his colleagues were bragging about how they were able to hurt the great United States.  His response was:  I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.  Guess what political status quo; YOU HAVE AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT!

I see stupid people

stupid people

I try to be careful of my terminology.  I do not always succeed but I try.  I use the term ‘stupid people’ on purpose.  I believe anyone who gets up and promotes an idea or cause who does not fully understand that idea or cause fits the category.  I heard an interesting comment regarding Hillary Clinton and Sanders.  The comment was that they were not Democrats; they were not capitalist, but that they were Socialist.  Do people even know what being a Socialist means?  Socialisms say that the average person does not work for themselves.  According to Socialism the average person works for the government.  It is the government which decides what people need and want.   It is the government which is the ultimate authority.  If you understand history it was the King of England that had this idea.  According to the colonialist days England it was the king that had all the power.  Your house was only yours as long as the king did not want that house.  People are supporting an idea which strips them of all authority and autonomy over their lives without even realizing what they are supporting!

Socialism does not work.  You eventually run out of other’s money.  As long as people know that the government will take care of them there is no motivation to change or to be active.  As long as people know that the government can and will take anything of theirs that the government wants there is no motivation to advance.  It has been capitalism which built this nation.  It is capitalism why people have migrated to America for centuries.  People come to America because they believe hard work will make a better future.  But people are voting between two candidates that hold a strong philosophical view that completely rejects that concept.  I actually wonder if Sanders and Clinton even truly know what they are promoting.  Socialism is fine as long as you are the one in power making the choices.  Once money runs out Socialism demands that if things continue to be provided that it is rationed.  There is no other option.  Remember in the USSR how food and gasoline was rationed?  Communism is basically just another form of Socialism.  If anything Socialism is the baby brother of Communism.

I do not know about anyone else but I do not want to work for the government.  It is bad enough how much our present government taxes the average person.  Our present administration has been pushing Socialism with its land grabs, EPA demands which are able to force the coal industry into oblivion and fine people for having a man-made pond on their property.  Our government and these so called ‘leaders’ need to wise up.  The people are getting fed up and just like under George Washington they are taking up arms against those who are trying to take away they is not theirs to take.  I am not saying that what happened in Oregon was right or wrong but it is an event putting the government on notice.  It also shows how little our government views the average person.  If you stand against the government be prepared to die.  It is difficult to say this but unfortunately it is true.  I also find this especially true it seems when there is a democrat/socialist in office.  I remember Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Both ended in crisis where people took at stand, right or wrong, against what they viewed as an oppressive government.  The government officials gave the word to ‘end the conflict’.  Oregon was another event where the government ‘ended the conflict’ with the death of one of the participants.  Now I am probably the last one to condemn a police officer who must kill someone in the line of duty.  But with the vast array of tactics which were at the availability of the officials on hand there seemed to have been multiple other means to end the conflict other than killing one of the so called ‘rebels’.  Maybe that is the problem.  People who opposed what they see in the government as oppression are simply deemed as ‘rebels’ or worst as ‘terrorists’ and deemed worthy of death.  It is interesting that our government labels these people as ‘terrorists’ and are more than willing to exterminate them yet when Islamic terrorists starts killing Americans in large numbers the government seems to hunker down in a protective mode defending them as simply needing job opportunities.

This election, if we make it that far, is critical for many reasons.  Our government is way out of control.  There have been things happening under this administration that has never been permitted in the past.  Our Congress must bear some of the blame because no one seems to want to reel in our president and his administration.  I have never seen such high levels of corruption in government as there is presently.  People are tired of it and are fed up.  Many in law enforcement realize this and also read the tea leaves as they are speaking up saying how they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.  They are realizing that the people have a right to be fed up because of the government over reach of power.  I have never seen such an anti-American government before in my life.  In my studies of American history I have never heard of such an anti-American government in the history of this nation.  No one wants civil discord and especially civil war on our soil.  But this seems to be the goal of this administration.  This administration seems to be wanting to create an environment where their Islamic refugees can infiltration and set off the powder keg which they have created.  I can only hope that our military will be wise enough to realize the reality of the situation.  I hope that there are enough leaders in the military which will support the Constitution of the United States over a corrupt government.  It is coming where people will have to choose between obeying orders or doing what is right according to the US Constitution.

Bridge out ahead

bridge out


I have had people ask me why I write and what my purpose is for my blogs.  My purpose in writing is not so much to get people to agree with me but rather to get people to think.  I am a permanently disabled individual.  So my working days are over.  So are my scrapping days.  But I see time coming ahead of us that unless there are significant changes made in this country we are all in for trouble.  The purpose for my writing is to get people asking questions regarding where our country is headed.  People are sitting idly by while our nation is like a locomotive heading towards a bridge that is no longer there.  This upcoming election is not something that can be capsulized into Democrat or Republican.  It is much more than a party.  There is an ideology that has been killing America.  Socialism never has worked in the past because you eventually run out of other people’s money.  Communism never has worked because the human element demands greed and power and whenever a select few is given power over the masses tyranny results.  The only thing which has worked in the past has been Capitalism.  But the greatest foes to Capitalism are those who do not want to work for a living yet feels justified to demand everything.

When I try to discuss issues with our present government and the threats it is presenting to the American way of life I am reminded of the theme from the old movie ‘Love Story’ with ‘Where do I begin’.  We have career politicians many of whom need to be fired.  I cannot believe some of the things that they say:  ‘We must pass the law in order to find out what is in the law’; ‘I stand before Congress a freed slave (now unless she was 175 years old I rather doubt this statement’; ‘Murder is the highest form of homicide in America’; and we can never forget how Guam was going to tip over because of the presence of the US Navy.  Except for a few years ago when Boehner began Congress with the reading of the Constitution I doubt that many of our Congress persons ever looked at one.  We have sweetheart deals and pork fed bills with billions being shipped to country who want to kill us, back room agreements and under the table payments.  The only thing that seems like is keeping Hillary Clinton from being indicted is Barack Obama and the only thing keeping him from being indicted seems to be Hillary Clinton.  We are being lied to on such a regular basis that it has become equated with politics.

There is an immigration and ‘refugee’ program being forced upon the nation that is all but guaranteed to break the system.  While somehow the government can find billions for all these people, our veterans remain homeless and stuck in an antiquated medical system where people are still dying while waiting to be seen by doctors.  Our old and those who live off of the social security system they have paid into all their lives appear to be seen as a hangnail on the finger of the government as the meager payments received do nothing to keep up with the staggering rages of goods, services and inflation.  We have a president who seems unashamed to promote to wonders of Islam while refusing to acknowledge the very existence of Islamic terrorism.  Nation after nation, country after country are coming to the basic conclusion that our president is the greatest threat to America and clearly has an agenda to destroy it while also wondering why the American people cannot see this reality.

If America is to continue to where our children and grandchildren are to have even a remote concept of the land of the free there are some things what must happen:

  • Anyone with any character and who still believes in the Constitution in Congress must step up and be heard. DEMAND TO BE HEARD!  If Clinton has deceived Congress then demand an accounting to which she is held responsible.  If Obama has lied the same thing applies.  Stop protecting Islam and start protecting Americans.  Start acting upon the oath of defending the Constitution which was taken at the beginning.
  • Anyone in law enforcement must decide which they will choose when it comes down to duty verses obedience. Remember that ‘I was just following orders’ did not work during the Nuremburg Trials and will never defend those who act contrary to the Constitution.  Will you enforce anti-Constitutional laws, edicts and executive orders?
  • Anyone who can legally carry a firearm needs to do so. The only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.  Feinstein needs her head examined if she truly thinks that once a bad guy realizes that no one is fighting him/her or that they have killed enough people that they will surrender.  America has had war thrusted upon its shores regardless whether our politicians want to admit it.  The attacks upon innocent people are not going to suddenly stop.  But it is fairly safe to assume that as they realize that they are not going to have the same free duck shoot that they have had in the past that things will improve.
  • Anyone who is going to vote must demand of your candidate to be clear where he or she stands regarding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, truth to the American people, American welfare and safety, and Capitalism. We cannot survive any more socialistic leadership.  If these people do not believe in America and the American way of life they why in the name of all that is good did they ever get involved in politics.  Based upon the past few years, if America gets saddled with any more of this mentality there will not be an America with any vague resemblance to its greatness of the past for the future.
  • Anyone who wants to see America survive MUST VOTE. I am amazed at the stupidity of people who say if this or that person gets the Republican nomination they are not going to vote.  How dare you!  Do you honestly think that you are making anything any better by not voting?  You might as well vote for the socialist who is trying to destroy America on the other ticket.  It would be nice if there were a Democrat running who was not running on a plan to bankrupt this nation and turn it into something totally opposite as to what it has been in the past.  But this is not an option.

We are not playing a game.  We are not acting like children playing house.  We are at a major decision point in our nation’s history even greater than when our Founding Fathers were deciding to break free from England and the king.  With the wrong person in the White House America will become close to a third world country with constant riots, anarchy, mayhem, murder, and martial law.  We will have not even a vague resemblance to what our Forefathers penned at the birth of this nation.  Elvis Presley had a sound entitled ‘It’s now or never’.  The same applies if we are to keep our nation alive.



Brought to you by…..

lion and lamb

The election is getting all heated up over who says what, what was said when, and basically things that if we were kids back in the 50’s we would be told to grow up and get over it!    The question about this election should be basically simple and a no-brainer.  Look at who we presently have in the Oval Office.  We have Barack Obama.  We have a man who is using the social security number of a recently deceased individual from the East coast, his finally surrendered birth certificate was so embarrassing that a basic level forensic specialist is able to prove it to be false, he has lied more times to the American people than Richard Nixon, has reduced the American image in the global eyes to a laughing stock and viewed as inept, has insulted American history and the military by being the first President never to attend a Normandy ceremony honoring those who brought the beginning of the end to the rule of Adolf Hitler, created a national debt over 17 TRILLION dollars, has pushed American race relations back at least 60 years, and who has all the general appearances of a raving narcissist.   This man was brought to you by the Democrat Party.  Now ask yourself, if you had any brains at all why would you ever want to trust the Democrat Party for another President?

If I went to a dealership and bought a car that was promised to be the next best thing since the invention of white bread but shortly after getting it off the lot starting having problems you would take the car back.  Now imagine every time you took the car back complaining about the way it was running you were berated by the dealership as to how it must be YOUR fault the car was running poorly and that if you were only more careful with the car it would be running in top condition.   Repeatedly the car would act like you bought a lemon and each time you complained you were belittled as to how you must be doing something wrong because the car was so good and the perfect color for you.  Eventually you would stop ever going to that dealership.  America was sold a lemon.  That dealership which sold us that lemon keeps blaming America for the problems of that lemon.  I am tired of being told it is my fault when I did not do anything!  Facts are we have a bad President.  Facts are we were lied to by the Democrat Party regarding this lemon.  If he was truly born in America then there would never have been an issue over his birth certificate.  They created that mess and then blamed it on anyone who questioned their answer.  This is important because of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!  They had to have known about his social security number not being issued to him.  They had to have known of his history and how much of a druggie he was in college and high school.  They had to have known of his mentors.  They had to have known about his radical views and intentions.  They, therefore, have had to have given their blessing upon anything and everything Barack Obama was going to do to his nation.  If they knew of all these things then the Democrat party would be guilty of high crimes against this nation.  HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN WE EVER TRUST THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR A CANIDATE AGAIN?

Now I know many good people who vote Democrat.  The ones I blame are those in high positions in the party who doing everything in secret and scheme.  I blame the politicians who are evidently too stupid to do their own homework regarding their party.  They scream racism while supporting the very group that amped up the racism in the south.  These people, the politicians, either must not be too smart or just do not care.  Their very party fought against freed slaves ever being American citizens with the right to vote.  Their very party fought against the Asians from having proper recognition and rights as workers in the country.  Their party created the domestic terrorist organization within the KKK.  This is the party that bought you:  It must be passed in order for us to know what is in it.  This is the party that brought you:   Isn’t there a threat that Guam will tip over because of the presence of the US Navy?  This is the party that has brought you the Iran Nuclear deal granting billions of dollars to go to Iran which is known that it will go directly into terrorism therefore this is the party that is knowingly SUPPORTING TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA.  Do these people even care about this county?  They give a good stance towards unions which, personally having ancestors and relatives in the coal industry I can relate to, can be a good thing.  But today seems more of an interest in the big unions who take members money to give to the Democrat party regardless of the preferences of the members.  This is the party that still sees Planned Parenthood as a good thing even though this organization has been caught selling baby parts which is illegal like car parts out of a chop shop.  The Democrat party is in trouble but it is up to the American people to get their heads out of the sand and to admit it.  It is up to the American people to start demanding accountability of our public officials.  It is time for the American people to demand things to change.  People will get away with murder if no one stands up and calls the police.

I am from Chicago and one unfortunately thing Chicago is known for is apathy regarding getting involved.  I do hope that has changed.  But one thing that anyone in basic psychology takes is a class that examines human behavior.  One example used in the class is an event from Chicago where a woman was being beaten and raped.  Her cries rose throughout the area but people closed windows and turned up the television instead of getting involved.  America is in a critical state and it is essential that Americans no longer be apathetic about politics.  It is time that the people DEMAND:   enough is enough!  It is clear that bad things and inappropriate things happened in Benghazi.  It is clear that inappropriate things happened with Clintons handling of classified matters.  It is clear that Obama has been extremely bigoted in his handling matters from the pulpit of the White House.  It is clear that America has members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization, in key positions of this administration.  WHERE ARE THE CRIES FOR CHANGE?

If America survives it will be up to the people.  It will be up to people willing to get their heads out of the sand and get involved.  It will be up to the people willing to demand change.  It will be up to people willing to demand that the Constitution be enforced.  It will be up to the people to demand ethics from our politicians.  It will be up to the people to hold politicians accountable.  It is up to you and me if America stands or falls.  It will be up to the people if America stands or is eaten.