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The ‘purging’ of the South


One of the more despicable things that happened during 2016 was the movement to ‘purge’ America of the Confederacy.  There were those who were so righteous in their stance against the ‘evils’ of slavery and the idea that Confederacy equated slavery.  We can thank the liberal left, media and countless spineless brainless politicians for this lie being spread throughout many of the unthinking youth.  This misconception proves nothing if but our present generation has not be taught to think but merely to regurgitate that which their ‘educators’, or more properly their indoctrinators, have placed before them.  It appears we need a small lesson in history.

First I want to ask what is the difference between the liberal left, NAAACP and many of the Democrat party who promote this purge and the Nazi party of Germany?  The problem is that there is no difference.  The Nazi party burned books by the hundreds to eradicate anything and everything that was deemed unacceptable and opposed Nazi ideology.  This book burning to protect the minds and hearts of sensitive Nazis included works of Hemmingway and Helen Keller because she supported the rights of the disabled.  The liberal left wants any and all reference to the Confederacy removed from history because they find it offensive.  What I find so ironic is the number of Democrats who are part of this movement.  They find ‘racism’ under every rock except for in their own party.  The Democrat party was solidified in the middle 1800’s as a party to oppose the Republicans and their effort in abolitionism.  So according to their own rational the NAACP, liberal left, media and Democrat party must remove any and all references to any and all Democrat presidents or political figures, especially those prior to 1910 when I keep getting informed that the Democrat party change its ideology making it more in favor of the newly freed black person.  Unfortunately people such as Lyndon B. Johnson did not get that memo in that he was wildly racist.

Confederate statues and memorials are a part of American history.  Anyone who thinks that the Civil War was all about slavery has drank from the pool of liberal cool-aid and has yet to resurface.  There were free black Confederates fighting alongside white Confederates against what was seen as Northern invaders who were trying to take away State’s rights.  The North was not as noble in their cause as the left wants to present.  The North had to create an emotional issue in order to get the people behind a war action therefore created Uncle Tom and the horrors of slavery.  Now I am not here to say that there were not some things that were wrong but I am here to say that the North had no room in which to talk.  People of all ages who were put to work in the North in manufacturing businesses had as many risk if not more than the slaves of the South.  At least a slave had a value.  A child in the mills of the North had no value except for what he could produce.  If he or she got killed the owner simply went out and got another worker.  Irish slaves had no value.  Chinese were thought to be so worthless that they were not even included in census counts.  But those of the North who fears that the South would cut off the sea ports and the flow of raw materials knew that the people would not support war based solely on economics.  Therefore the ‘great evils of slavery’ became the scapegoat.  Do keep in mind that ‘slavery’ had been a part of all history and American history in both the North and the South for over 100 years prior to the Civil War when it suddenly because the great evil.  I find it interesting that the same people who are so self righteous against slavery say nothing about groups such as ISIS and areas of Islam around the world which practice slavery to this day.

Being a retired shrink I find people’s actions verses their words quite interesting.  The left and NAACP scream about slavery yet promote the Democrat cause.  Many of the radicals within the black movement are part of the Nation of Islam yet say nothing about the Islamic practice of slavery.  Those of the Democrat party who are so self righteous against slavery also sing the praises of the party totally overlooking how the party voted against the freed black person to have the right to vote or to become a citizen.  According to the actions of those who are so against anything to do with the Confederacy their issue is not with the South, Confederacy or even slavery.  Their issue is with demanding their own way and to impose their will upon others.  In the actions of the liberal left, many of the Democrat party and NAACP there is no difference between their actions and those of the Third Reich.  They want to control the hearts and minds of the youth and find the easiest way is to demonize anything which stand in opposition to a very narrow mindset.  The Third Reich did not want people to think independently and executed those who dared to speak out.  Today we have the ‘educators’ of the left who appear wise but are nothing but fools trying to infest the minds of the young with an ideology that is not based in fact nor history.

False Flag


I hear in the news the words of declaration and warning coming from the CIA and other ‘top’ intelligence agencies.  There is just one problem.  These are the same agencies that have lied to the American people in the past and now we are supposed to believe them simply because they are saying something against Russia?  I don’t know about other people but right now I would be more inclined to believe Russia over my own government.  The FBI has all but destroyed their honorable record as proper and respectable law enforcement agency applying the law across the board without regard to politics, status, power or money.  The CIA is still so embroiled with Benghazi with their running weapons through Benghazi to Syria creating the situation in which four Americans were abandoned to die in order to keep things secret.  While not an ‘intelligence’ agency, the IRS is another top government agency which has sacrificed any and all credibility for the sake of political power as this administration decided to use this agency as its own thug organization to attack people and groups whose political ideology differed from this administration.  The IRS being a law unto itself has no other laws by which it seems to answer and therefore is able to run amok at will.  Now, please answer me this:  Why in the blazes should we believe anything this administration tells us?

In order to put some critics to bed may find it easier to attack the writer than to discuss what is written, I am as far from an anti-establishment anarchist as a person can get.  But I am a realist.  I will believe people until such time they prove that faith misplaced and then after that they must re-establish that basis of trust.  Our government and those so called top intelligence agencies, and top agencies in general, have lied to the American people and have misused their power to such extents that they must first regain any basis of faith and trust before anyone with a critical mind should jump to a position of believing anything they say.  These agencies have proven themselves to be puppets for this administration rather than stellar agencies of honor.  Now that this administration is desperately looking for a fall person upon whom to blame the election and discredit Trump suddenly Russia is the evil person daring to invade the sanctity of an election.  Unless a person has severe short term memory loss it does not take much to think back to the last election held in Israel.  As history proves and recalls our present administration had a direct hand in supporting the opposition party against Netanyahu.  Yet suddenly now trying to persuade an election of another country is tantamount to an act of war.  You really have got to love the irony and hypocrisy of our present administration.

Our leading agencies in the country must learn a simple fact of life that we try to teach our children (or at least previous generations tried to teach their children).  If you want respect, earn it.  If you lie to people you have just lost whatever respect you might have just earned.  Once you lose respect it will take you at least twice as long to rebuild that respect.  There is no government agency that has any basis upon which they should just assume that the American people are going to believe them.  Our government has lost all basis for respect and credibility.  Do not expect the people to just fall at their feet again believing their ‘expert opinion’.

Operation Paperclip


Many people have never heard of something the government did after World War II.  It was a little something called Operation Paperclip which gave total immunity to many Nazi war criminals for exchange of information.  The information was supposed to be so important, and it was in many cases very beneficial to the space race and other things, that the lives of the many taken by the monsters were considered insignificant.  While it has been delegated to the realm of conspiracy for years, there is a mountain of evidence supporting the notion that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in the bunker but lived the rest of his life in Central America.  With the history of our government making shady deals personally I wonder how much of a hand our elected leaders and black operations had in the escape of this madman.

There has been so many times in history where the government has sold out the people for a price.  There were agreements between the United States and Russia after World War II that directly impacted the Korean War.  According to some sources the Vietnam war was a direct result of agreements made between the United States and Ho Chi Mihn where the Indo-Chinese kept their end of the deal while the US bailed on theirs resulting in what later resulted in the Vietnam War.  Billions of dollars was made by Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird off of the production of heavy equipment and the construction companies used to rebuild the country during the war.  War is an inevitable evil in society and always has been but it is made worse when governments use lies and deceit in profiteering off of the suffering of others.

I have always known that governments were corrupt.  One of the greatest lies every spoken was:  I am from the government and I am here to help you.  But I must admit that I was never prepared for the level of corruption that I have been seeing in my government and elected leaders recently.  It is not just something that has popped up over the past 8 years.  This is something that has been brewing like the proverbial frog in a pot of water on a low heated stovetop.  I ask myself what our Congress has accomplished.  Unless they have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes and away from cameras, which I highly doubt, I cannot list anything that has been done and especially anything done worth all the money that these people have drawn as salaries.  Never would there have ever even been the notion of elected officials being investigated by the FBI.  As I watch the propaganda of the media and how they twist facts to support or attack one or the other person.  It does not matter what the facts are but simply what politics are to be supported or which person is to be demonized.

One thing that has been good about this election is that the spotlight of corruption has been planted firmly on our government and media.  The things that normally are reserved to making up ‘B’ rated movies are facts being discovered regarding leading people.  I was born in Chicago, a counselor for combat veterans for approximately 20 years, grew up working in a rehabilitation center and believe that I have seen and heard most everything.  But I am honestly shocked into a level of disbelief as things get increasingly revealed.  All that I know is that unless something significant changes in our nation there are going to be major push back against the increase of corruption by those who are supposed to be above board.  If there is not an awakening by those who are supposed to be servants to the people and caretakers of the truth there will be an accounting that might just rival that of France.  Beware of loosely using the attitude of ‘let them eat cake’.

They played us for fools



The Democrat Party of today has played the American people for fools.  Any member of this party from days gone by is probably rolling over in their graves.  I believe there were good well meaning people who were part this party who might have actually cared for America but I do not believe that is the case today.  The Democrat Party had to have known that Barack Obama was not American born.  The only birth certificate which passed any scrutiny was the one handed over from the government of Kenya.  Obama’s own grandmother says he was born in Kenya.  If his grandmother says he was born in Kenya then I believe he was born in Kenya.  The Democrat Party in their ruse regarding Obama showed total contempt for the Constitution, American values, American history and the American people.  As the Democrat Party was pushing Obamacare they again played the people of this nation for fools.  Even those who were the mind trusts behind the program admitted how they were able to lie to the people because of the ‘stupidity’ of the American voter.  Obama has lied to the people repeatedly.  It is so obviously clear that he does not care for the people that only the hard fast Democrat supporters who would support the Democrat regardless of actions continue to sing his praises.  There are those who are so determined to see a female in the White House just like there were those so determined to see a ‘man of color’ in the White House that they are willing to sell the very soul of this nation in order to see this happen.  Hellary has lied to the people for years.  She has treated the American people as fools regarding her server, her emails, her lack of consideration for the lives of those involved in confidential communications and those around her.  The DNC convention was a star studded array of people who hate law enforcement and the rule of order.  One of the key speakers who was supposed to produce crocodile tears as to how his Muslim son died for his country was nothing more than a paid spokesman bought by the Clinton Foundation.  Yes he might have been a father who lost a son but he was also an insult to every Gold Star family that has lost family members by permitting the death of his son to be brought out and paraded around like a prize calf at a State fair for a price.  Likewise at the convention it was not until people complained that only then did they trot out a few flags for decoration.

This party is an insult to the history of our nation and the future of the generations.  You cannot have a government where the government views the people as fools and morons to be toyed with and manipulated.  It is bad enough that we have so many in politics with that view of the American people.  But why keep putting more people in office with that mindset.  The Democrat Party has already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their disdain for the American voter.  They are blatant in their disregard for the rule of law as they continue to block any real investigation regarding the Clinton Foundation and Hellary.  The Attorney General, another bought and paid for representative of the Democrats refuse anything to do with investigating Hellary regardless of the requests by the FBI.  Even the very words of the FBI director admit that Hellary lied and that lying to the FBI yet nothing was done.  As there is one set of laws for the common person and another set of laws for the elite then there are no laws and anarchy is the only deserved outcome.  If America votes in Hellary Clinton then American must brace for what is coming.

All America needs to do regarding the refugee matter is to look at France and Germany.  Hellary and Obama want to bring tens if not hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  America will be like France and Germany.  The only difference is that Americans shoot back.  This is why the Democrat Party is pushing so hard to disarm the average person.  People cannot be this naive or stupid.  Yet the Democrats are banking on that very thing.  They do not want people to think.  There has never been such an onslaught of attacks against anyone running for office like there has been against Trump.  Trump is a threat because he wants people to think.  He has to keep his record clean because the media is out with every possible magnification tool available to find the smallest bit of flaw.  Yet these same people refuse to see the elephants sitting in the Clinton living room.  Lies, deception, deceit and a real strong possibility of even murder sit in every corner yet no one seems to care.  What is it going to take to get people to wake up?  There is a saying which goes:  fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.  How many times must the Democrat Party play the American people for a bunch of fools and morons before they begin to wake up and realize the deceit?

Stop with political correctness  

mein kampf


What would be the proper response?  Imagine the year was 1939 and there were pockets of people in the United States who swore allegiance to the philosophies found in Mein Kampf.  Would it be more proper to allow them to stay in America?  Would it be more proper to establish a round table to set down with these people and try to understand their beliefs better?  Would it be more proper to force them to leave the country?  Would it be more proper to keep them and all their associates under watch?  Would it be more proper to worry about not violating their particular rights?  People need to stop lying to themselves and this nation.  AMERICA IS AT WAR!  Our leaders are too spineless to admit this reality.  It is important that we admit this reality otherwise what is the response.  Right now liberals are so worried about protecting the ‘rights’ of those who have declared war against America and Americans.  These same people have declared war not only against America but against the world.  Innocent people are being slaughtered by countless numbers.  It is infuriating that some people proclaim that these people have a right to be protected because of their ‘freedom of religion’.  We need to get one thing straight.  When these people start slaughtering innocent people in the name of their religion they lose ALL rights associated with freedom of religion.  It is no longer a religion and is a bloodthirsty cult.  There are no freedoms of religion for radical Islamic terrorists.  When a mosque starts hiding weapons for terrorists and becomes the nucleus for terrorist cells it loses all rights and liberties associated with freedom of religion.

The liberal left can ignore and deny the reality of this new world war all they desire but it will not change the reality that it exists.  The only way to stop a world war is to attack it with full force.  Our national leaders are guilty of treason and are siding with the enemies of the people.  There is a perfect opportunity for the world to come together against a common foe.  Russia has openly attacked and vowed to destroy ISIS and all its elements.  Other nations have openly attacked and are seeking the utter destruction of ISIS.  America is the only power country that seems to be playing finger games during this time of global threat.  There is no doubt that our President is either Muslim or a strong Muslim sympathizer.  It is the radical Muslims who are attacking the world.  What would be the proper response if during the late 30’s if our President was either a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer?  Our nation must wake up to the fact that this administration is not American or pro-America.  This administration is pro-Muslim and wants America to be an Islamic nation.  They will allow any and all crisis to occur in this country in order to promote their agenda.  They seem to want America to come to a state of crisis where martial law and UN ‘peacekeepers’ are our law enforcement.  I am amazed at the total stupidity of the Attorney General and Vice President promoting a national police force.  It worked so well for Adolf Hitler.  Are we so stupid in leadership that we have forgotten everything about history?  It is so arrogant to think that those in power can simply ignore facts of history that does not fit their agenda.  They do not like the facts that the Confederacy was NOT all a racist bunch or nut-bags killing every black man they encountered.  In many ways the leadership of the South was more aware and compassionate of the needs of the black man than many of those in leadership of the North.  This is simple historical fact.  The leadership of this nation wants to ignore that a nation prospers when people are allowed to work without so many regulations.  They want to ignore the facts that our nation did well during a people where the people was allowed to keep their wages and not have to spend nearly 30% in taxes.  They want to ignore that fact that people want criminals to be held accountable.  They want to ignore the fact that if you pay people to riot and destroy communities that it is a criminal offense such as what George Soros appears to have done with Ferguson.  They want to ignore the fact that people who are attacking innocent citizens simply because they are attending a political rally which is contrary to what they promote are doing nothing less that was done by the ‘brown shirts’ during the days of Nazi Germany.  Our leadership is killing America.

I am glad when people speak out against the terrorists and actually use common sense wording.  Political correctness will never solve anything.  Sitting down over tea and cookies will never resolve terrorism.  Killing the enemy will at least reduce their numbers enough that there will not be the numbers of terrorists.  If the terrorists are afraid to die then they will not be so bold in killing scores of innocent people.  You might not be able to wipe out all terrorists or terrorism but you can reduce their numbers enough that it will cut into their recruiting.  If there are more terrorists leaving in body bags then are marching in then the numbers will reduce.  But with our Muslim sympathizing leadership America will never have a strong offense against Islamic terrorism.

I think the America people themselves are getting sick and tired of the whiny, milk-toast approach of our so called elected leaders where Islamic terrorists are concerned.  I think the American people are about ready to take matters into their own hands.  If Islamic terrorists want to attack our homeland I think most Americans are ready to shoot back.  I think most Americans are about ready to tell our elected leaders who are too cowardly or treasonous to stand up against Islamic terrorists to go, (I am really trying to find the proper “G” rated terms to use here), jump off a cliff.  Maybe this is part of Obama’s plan.  I have come to believe that he has no positive goal for America and is nothing more than a narcissist nut bag who thinks that he is God’s gift to humanity.  He promotes the Black Lives Matter groups while attending a memorial for slaughtered police officers.  As long as Black Lives Matters groups promote the stoppage of freeways keeping emergency vehicles from getting to emergency rooms and fires they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they chant death to the police, they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  As long as they encourage harm they are nothing more than domestic terrorists.  And, as long as Obama meets with these people and keeps them in his inner circle he is nothing more than a terrorist sympathizer.  The new Black Panther movement is no different than the old Black Panther movement.  These people are nothing more than radicals who think that the world owes them a living and that they should be allowed to have their way.  These idiots love to think they are all big and bad but have no idea of what is about to fall upon them if they keep up their stupidity.

People are fed up!  I cannot begin to understand why anyone in their right minds would vote for Hillary Clinton in that she is part of the same group that has created this problem.  I do not care if Donald Duck was on the other ticket; it is beyond asinine to vote for the same group that has brought America to the brink of civil war.  Hillary Clinton was bragging about how she established ‘communication’ with the different groups.    That is a big part of the problem.  The liberal left wants to think that you can sit down over tea and crumpets and chat with the terrorists.  She has even made the stupid statement as to how we need to understand them more.  All I understand is that if someone wants to murder me or my loved ones that I will shoot back.  Personally, I think anyone who supports Hillary Clinton needs a reality check.

I personally believe that our leadership does not ignore nor even deny the reality of Islamic terrorism.  Personally, I believe that our administration promotes it.  I do not believe our leadership will ever speak our strongly against radical Islam because our leadership is part of Islam and has strong close ties with radical Islam.  Our elected leaders have betrayed us.  I have looked at the enemy and behold, the enemy was us.

Shadows of history



It has been said that if mankind do not learn from history then they are doomed to repeat it.  As I watch events happening in our nation today I see history screaming at us to learn and listen yet we keep turning a deaf ear to its pleas.

  1. Government over reach into the lives of citizens.

People want to think that the Civil War was all about slavery.  It was not.  A major factor in the start of the Civil War and the secession of the South was due to a sense of over reach by the federal government.  The federal government was being seen as telling the States what they could and could not do.  Our government needs to learn from history.  There are many counties and states that are already seeking secession.  This administration has given every appearance as seeking civil war in order to be able to invoke martial law.

  1. Proliferation of the gay agenda

Remember Rome?  The Roman Empire was the greatest empire on earth.  There was extreme open corruption and the forcing of the gay agenda upon the populous.  As the morals of the Roman Empire ended so did the Empire.

  1. Push to remove firearms from the general populous

Where do I begin?  Every time this has happened in history it has not ended well.  From China, old Russia, Nazi Germany, and the list can go on but every time the citizenry has been disarmed with the promise that the government would protect them the government moved in under a dictator and slaughtered the masses.

  1. Centralization of power to the federal government

The first thing Hitler did was to centralize the power under the federal government.  From health care to banking everything was under the final authority of the main government.  This never has ended well for the people.  People need to remember that ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  Never should the federal government have all the power.  This is why our Forefathers limited the power of the federal government and gave the true power to the States.

  1. Push of the Islamic ideology

This is not a anti-anything statement.  It is a historical fact.  The nations where Islam has been forced upon the people has never ended well for the people.  Throughout time it is easy to see the nations which were once free and open becoming closed and brutal as Islam becomes the accepted form of life.  Islam and radical Islam knows that America has a freedom of religion.  They are using this right and freedom against us.  Freedom of religion is good but when other people use that freedom to dominate and destroy life it is no longer a religion but a corrupt and evil lifestyle which must be stopped.

  1. Open corruption in politics

Corruption in politics has become a standing joke so much that even slot games have taken up the banner.  The problem is that corruption in politics is no laughing matter.  Our government has become so that the elected leaders are no longer trusted.  This is a well-earned response from the general population because our elected leaders have, for the most part, become nothing more than bought and paid for mouthpieces for a particular ideology.  Our elected leaders have majorly abandoned the people for whom they are to represent and do nothing more than push a political agenda.  The people know that they are no longer represented by our elected leaders.  Up to know the people have had the vote to fall back upon to respond to the corruption.  But more recently the corruption in politics has been attacking the sanctity of the vote.  Once the corrupt leadership removes the power of the voting ballot they leave the populous with no other choice but outward rebellion with which to make political changes.

  1. Sense of superiority of the elected/elite and of being above the law

Our political elite need to remember history.  Throughout time as the elected and governing elite begin to feel a sense of superiority over the people and a sense of being above the very laws they enact the people have eventually rose up to demand changes.  Many times these changes have not been peaceful.  I never want to see violence in our streets.  But as our elected elite start seeing the people as nothing more than piggy banks and peasants then they leave the people no choice.  Our elected leaders must read history.  It is the rights of the people to demand that our leaders understand that they work FOR the people and not the other way around.


This administration has done more to destroy America than any other country, nation or force before in history.  America is on a dangerous route and it begins at the top.  Our elected leaders must, and I repeat MUST find enough of something inside of them to demand change within themselves.  Either our elected leaders change and begin to demand a forgotten element called ethics from within their own ranks or the clock is ticking on a very dangerous timeline.

This is my conclusion of current events.  This President seems to have had an agenda of civil war since he began.  He wants to ‘radically transform’ America.  His advisors are proud of their efforts to make America into an Islamic country.  He has had every intention to make America into an Islamic country.  Our media has failed the people by not investigating this man.  He also has all appearance of being an extreme racists.  Our Congress has, for the most part, become comfortable in a job and not service.  Our Congress has abandoned the people for the sake of ‘parties’.  The Democrats in Congress have, for the most part, seem to have taken the idea that they must advance the agenda of the President at all cost to the people.  They have become nothing more than puppets and have abandoned their oaths to the Constitution.  The Republican Party has all appearance of having leadership that has given up leadership for the idea of playing political ball.  No one is held accountable.  Our veterans are dying in the streets while outsiders are given housing and massive benefits.  Right has become wrong and wrong has become right.  The people are waiting and hoping that our elected leaders will eventually get their heads out of their butts and make needed changes.  But our elected leaders need to do something quickly.  Remembering the first part of this conclusion, I personally believe that it has been the agenda of this administration to create civil war.  If there are not peaceful changes made quickly, the timeline that has been forced upon this country by this administration will take over.  There will be major bloodshed by governmental supporters and forces which are presently taking sides and it will be completely due to something this administration has forced upon the people.  I pray that I am wrong but I can easily see many Americans dying at the hands of this administration as it forces its ‘radical transformation’ upon the people.  I only hope we make it to the next election with enough of a country intact to make a difference.


Where will it all end



Anyone who has had kids is very familiar with the famous line: Are we there yet? This usually begins approximately 15 minutes after the car begins to move and continues throughout the entirety of the trip. They are interested not so much in the trip but when they are finally going to get where they are going so that they can get out of the car. For the past seven years the liberals, progressives and socialists have taken America for a ride. There are two questions which are looming: When will it end and where will it end. Masquerading as Democrats socialists, liberals and Anti-American progressives have taken America for a ride and have infiltrated every aspect of our government. The America that gives more money, food, and assistance to any nation in need has been demonized and basically allowed to rot while those whose primary objective is to destroy America and the American way of life has been uplifted. I see things happening in my country today that it is with a sincere since of extreme caution that I ask the question where will it all end.

The media appears to have basically been bought and paid for by the liberal and progressive in our country. So much of the news is nothing of substance when it comes to our government and what is happening behind the scenes. I can see what is happening in an auto accident but I cannot do investigative journalism. The media has done more investigative journalism on Ben Carson in the past few months than they have done on Barack Obama over the past 7 years. No one seems to even care anymore where Obama was during the hours that Benghazi was being attacked and Americans murdered. No one seems to view it as important that Obama has yet to provide a birth certificate that a first year forensic analyst is not able to shred as a fraud. No one seems to care that Obama was listed as a foreign student in college. No one seems to ask where are the documents which shows either that he kept the name Obama while adopted by his step father or that he legally changed it back to Obama which would make his oath of office to have been issued in a fraudulent manner. Why do these things matter? These things matter because of the Constitution. If the Constitution can be destroyed then America falls. It is the Constitution which has kept America safe from the same actions which plague so many other countries. People have grown so cold toward the Constitution that we now have two out spoken socialist running on the Democrat ticket who have openly shown disdain for the historic American way of life.

Under the present administration race relations have been set back a good 40 years. The Super Bowl was more a recollection of the Olympics of 1968 than it was a display of talent and beauty. The middle class has been more targeted than helped as they reel under both taxes and fees now set upon them by Obamacare. No one warned anyone about the ‘subsidies’ also being taxed prior to one’s income being taxed. Under the present administration our country faces the threat of being forced to accept untold numbers of Islamic terrorists under the label of refugees. These people are supposed to be ‘vetted’ by the government but the government has yet to even vet itself. As a concealed carry permit holder I have been vetted more time than probably our President.

Where is it going to end? America has been put on the wrong side of history. Russia now is the liberator of the oppressed by America either turns her back or supports the oppressor. Why is America even in Syria? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? ISIS is the child of much of the ‘interference’ in Syria originally formed as a rebel group to fight the present leadership. How did ISIS get so many US trucks and equipment? How did so much of the dropped aid fall ‘accidentally’ into the hands of those butchering Christians and selling women and children into slavery? Our ‘black lives matter’ people are not upset with slavery. They are upset because they do not get their way and want an excuse to support their ‘poor me’ mentality. If they were upset over slavery then they would be on the front lines against ISIS who supports slavery to this day.

My conclusions are uncomfortable. It is up to the American citizenry to protect America. Our government has sold us out to their ideology. In our present direction there will be violence in our streets to levels never seen before. In our present direction there will be terrorism done in the name of Islam basically protected by our government so that the only true protection a person has would be that which they carry on their person. In our present direction our law enforcement will not be able to keep up with situations and our government will continue to hamstring the officers to become more ‘peaceable’ and ‘tolerant’. In our present direction the historic American way of life will be nothing more than a footnote in history unless people purpose to keep it alive. In our present direction freedom of speech will be determined as to whether or not someone of a protected group is offended. In our present direction freedom of religion will be determined permissible only if every religion is willing to pay homage to Islam. In our present direction the Constitution will die. I, for one, cannot permit these things to happen. I will speak out even if uncomfortable and labeled racists. I will never honor a ‘gun free zone’ because I love my family too much and those around me. I will speak out against a government which is clearly out of control. I will use all means possible to get the message out. I, for one, want my America back!