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Be careful for what you wish


I have never been one to promote or call for violence.  One reason is that it is not my nature.  The other reason is that I know that until our present judicial system is changed people like Lynch and Soros will get by without a question but some little person like me would have people in ugly suits beating down my door.  I have taken some time away from blogging for a while but things are at a point where something needs to be said.  I read and listen to the idiots of our day no longer just being satisfied with riots and burning of innocent people’s businesses.  Now they are calling for ‘blood’ and ‘death’.  Various groups such as the Nation of Islam and Black Panthers have been calling for the deaths of all white people for as long as I can remember.   Now Ms. ‘Has been’ Loretta Lynch is chiming in.  One of the problems is that most of the left anarchists are rather too stupid to realize that the same people calling for death, blood and more intense riots are the same people with protection details and are safely behind closed doors and their quiet homes.  They send others out to the danger zones.  As I view many of the protesters who are nothing but paid puppets you quickly realized that most of these people would not be able to tie their own shoes.  I would love to see someone tell them that there was some ‘major damming evidence against Trump in the corner of a round room and see how long they keep looking for the corner.

I do not consider myself to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can see what these people are attempting.  We have a President who is none conformist.  Politicians hate someone who will not conform and who thinks independently.  They especially hate someone who cannot be bought.  Before someone starts trying to attack me for my ideas please ask yourself if these people were so opposed to Trump and his policies why were they rioting BEFORE he was ever President?  These yahoos do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about his policies.  These people do not like an independent thinker who might just return the power to the people and apply consequences to bad behavior.  Now I can just hear some of the advocates of the left ask ‘what is bad behavior’, ‘is there good behavior’, ‘aren’t you just being moralistic’.  Bad behavior is when you burn down the property of innocent people, beat people because they have a difference of opinion, and destroy thousands if not millions of dollars in property simply because you want to ‘make a statement’.  These people think that if they keep enough pressure on society that society will crack and they will get their way.  First of all these people have no idea what they are going to do with society if it cracks.  Secondly these people have the wrong idea of Americans.  In other countries bad behavior has been allowed to grow unhindered.  In America we are different.  Our country was built upon people standing for their own rights and liberty.  Why do you think the left works so hard to remove the Second Amendment?  They know that as long as Americans are able to defend themselves that their little government overthrow will never happen.

It does not take someone with a degree in counter terrorism to also see where radical Islam is playing in all of this mess.  Lynch has not be quiet of her support of Islam as with most of Obama’s administration.  Numerous people in the riots have their little signs promoting Sharia Law while obviously not having the smallest of understanding regarding it.  (Dear idiot, under Sharia Law you would be publically stoned or thrown off of a rooftop just for your little riots).  Under Obama Islam was given a pass.  His loyalty to Islam was never a real question.  Normally I would not give a rat’s butt about a person’s religion except when it starts to invade my country with a rule of law that openly promotes death, slavery and abuse of women.  People have cows over the idea that 150 years ago there was slavery in the south yet close their eyes to the fact that Islam promotes slavery today with active slave trade.  These women who are marching for their rights need to shut up a minute and listen to the fact that Islam promotes as an essential demand that men beat their wives.  It is listed in the koran as a command that ‘men beat your wives softly’.  Somehow ‘beat’ and ‘softly’ does not seem to blend.

It is time for a simple reality check.  IF the left and promoters of Islam think they are going to overthrow our government they need to go back to whatever country from which they came because they are going to be disappointed.  We will fight them in manners in which they have no concept regarding.  Millions of Americans supported Trump as President.  We still support him.  We love our country.  We are proud Americans.  We represent the largest standing armed populace in the world.  Do you even think that we are going to sit idly by and let you take our country?  I do not want blood in the streets.  I do not want revolution.  But it these people think they are going to be able to walking in and just take over with their demands they are going to be in for a major surprise.

There was a quiet revolution in America this last election.  The people took a stand against corruption in politics, favoritism in the rule of law, and passivity regarding terrorism.  Americans are fed up with watching the terrorist wackos butcher people, cut off their heads, burn them alive and all the other ways they find to kill innocent people who want their own religion and way of life.  We are tired of wondering when the next time would be that we go to the mall with our family and some nut-job starts yelling something about allah while shooting up the store.  I personally think one thing that has kept a great deal of that at bay is that most of them know Americans are carrying a concealed weapon more these days.  Their low life minions who could not out think a box of rocks are the ones who follow orders and become moving targets.

Let me be totally blunt.  We, or maybe I should just say I, would not worry about taking out a radical Islamic terrorist who is trying to kill me, my family or those around me any more than I would worry about killing a rabid dog trying to attack me.  I have the feeling that most Americans share that same feeling.  If Lynch wants ‘blood in the streets’ then they should demand that she lead them in their armed march against Americans.  Soros should put his money where his mouth is and get out of his mansion and take point.  These people who are calling for armed resistance and violence need to be careful what they wish for because they might just get it.

Can’t pound sand



Having had a relationship where I was left with the idea that I could not pound sand out of a boot with the directions written on the bottom, I am getting really irritated at the media.  I was watching CNN and their covering Trump’s trip to Louisiana.  Instead of saying anything positive about his attempts to help people who have lost everything, they were fixating on ‘Trump makes outreach to blacks in a white suburb.’  They forget that maybe all other neighborhoods were possibly flooded.  I have to wonder why so many media sources, politicians, business people and even some Republicans would prefer to see elected a woman who is a known liar, deceiver, purposely left national secrets open to being hacked, and even left our soldiers to die.  She even committed what I would call the greatest and unforgivable offense where she looked a grieving mother directly in the eyes and purposely lied to her.  She is basically a psychotic liar.  I wonder if she is more than just a little delusional as she keeps saying how she has never lied yet seems to forget that everything is on record somewhere.  To say that her health is questionable is to give it a compliment.  Last time the Clintons were in the White House they stole so many things from it that the government had to order them to return hundreds of thousands in antiques, art and other collectibles.  He ‘Foundation’ is under investigation.  She has received millions from countries that kills women like it is some type of spectator sport.  She is open about her desire to eliminate the Second Amendment.  When there is someone so, in my opinion, vile yet where the media is blindly pushing for her election you must ask yourself why.

One thing about this election is that the choices are polar opposites.  Never before has the status quo been more threatened than it is presently.  With the status quo being the driving force to elect Hellary it makes it clear that the election of Hellary is all about power and the retention of power rather than anything good for America.  She has not been shy about her desire to make America an Islamic nation, remove the right to bear arms, and abuse any power she finds.  I believe that is why the media has not even has attempted to be subtle.  Their hypocrisy has been openly flaunted.  Obama has shown utter contempt to those displaced by the flooding in Louisiana while being given a total pass by the media.  He has been increasingly open with his crazed drive for power and his racist agenda with this recent ‘warning’ as to how help is to be administered to the flood victims.  This election is about the powerful being determined to remain in power.  If this election goes to Hellary then there will be no stopping the power hungry.  Hellary has had so many people around her mysteriously die it seems that it would be safer to kiss Typhoid Mary on the lips than it would be to be an associate of Hellary Clinton have find something damming about her.  Trump is correct when he says he is not just running against the Clinton machine but against the media as well. I am glad he has a good security team.

It does not take an Einstein to realize that there is something deadly wrong happening in this election.  The levels of treason are astounding.  Republicans and Democrats who vow to support the Constitution supporting the very person who has openly stated she will attack the Constitution and finish tearing it apart starting with where Obama has left off.

This November is not about an election.  We are at a crossroads regarding the very future of our nation.  I am reminded of the children of Israel who demanded a king.  They were tired of the prophets who lead them and wanted to be like the other nations who had a king.  They got a king and the beginning of misery followed.  Our nation wants to be ‘progressive’ with a woman President.  The liberals want their ‘freedoms’ in the form of not having any God and not having any rules such as even a men’s and woman’s restroom.  Everyone wants their own little safe space where no one says anything that hurts their feelings.  Instead of being the greatest nation in the world we have become the biggest bunch of whiners on the planet.  Instead of a spine it appears that at least our present generation has a noodle.  Hellary is determined to make America into an Islamic state.  Obama has covered the great history of our nation with lies and filth so deep there is hardly any shine remaining.  This election, if it happens and is not corrupted through illegal machine tampering, will represent life or death to America.  I have never seen a time in the life of this nation where total all out civil war has been more of a very real threat.  Obama should be tried for treason and if found guilty treated as per the Constitution.  The same goes for all those in power.  If this administration pulls in the UN to govern our streets then all bets are off.  If Islamic radicals are permitted free run of our streets then all bets are off.  The future of this nation now lies in the hands of the likes of Obama, Lynch, Jarrett and Hellary.  The next move is theirs and I would highly recommend they think about consequences before acting but that has not been their modus operandi.  I try never to be pessimistic but I fear that future generations will look back and in the words of the pilot of the Elona Gay they will instead of see our progress will exclaim ‘what have we done’.

Black lives matter


Allow me to be blunt.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing but a joke created by what appears to be nothing more than race baiters and anarchists.  If the Black Lives Matter people really gave a rat’s left butt cheek about black lives that are dying then they would be protesting in the streets of Chicago in the black neighborhoods where blacks are slaughtering blacks on a daily if not hourly basis.  Instead of doing something that might actually impact black deaths they do stupid things like trying to shutdown Graceland because of ‘income inequality’.  Please describe income inequality while standing at the mansions of Prince, Michael Jackson or some of the currently living black entertainers.  Maybe the person they are saying was poor did nothing to change his status in life where Elvis did something.  Do not complain of being poor if all you really want to do is to sit on your butt and expect life to get better.  If you are not out there making a better life, then being poor is your fault and the responsibility falls upon no one else.

All the Black Lives Matter movement has been able to do is to push the race relations back decades.  When people see Black Lives Matter people blocking freeways where people are trying to get to and from work, to fire and other emergencies or trying to get to a hospital, you are not helping your cause.  All people are seeing anymore now are a bunch of radical blacks who are using their blackness as an excuse to be a pain in the butt to society.  They know that they have most of the politicians who are afraid to do anything that might cost them votes and so many law officials who have been bullied into being afraid of the media will not really do anything of consequence for their illegal blockades.  Good black people who are proud of this country must be so embarrassed at the jackasses who keep trying to group all blacks as nothing more than a bunch of America hating radicals.

The Black Lives Matter movement has descended into nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization that has the President’s blessing.  He has encouraged them to ‘keep the course’ as they burned down Ferguson MO.  These radicals have targeted police officers and have murdered them as they have tried to do their jobs.  Do not have any question in your mind.  If these radicals are willing to murder an armed, trained and commissioned police officer they will have no reservation to kill anyone and anything that stands in their way.  These low life morons have no importance today and simply want to kill and destroy.  They are a joke to the black community because they only have been hurting the black community.  The hypocrisy of this movement is outstanding.  Where are they when blacks are slaughtering blacks?  One answer is that they are as far away from any real danger as possible.  They are not willing to place themselves on the line where real change might happen.  These cowards do not care about making real change.  These domestic terrorists only are interested in creating as much chaos as possible.  These people want civil war.  They seem to want race war.  I grew up with the fear of the ‘zebra’ wars that were being pushed by the Black Panthers in Chicago.  Now the difference is that they have the blessing of this administration.  Obama has done nothing positive for America.  His goal seems to have always been civil war so he can ‘radically transform America’.  The media has been stupid enough to follow Black Lives Matter because there is a ‘story’.  There is no story.  There is only irritation of the rest of the nation and the media is fueling it.  I believe that if the media would stop following Black Lives Matter protests that the ‘movement’ would die out as quickly as it formed.  It only wants the limelight.

Every time the Black Lives Matter people are blocking a freeway or protesting it should be a call from the mountain tops that something in our political arena must change.  We must get back to a rule of law.  The Black Lives Matter now has people run through their lines on the streets as they try to form their little blockades.  People are realizing that they cannot stop a car or truck.  Of course the Black Lives Matter people are screaming racism as they are getting ran over.  First of all, if you do not want to get hit by a car do not stand in the middle of the road.  Secondly, they have created this problem.  People have stopped just to have their cars attacked.  Remember during the Rodney King protest where a trucker stopped due to one of their little road blocks and he was beaten to death.  I do not blame people for running their blockades and not wanting to stop.  They created this atmosphere of fear to where people are afraid to stop.  They want to call everything racism.  All they have done is be the proverbial boy who cried wolf to where no one will listen to them if there really is racism.  It is not racism to eat black jelly beans.  It is not racism to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I expect them to cry racism when people separate the colored clothes from the whites in order to do laundry.

Our nation is a powder keg.  These people know it.  Personally I believe this is all part of the plan.  Civil war would mean a national crisis which would mean martial law.  There is one problem with this plan.  The average person, who out numbers the radicals, are fed up.  I would not bode well for the radicals should they succeed in pushing armed conflict the way they seem to be going.  With the Black Panthers running around their neighborhoods with semi-auto rifles trying to look all badass, all they are doing are making the calm people irritated.  They are pushing for armed conflict.  Obama and his administration are encouraging these black groups by saying how they are just ‘expressing their First Amendment rights’.  I easily see armed conflict.  This administration has pushed for extremists to enter this country by the droves.  ‘Refugees’ have flooded our nation with the blessing of this administration and the Democrat Party.  They know included in the refugees are un-vetted Islamic extremists looking to attack America and Americans.  This is treason in the highest form.  The back room deals being made between this administration and the UN ‘peacekeepers’ will not prevent a bloodbath.  It is beyond time that this administration pulled their heads out of their backsides and stopped the full ahead of steam towards race war.

Black Lives Matter is its own hypocrisy.  Black lives do not matter to them.  Media coverage and however much money they must be getting from somewhere seems to be their goal.  You know that it cost a lot to keep their protests going.  These people obviously do not have jobs because they seem to have all the free time they want to allow them to protest.  If Black Lives Matter people really cared about black lives then they would do something to clean up Chicago.  I am sure the police of Chicago would welcome their assistance.  Instead the Black Lives Matter people are nothing but cowards staying as far away from danger under the protection of the same police they are trying to kill.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than a dangerous hypocritical JOKE!

The question is simple

hillary vs trump

Over the years I have taken pride in an ability to cut through a great deal of fat and reveal the core of a concept.  Many time complex ideas can be presented rather simply if a person is willing to cut through the ‘intellectual fat’.  This election is really no different than any other concept.  I hear the pundits try and make things complicated with Trump’s business bankruptcies and Hillary’s email debacle.  Everyone has their one pet to discuss and present.  But for me it is really simple.  Do we want to be a Muslim country or a free nation?  We cannot be both.  A Muslim country would force and mandate obedience to Sharia Law which would nullify the Constitution.  The two laws cannot coexist in that they are in stark contrast with each other.  Hillary has taken millions if not billions from Muslim countries.  You know they are not giving this money out of the goodness of their heart.  She has supported Obama’s Islamic push and promotes with through the use of her own headscarf.  There is a difference between being respectful of a different religion and submitting to it.  I have not found any example in her time as Secretary of State where she was not submissive to Islam and was consistently favorable towards Islam even to the point of danger to Americans.  The Benghazi crisis is a good example.  Instead of forcing Islam to bear the responsibility of murdering Americans she put the blame on America with the video hoax.  I do not see a Presidency under Hillary being anything different than it has been under Obama.  I do not see any reason to believe that she would not continue to increase submission to Islam.  She is already promoting the tens of thousands of ISIS infiltrated refugees she is planning to bring into the country.

I hear people question if Trump is racist or anti-woman or anti-Bible.  Personally I do not believe he is any of these things but the other side is quick to keep hammering upon anything and everything that might cloud the issue.  The bottom line of this election is whether or not we want to become a Muslim country.  Personally, my ancestors fought to create a Republic and I prefer it to remain that way.  People need to review Sharia Law if they have even the most remote of thought that it is just a ‘religious’ view.  In Sharia Law there will be no GLBT movement because they will all be executed.  In Sharia Law there will be no woman’s rights because the female HAS no rights under Islam.  (Review the passage in the Koran where the man is admonished to ‘beat his wife softly’.)  Under Sharia Law there is not acceptance of any other religion except for Islam and calls for the death of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  Now for those who might say that ‘not all followers of Islam are beheading people’.  I would have to admit that you are correct.  But at the same time I would have to point out that as Islam becomes the main religion in America that now we are going to be just like the other Islamic countries with wholesale slaughter in the streets as one sect of Islam tries to kill off everyone who is not of that particular sect.  There will be no religious tolerance in an Islamic nation.  Even in the Islamic nations which were moderate are being torn apart due to ISIS as they seek to force their beliefs upon innocent people.  In these kinds of situations there are only ISIS and the dead; there is no room for innocent anything.

So the question regarding this election is simple.  Again, I am not complete a ‘Trumpite’.  But I do not America to be lead any further down the path of becoming an Islamic nation.  I do not want America to be lead down the path of shredding our Constitutional liberties any more than they have been already.  I do not want terrorist killing innocent by-standers to become the news of the day.  I do not want Christians and Jews to be attacked as they return from their worship.  I do not even want members of the GLBT community to be harmed by those who have the level of intolerance found in Sharia Law simply because they have a lifestyle with which I might disagree.  For me this election is already settled.  I will not vote for Hillary because of what I believe it would mean to the future of the Republic and Constitutional rights.  Trump might not be perfect but at least the Constitution has a better chance of remaining intact under a Trump presidency than it does under Clinton.  Putting it quite succinctly, in my opinion, anyone who votes for Hillary has no regard for the Republic, the Unites States Constitution, Constitutional Rights or Constitutional liberties.

Insulting our Forefathers



Our Forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  They fought, sacrifices everything they had and many died to give birth to a new nation where people could be free, live free, and government themselves freely.  Our present system is not only a joke but an insult.  Our two parties have taken things to the point where our Forefathers would be rallying the troops if George Washington would still be in charge.  I am ashamed of our present system and the image we portray.  We pride ourselves on the freedom of the voting booth yet when that process does not go according to the plans of the big two parties then they have to maneuver and change things in order to keep things going their way.  Our political party leaders are nothing different from the whining crybabies found at the universities wanting their safe spaces because someone looked at them wrongly.  I am so tired of my country being run by spoiled brats.  Hillary loses state after state yet somehow still is ahead in ‘delegates’.  Trump is crushing things in the popular vote yet trickery seems to be done in efforts to keep the voice of the people from being heard at the national convention.  If the caucus does not mean anything anymore then why have it?  Do the DNC and the RNC simply think they are going to anoint someone to be the candidate apart from the will of the people?  I would advise these two groups to do a quick lesson in history.  Do not think that the will of the people to make major changes in this country is over.

The biggest thing that I see happening in this country is that the government leaders and political leaders have been pushing the people more and more over time and the people are sick and tired of being played for a bunch of idiots.  The political power houses think that the people will simply continue to be manipulated and never do anything about it.  These same political powerhouses feel that if the people ever got out of line that they have the law enforcement, IRS, and the military to arrest, intimidate and terrorize the people back into submission.  I think the people are tired of being threatened.  Law enforcement has increasingly been seeing where the government has been using them as a bully force and has started declaring where they will refuse to inforce any laws which are unconstitutional.  The IRS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar so many times that even the politicians are realizing that they either have to abandon the IRS or start taking flack themselves.  Now one corrupt politician is being caught shedding light on other corrupt politicians making it harder for them to keep their stories straight.  Hopefully, the house of cards that the politicians have been building will begin to tumble allowing for freedom of speech and the will of the people to again become a ruling force.

I have always viewed this election to be critical for the future of our nation.  It is hanging on with little more than tape and gum.  But this election is beginning to be much more than expected.  This election also represents a removing of the mask off of both parties.  The realities of the parties are being seen.  Both parties are no longer the parties for the people but rather BOTH PARTIES are being little more than a stage and window dressing for their own manipulated will to be imposed upon the people.  No wonder people have no trust nor faith in politics or politicians.  No wonder Congress is a joke.  Our Supreme Court is being seen as nothing more than a legal hit squad which could be stacked and packed by whoever is in the Oval Office.  The Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land but our politicians evidently see the Constitution as a barrier to be removed or skirted.  No longer is the action of our government measured by the letter or even the spirit of the Constitution and the will of our Foundering Fathers.

There is a strong inference due to the actions of both parties that neither is innocent.  Both parties appear to be in bed with each other trying to create a pseudo-Constitution.  Both parties are guilty of allowing the present mess our country faces.  Both parties are guilty of treason.  There is an influx of illegals into this country, many of whom are entering at the invitation of our political leaders, with the sole intent to destroy the vote.   The Constitution calls for the vote to be done by citizens of this nation.  Both parties are guilty in allowing situations to get so far out of hand that people have been permitted to skirt proper protocol regarding citizenship.  I have truly tried not to say anything which would permit the powers that be that monitors our freedom of speech to come knocking on my door.  I have tried not to give any reason for those who scrutinize the written word to consider me to be anything more than a patriot loyal to my country and to my Constitution.  I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution with ancestors who helped found this great nation.  I hope to continue to be free from censors and those who would prefer to limit freedom of speech.  But I cannot help but fear what is going to happen should our political talking heads not pull their own heads out of their own butts.  The people are sick and tired of people trying to change this country into something it is not and never was supposed to be as per our Founding Fathers.  The will of the people must come back and will return one way or another and I hope that those in political power take a reality check.  You will be able to stop some of us but you will never be able to stop all of us.  ALL WE WANT IS OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY BACK AND WE WILL GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!



2016 and the 60’s

60sFor those of us where were in the States during the 60’s the primary icon of the day would have been chaos.  Riots were common in the universities and would spill over onto the local communities.  I remember as a kid growing up in the Salvation Army watching my parents making hundreds of sandwiches to help feed the sheriff’s department and National Guard that had been called in due to rioting in Des Moines, Iowa at the Northern Illinois University.  There were paid professional ‘rioters’ who would go from university to university creating discord and flaring up violent riots and then quietly move on to another university during the cover of chaos.  Today is no different only instead of the Vietnam War being their ‘cause’ the key point of today are ‘feelings’, ‘sensitivities’, and race.  But just like in the 60’s, never just trust your eyes to what is being placed before you as the whole truth.  If this administration has taught us anything over the last few years it has been never to trust what you see as the whole truth.  Do not completely trust the hands of the magician.  The shiny coin in the hands of the magician is not actually as it seems.  The riots of today have nothing to do with race relations, racial equality, or even social betterment.  The riots of today are merely to keep society off course just enough to distract from the hands of the magician.  Just like the real magicians use scantily clad beautiful women to distract with their sensual movements while the real actions are being manipulated these rioters are a diversion from that which is truly happening behind the veil.

America is being set up to where our Constitution is being both ignored as well as used against us.  People need to look at the facts real quick before America goes into free-fall.  Anyone who votes today for a politician because of a particular party is a fool.  The Democrat Party of today is NOT the Democrat Party of your grandfather.  I have written to my legislators numerous times and each time I get a reply that has been sanitized and censored by their party as the ultimate answer which truly says nothing of substance.  We have rising before us Hillary Clinton as the Democrat front runner for the Presidential election.  Anyone else except for Clinton would have been indicted by now because of all the lies and deceit she has done in her handling of confidential and top secret material.  She is being pushed for President not because of her character but because of her genitals.  But her genitals will not be making the decisions if elected.  Her extremely questionable character will be what would be in power.  Voter fraud has been a proven problem in the past elections.  Party minions have met with people behind closed doors with absentee ballots helping them fill them out.  People whom, according to the Constitution, should not be allowed to vote are voting under false names through not being required to show any form of identification.  Showing identification does not have anything to do with race or economic standing.  I hear such ridiculous arguments against requiring any form of identification that it is mind boggling how sane people actually can allow themselves to believe the excuses.

This administration is flooding America with all forms of ‘immigrants’.  I use that word cautiously because most of them really are not immigrating from anywhere.  Many are simply invading.  An immigrant comes to America to become an America.  I know there are some who are here illegally who actually just want a chance.  While I reject the idea of coming to America in the back of a Chevy hidden under old blankets I also applauded every time someone would escape from the old soviet communist USSR in search for personal freedom.  But I also believe that these people are in the extreme minority.  I believe that the majority of those flooding the shores of this nation today are not here to build a better life or become American.  I believe that the majority are here for one purpose at that is to create discord and division.  Personally, I believe that the vast majority of the ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ are nothing more than a calculated effort to flood the next election with paid voters.  With no forms of identification being required to vote the door is wide open for fraud.  Additionally, I would not be surprised to see efforts to ‘fast track’ citizen status of many of these new comers.  Likewise, this administration knows how to use the Electoral College to its benefit and our demise.  It does not worry about the real people.  It targets the areas of highest concentration of a particular mindset.  In Illinois, the rest of the state basically goes as Chicago goes.  In Washington it is King and Pierce County which determines what really is accepted regardless of the will of the rest of the State.

We the people have been the proverbial frog in a pot of slowing warming water.  The water warms so slowly around us that we do not realize that we are being boiled.  America is at war.  America has had war declared upon us and this administration has been consisting siding with our attackers.  Radical Islam has declared war by consistently attack us on our own shores.  Yet this administration refuses to admit that there even is such a thing as radicalized Islamic factions.  Numerous law enforcement officials have recognized that America is under attack and has encouraged licensed people to carry a weapon.  There has recently been numerous occasions with a private carry individual have thwarted the efforts of would be assassins.

If this administration is able to pull off the invasion it is seeking under the guise of refugees our nation will be in serious trouble.  All anyone needs to do is to look to the UK.  Rape, murder and rioting are through the roof.  Americans are a different lot than many other nations.  When the citizenry draws a line, it is kept.  Should the same things happen in this country as happening in the UK then this administration will have the national crisis it needs to invoke the State of Emergency clauses disrupting all personal rights as per FEMA and the powers the many past Executive Orders have given to it during national crisis.  A simply examination of these powers is a sobering reality into the present situation.  But, I highly doubt that the majority of Americans will take the new powers lightly and willingly.  We as Americans love our freedoms and liberties and see them as our line in the sand.  I truly believe that this administration underestimates the power and will of the people.  I believe they expect that the people will simply follow and obey.  As a nation we did not form that way and have never lived that way.  I am reminded of a former relationship I was in.  She was used to abusive men.  She seemed to live life in crisis and only listened once a person reached a certain level of frustration.  I told her I have never been that kind of man and refuse to ever become that kind of man.  As Americans we have never been the kind of people to accept our liberties being taken away and I do not foresee us as ever becoming that kind of nation.  I know that this administration is continuing its efforts to ‘radically transform America’.  But I hope they realize all the consequences to them should they try to ‘transform’ too much.  Once the push back starts, it is not going to stop with simple changes in status quo.  I believe that once the push back starts it is not going to stop until ALL those who have proven weak towards our liberties, freedoms, rights, Constitution and efforts to simply live a better life will feel its effects.  I believe once it starts the effects will be felt from the IRS, Congress of every State, Supreme Court, the ‘Fed’, numerous law enforcement agencies that have been in the pocket of the politicians and even the White House itself.  My advice to this administration is to be careful.  YOU ARE PLAYING WITH MEASURES BEYOND YOUR KIND OR RECOGNITION.  PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AT YOUR OWN RISK AND PERIL.  No body that I know wants war in our streets.  Most people I know are willing to accept it if that is the ONLY way to keep America free and its Constitutional liberties intact.


Nothing wrong with Indiana


America is the land of liberty and freedom.  People are allowed to make their own choices.  It is not needed for those choices to be approved by others or even popular.  The only real need for restrictions is when those choices invade upon the liberties of others.  Recently there have been a number of cases where homosexual couples who are getting married and Christian business owners who do not support homosexuality have clashed.  When this clash occurs typically it is the business owner who receives the brunt of the conflict.  There are so many ‘rights’ in favor supporting the homosexual agenda and lifestyle.  But where are the ‘rights’ of the religious choices for the business owners?

There are numerous accounts where in one fell swoop a Christian business owner is bankrupt or out of business because they felt it would violate their religious beliefs to support a homosexual marriage.  There is no need to enumerate them here since it is a simple matter of a basic internet search.  The couple is not prevented from getting married; they just simply have to find their products from another supplier.  This is an action that is commonplace to anyone who has ever planned a wedding.  But the problem seems to be viewed as an action of civil rights violation of the homosexual couple as the business owner refuses to violate their religious beliefs.  There are so many concerns over the civil rights of the homosexual couple that no one seems to care about the civil rights of the business owners.

But this issue goes deeper than just the religious rights of a business owner not to be forced to do that which they believe would violate their particular values.  In America today there seems to be a war on Christianity.  Schools are forced to no longer have ‘Easter’ break because it is seen as a Christian holiday so it has its name changed to ‘spring’ break.  Christmas carols are no longer permitted in many schools since they are seen as being Christian in nature.  It does not matter that these carols have been a traditional part of the Christmas celebration for centuries.  Christmas is under attack as seen as a Christian holiday regardless of its global celebration.  Bible studies are being canceled because they are Christian.  Gideon’s are not permitted in many school districts to pass out New Testaments being seen as a violation of the civil rights of those who do not believe in God.  There is even growing number of cases where private gathering are being forced to have permits even in private homes.  Where are the protections of the civil rights for Christians?

What I seen happening in Indiana is a governor who is finally willing to take a stand against the tide.  Someone is finally standing up for the civil rights of the Christian business owner.  If an Islamic group protests the selling of bacon there is no governmental organization or civic rights groups telling them they are violating the civil rights of anyone.  If an Islamic group forces a school system to change things because it violates their religious beliefs there is no voice screaming how their religious beliefs needs to take a back seat to the civil rights of the students.  But if a Christian group wants to take a stand for their religious beliefs then suddenly they are seen as violating people’s civil rights and must be forced to change.  This is not a civil rights issue.  This is a war on Christianity issue.

The Christian business owner has the right to run their business as they deem fit.  They have a right not to be forced to change those values just to satisfy others.  There is also an expectation on the couple who wants to get married.  If they know a business hold Christian values contrary to homosexuality they really should have better sense than to go into that business demanding they meet the needs of the wedding and then get upset when those demands are not met.  Anyone can go into any business and purchase anything they want at any time that business is open.  But if I want that business to provide something different than what I can openly purchase, or need to have made especially for my event then I am entering an agreement where I am now asking that business to do something above what is regularly available.  It is an experience that countless people who have planned any major event has experienced where you are working out details on how things are going to be finalized that that not all the details are meeting the expectations of the couple.  Instead of making the business do what they normally do not do, usually the couple simply finds another provider for those services.  This may be the typical response for everything except where Christian values are concerned.  Somehow when it is a matter dealing with Christian values it has become commonplace for the couple to be allowed to scream and yell discrimination and how the business is now violating their civil rights.  Where is the common sense needed for the couple to first take a closer look at the business and find out the products they typically produce like most couples are forced to do with any other business?

People who are elected into office of political leadership are elected because they are supposed to be leaders.  Leadership is supposed to be something that takes courage.  Personally, I think it is about time at least one of our political leaders decided to show some courage and take a leadership role in protecting the civil rights of Christian business owner.  Thank you Indiana!