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My daddy had an expression of ‘enough is enough and too much is right down nasty.’  That is how I feel about this national anthem protest.  Please permit me to be blunt.  It is beyond time that this silly assed protest stopped!  What are they actually protesting?  They keep saying that they are protesting the mistreatment of blacks in America.  Personally I question that whole idea.  Allow me to explain.

They keep going back to slavery which I find interesting since most of those who are protesting I doubt actually have roots in this country going back that far.  But with that aside, the blacks who were slaves at least were given a value.  The Chinese, Irish and Native Americans had no value.  The Chinese were not even included in the census process in many places because they were non-humans.  The Irish experienced a level of slavery that was beyond what was ever experienced by the blacks.  And I cannot ever recall any other race being given small pox infected blankets by the government with the pure intent of extermination of a race.  I do not recall any time when the government would stampede through a plantation shooting everything that did not get out of the way or move too fast.  There was never a war fought on behalf of the Irish, Chinese or American Indian.  So with these points just as a point of beginning I am going to fully disregard the argument going back to slavery.  One point of irony is how many of the modern black activists are Democrat considering that party was formed with the sole purpose of opposing the abolitionists.  The party loves to say how they changed their position on things around 1910 or 1920 time frame.  But even at the most kind and conservative opinions, taking about 50 years to figure out that racism is not a good thing does not bode well for the Democrat party as being made up of the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

The next argument is that the blacks are targeted by the police more than any other race.  According to the FBI statistics of arrests 2013, 68.9% of all arrests were white with 28.3% being black.  Additionally, the numbers of blacks killed by whites accounts for 2% of the total number while the number of blacks killed by blacks are 97%.  The protesters like to say how the police are also targeting the blacks but fail to mention how the number of blacks killed by police is only 1% of the total deaths.  Yes there is a black problem in America.  It is a problem of blacks on blacks and not a national problem of blacks attacked by police or other groups!

These voices are trying to say how difficult the blacks have it in America because of racism.  Again let us have some facts.  The black activist in America seems to want to have their cake and to eat it too.  They are doing just that because Americans are afraid to call racism upon blacks.  There is the black caucus in the absence of any other racial caucus in Congress.  There are special black colleges, black magazines, black entertainment, black Miss America (which seems odd considering the animosity), black college funding and now black segregated dorms at the demands of black students.  Yet just think what would happen if there was a white segregated items of the same list.  There is a black problem in America but it is a black on black problem and not something for which America deserves the blame.

As these people are attacking the national anthem they are attacking something much larger than simply America.  They are placing themselves in a position of judge and jury in the face of all that America has ever done positive.  I would pose the idea that the blacks have not been treated any worse than any other group in America.  In many ways they have had a softer life but have not chosen to take advantage thereof.  I am really tired of hearing excuses.  I am really tired of blaming everyone else for their problems and not taking their own responsibilities.  If these black lives matter groups really cared about changing the course of lifestyle for the blacks in America they would have focused their energies in Chicago where young black people are being slaughtered by other blacks on a daily basis.  Statistically it is more dangerous for a young black person in Chicago at the hands of another black person than it was for our soldiers in the Iraqi war.

These people who are protesting the national anthem are usually also being paid by America and Americans.  If America is so bad then stop accepting what they obviously must be seeing as ‘blood money’.  These people are not activist.  They are nothing more than people wanting the lime light at the expense of everyone who died in a battlefield or every cop who died in the streets simply trying to do their jobs.  I personally dare every one of these protesters to get behind the badge for one month if they want to whine about the jobs being done by the police.  Standing for the anthem is more than a song.  It is standing for everyone who died since the American Revolution to give freedom regardless of race.  These people need to so simply research.  They would find that blacks were in Congress prior to the Civil War.  They would find wealthy black businessmen, many of whom were slave owners.  They would find key figures in American history who were black.  If these protesters want to protest I wish they would at least have the brains and ethics to do basic research first.  Without doing their research these so called protesters have done nothing but proven their ignorance and their hypocrisy.


Can’t pound sand



Having had a relationship where I was left with the idea that I could not pound sand out of a boot with the directions written on the bottom, I am getting really irritated at the media.  I was watching CNN and their covering Trump’s trip to Louisiana.  Instead of saying anything positive about his attempts to help people who have lost everything, they were fixating on ‘Trump makes outreach to blacks in a white suburb.’  They forget that maybe all other neighborhoods were possibly flooded.  I have to wonder why so many media sources, politicians, business people and even some Republicans would prefer to see elected a woman who is a known liar, deceiver, purposely left national secrets open to being hacked, and even left our soldiers to die.  She even committed what I would call the greatest and unforgivable offense where she looked a grieving mother directly in the eyes and purposely lied to her.  She is basically a psychotic liar.  I wonder if she is more than just a little delusional as she keeps saying how she has never lied yet seems to forget that everything is on record somewhere.  To say that her health is questionable is to give it a compliment.  Last time the Clintons were in the White House they stole so many things from it that the government had to order them to return hundreds of thousands in antiques, art and other collectibles.  He ‘Foundation’ is under investigation.  She has received millions from countries that kills women like it is some type of spectator sport.  She is open about her desire to eliminate the Second Amendment.  When there is someone so, in my opinion, vile yet where the media is blindly pushing for her election you must ask yourself why.

One thing about this election is that the choices are polar opposites.  Never before has the status quo been more threatened than it is presently.  With the status quo being the driving force to elect Hellary it makes it clear that the election of Hellary is all about power and the retention of power rather than anything good for America.  She has not been shy about her desire to make America an Islamic nation, remove the right to bear arms, and abuse any power she finds.  I believe that is why the media has not even has attempted to be subtle.  Their hypocrisy has been openly flaunted.  Obama has shown utter contempt to those displaced by the flooding in Louisiana while being given a total pass by the media.  He has been increasingly open with his crazed drive for power and his racist agenda with this recent ‘warning’ as to how help is to be administered to the flood victims.  This election is about the powerful being determined to remain in power.  If this election goes to Hellary then there will be no stopping the power hungry.  Hellary has had so many people around her mysteriously die it seems that it would be safer to kiss Typhoid Mary on the lips than it would be to be an associate of Hellary Clinton have find something damming about her.  Trump is correct when he says he is not just running against the Clinton machine but against the media as well. I am glad he has a good security team.

It does not take an Einstein to realize that there is something deadly wrong happening in this election.  The levels of treason are astounding.  Republicans and Democrats who vow to support the Constitution supporting the very person who has openly stated she will attack the Constitution and finish tearing it apart starting with where Obama has left off.

This November is not about an election.  We are at a crossroads regarding the very future of our nation.  I am reminded of the children of Israel who demanded a king.  They were tired of the prophets who lead them and wanted to be like the other nations who had a king.  They got a king and the beginning of misery followed.  Our nation wants to be ‘progressive’ with a woman President.  The liberals want their ‘freedoms’ in the form of not having any God and not having any rules such as even a men’s and woman’s restroom.  Everyone wants their own little safe space where no one says anything that hurts their feelings.  Instead of being the greatest nation in the world we have become the biggest bunch of whiners on the planet.  Instead of a spine it appears that at least our present generation has a noodle.  Hellary is determined to make America into an Islamic state.  Obama has covered the great history of our nation with lies and filth so deep there is hardly any shine remaining.  This election, if it happens and is not corrupted through illegal machine tampering, will represent life or death to America.  I have never seen a time in the life of this nation where total all out civil war has been more of a very real threat.  Obama should be tried for treason and if found guilty treated as per the Constitution.  The same goes for all those in power.  If this administration pulls in the UN to govern our streets then all bets are off.  If Islamic radicals are permitted free run of our streets then all bets are off.  The future of this nation now lies in the hands of the likes of Obama, Lynch, Jarrett and Hellary.  The next move is theirs and I would highly recommend they think about consequences before acting but that has not been their modus operandi.  I try never to be pessimistic but I fear that future generations will look back and in the words of the pilot of the Elona Gay they will instead of see our progress will exclaim ‘what have we done’.

Time to choose


When I was a practicing therapist I would tell my male clients that they needed to try and tell their female counterparts how they felt about issues.  So often that was like speaking a foreign language to some men.  But I have tried to practice what I preached.  With that in mind I want to tell people what I am feeling today.  I feel as if we are in the 1930’s and the three branches of our government have been infiltrated with Nazi sympathizers.  There are so many of them that it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad mainly because the good guys either do not speak up or are silenced by the bad.  That is putting things about as blunt as I can image.  Our world is at war with a crazy bunch of religious fanatics and our government from all branches appears to be doing their utmost to protect them.  Our Attorney General threatens to go after anyone who ‘talks’ negatively about the Muslims.  The commander and chief refuses to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as radical Islamic terrorists.  That is as stupid as someone refusing to acknowledge that there are racist anti-Semitic German Nazis.  (I use the present tense because unfortunately they still exist).

There are some things which need to be addressed today.  If you are in the military or in law enforcement you need to settle the issue today if you will obey the Constitution or your superiors.  If your boss tells you to do something contrary to Civil liberties and Constitutional rights what will you do?  Do not think that acceptance of the Unconstitutional actions and by going along with the ‘orders’ that you and your family are safe.  I would like to remind you of an event that happened between June 30 and July 2 1934.  It was called the ‘Night of the long knives’.  It was a time that Hitler’s SS and Gestapo turned against the ‘brown shirts’ or the SA and Ernest Rohm.  Rohm helped form the Nazi party.  He was part of it from the onset.  Yet Rohm and his crew were the ones who attacked the strike breakers and the political gatherings which were being held by those who questioned Adolf Hitler.  It is too bad that there are so many cowards and sheep in the media because people need to be reminded of history.  What is happening today is simply history repeating itself.  The attacks on those attending Trump’s rallies are nothing more than the SA under Rohm did to those who attended anti-Hitler gatherings and political rallies of collective critical thought.  Those in the SA were slaughtered.  I am sure they thought that since they were all supporting Hitler that there were safe.  You might also look at the countless other German citizens as well as others in the Nazi party who thought they were safe because they quietly went along with things.  First they come after those who oppose a particular way of thinking then they come after people for no real reason at all.  That was one reason why the Gestapo was so feared by even those in the Nazi party.  They did not need a reason to execute.

As I have stated in all my writing, I do not want violence.  But as I have been stating more recently is that I do not see any way violence is not being thrust upon us.  I do not think that the people of Germany suddenly woke up one day and found Hitler dominating their known world.  It was not like when the Berlin wall went up where family members might have been spending the night with friends or other family members never realizing that the next morning would be the beginning of decades before they would ever see each other again.  Events in Germany were more like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increasing.  It does not realize it is being boiled until it is too late.  Our rights have been slowly eroded over years.  Our liberties have been decreased gradually over time.  We must stop and realize before it is too late.

Too many well-meaning people think that they will be safe by complying with the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  But the reality is that there is no honor amongst thieves.  As draconian laws are passed the only ones who are going to be safe will be those of the upper echelon making those laws.  Even those people will not be safe if they are not of the select few.  General Petraeus was convicted for ‘improper handling of confidential information’ even though the amount of information he supposedly mishandled was minuscule in comparison to the thousands of confidential emails mishandled by Hillary Clinton.  Some of those emails were so sensitive that they could not even be read by many members of Congress.  It was interesting that although the FBI recognized that she was guilty of improperly handling confidential communications that it was also recommended that no action be taken because ‘no reasonable prosecutor would seek to press charges.  The FBI later also went on to say that the actions taken on the Clinton case did not mean that if someone else would do the same thing that no charges would be brought upon them.  In other words, what the FBI seemed to be saying was that since the prosecutor knew that the case would be tied up in court for an indefinite period of time that it would be better just not to seek charges in her case.  Basically this is saying that our legal system is totally dependent upon how long a person can tie things up in court.

Increasing numbers of members of law enforcement have stated they will not enforce unconstitutional gun confiscations.  Our military has already been polled back in the days of Bill Clinton as to who would fire upon or confiscate firearms from American citizens.  One third said no, one third said yes and one third said that it depended upon the circumstance.  I am hoping that those numbers are better today and that people are beginning to realize that there is no safe place once the government starts imposing its own set of laws upon the people that is contrary to the Highest Law of the Land.


A look into my crystal ball



crystal ball


As the election comes closer and a real threat to the continued policies of Obama and his administration look like they might be overturned, there are some things that I can easily see happening within the next few months.

  1. Obama will try via executive order to create a ‘fast track’ or even so much as an immediate path to citizenship.  Once the new refugees and ‘immigrants’ are legal citizens then he would be able to stuff the ballot box with votes from people he would have been able to get into the voting booth.
  2. Obama will try via executive order to do everything to finalize his goal of gun confiscation and extreme gun restriction. There have been some trial balloons set up already regarding attempts for confiscation using the Department of Veteran Affairs and State governments.
  3. Obama will try to find a reason to enact a state of national emergency with the goal of delaying the election. The path has already been set through executive orders signed by Bill Clinton permitting the UN to be used on US soil in the case of a national emergency or crisis.
  4. Obama needs his thousands of refugees in this country to aid in creating the national crisis much like they have done in Europe.
  5. Do not be surprised as the radicals unit in anarchy. They are being paid by key people of the left and have been proven.  They have admitted and bragged about being paid to riot and protest.  These are going to be Obama’s army to create chaos in America.

Somethings that our Congress needs to keep in mind is that the general public and the silent majority are no longer silent.  We the people have just made it extremely clear that they want Donald Trump as the next Republican nominee.  There has never been such a landslide for any candidate and especially for one who was not a sitting politician.  Congress needs to wise up because if they try to permit Obama to pull his fast tricks during his remaining time in office then those politicians will be removed and unemployed.  The people are sick and tired of being played as fools.  We are awake and we are pissed!  Congress will never be able to stick the Genie back into the bottle.

Obama and his crew are going to fight for ever inch they believe they can still gain over these next few months.  Do not expect it to end after the election.  I do not trust Obama.  He has proven himself, in my humble personal opinion, to be nuttier than bat crap!  Do not be surprised if after the election, and if Trump wins, that there is some national emergency that Obama tries to use to stay in power.Keep in mind that ‘power’ is the key word.  Obama loves power.  He seems to have the idea that he is king and can rule.  He wants his ideas and his agenda rather than an American agenda.  This he has proven over the years.  Our nation is not out of the woods by any means.  Do not be surprised if over the next few months until January that the ‘doo doo does not fly into the windmill’.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Insulting our Forefathers



Our Forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  They fought, sacrifices everything they had and many died to give birth to a new nation where people could be free, live free, and government themselves freely.  Our present system is not only a joke but an insult.  Our two parties have taken things to the point where our Forefathers would be rallying the troops if George Washington would still be in charge.  I am ashamed of our present system and the image we portray.  We pride ourselves on the freedom of the voting booth yet when that process does not go according to the plans of the big two parties then they have to maneuver and change things in order to keep things going their way.  Our political party leaders are nothing different from the whining crybabies found at the universities wanting their safe spaces because someone looked at them wrongly.  I am so tired of my country being run by spoiled brats.  Hillary loses state after state yet somehow still is ahead in ‘delegates’.  Trump is crushing things in the popular vote yet trickery seems to be done in efforts to keep the voice of the people from being heard at the national convention.  If the caucus does not mean anything anymore then why have it?  Do the DNC and the RNC simply think they are going to anoint someone to be the candidate apart from the will of the people?  I would advise these two groups to do a quick lesson in history.  Do not think that the will of the people to make major changes in this country is over.

The biggest thing that I see happening in this country is that the government leaders and political leaders have been pushing the people more and more over time and the people are sick and tired of being played for a bunch of idiots.  The political power houses think that the people will simply continue to be manipulated and never do anything about it.  These same political powerhouses feel that if the people ever got out of line that they have the law enforcement, IRS, and the military to arrest, intimidate and terrorize the people back into submission.  I think the people are tired of being threatened.  Law enforcement has increasingly been seeing where the government has been using them as a bully force and has started declaring where they will refuse to inforce any laws which are unconstitutional.  The IRS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar so many times that even the politicians are realizing that they either have to abandon the IRS or start taking flack themselves.  Now one corrupt politician is being caught shedding light on other corrupt politicians making it harder for them to keep their stories straight.  Hopefully, the house of cards that the politicians have been building will begin to tumble allowing for freedom of speech and the will of the people to again become a ruling force.

I have always viewed this election to be critical for the future of our nation.  It is hanging on with little more than tape and gum.  But this election is beginning to be much more than expected.  This election also represents a removing of the mask off of both parties.  The realities of the parties are being seen.  Both parties are no longer the parties for the people but rather BOTH PARTIES are being little more than a stage and window dressing for their own manipulated will to be imposed upon the people.  No wonder people have no trust nor faith in politics or politicians.  No wonder Congress is a joke.  Our Supreme Court is being seen as nothing more than a legal hit squad which could be stacked and packed by whoever is in the Oval Office.  The Constitution is supposed to be the highest law of the land but our politicians evidently see the Constitution as a barrier to be removed or skirted.  No longer is the action of our government measured by the letter or even the spirit of the Constitution and the will of our Foundering Fathers.

There is a strong inference due to the actions of both parties that neither is innocent.  Both parties appear to be in bed with each other trying to create a pseudo-Constitution.  Both parties are guilty of allowing the present mess our country faces.  Both parties are guilty of treason.  There is an influx of illegals into this country, many of whom are entering at the invitation of our political leaders, with the sole intent to destroy the vote.   The Constitution calls for the vote to be done by citizens of this nation.  Both parties are guilty in allowing situations to get so far out of hand that people have been permitted to skirt proper protocol regarding citizenship.  I have truly tried not to say anything which would permit the powers that be that monitors our freedom of speech to come knocking on my door.  I have tried not to give any reason for those who scrutinize the written word to consider me to be anything more than a patriot loyal to my country and to my Constitution.  I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution with ancestors who helped found this great nation.  I hope to continue to be free from censors and those who would prefer to limit freedom of speech.  But I cannot help but fear what is going to happen should our political talking heads not pull their own heads out of their own butts.  The people are sick and tired of people trying to change this country into something it is not and never was supposed to be as per our Founding Fathers.  The will of the people must come back and will return one way or another and I hope that those in political power take a reality check.  You will be able to stop some of us but you will never be able to stop all of us.  ALL WE WANT IS OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY BACK AND WE WILL GET IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!



Call to arms

thin blue line

There used to be a typing exercise which went like:  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  This is no longer just an exercise but a command.  We are seeing animals running the streets chanting for the death of police officers.  In my opinion, they have been surgically instructed where to attack in order to create the most chaos in the quickest manner.  This would create the need for both federally controlled police organizations as well as martial law.  By attack law enforcement these animals are attacking the very central core of the American way of life.  America is a land of law and order.  By attacking law and order they are seeking to create chaos and disorder.  They are not just attacking police.  These animals are attacking America.  These animals are attack you and me.  Now is the time for it so stop!

So many people sit back and wring their hands saying things like:  oh me, oh my, what can I do because I am just one person.  The ‘we the people’ is not a corporate statement.  ‘We the people’ is not a statement made up of single individuals who act in a uniformed manner.  It is the ‘we the people’ that these animals is not expecting.  These animals bank on chaos and division.  But we are not going to take their bait of stupidity.  I propose four easy steps by which we can make a difference in the war against the police and put a major crimp in the efforts of these animals.  I call them animals because they are no longer human beings when they go hunting down our police officers.  They are nothing but animals and should be treated as such.  No respect should be given to these animals.  They have no cause.  They have no right or purpose except to create problems.  They hide under the mask of ‘caring for the black man’ while doing nothing about the intense numbers of blacks being murdered by blacks.  These four simple items can put a major wrench in their machine of destruction.

First item is to start thanking a police officer.  Duh!  When you see a police officer politely go up to them and tell them thank you.  Shake their hand and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.  Many of us have had to call upon the police during our lifetimes and have appreciated them for their help.  If you see a police officer on the street politely and carefully so that you do not appear to be a threat, approach him or her just to say thank you.  Go to your local police or sheriff office and just tell them you appreciate their work and their sacrifice.  Remember, while you are enjoying Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners they are working.  When you are sound asleep they are working.  When you are enjoying time with your family in the evenings, they are working.  Let them know you realize what they do for you.  Unless you are a police family you do not understand what runs through the hearts and minds of the family members.  Every day a police family member fears that phone call.  Every day you hope they make it home.  Every day you silently pray they are safe.  Not too many other occupations include this element.

Second item is to have a pro-police rally.  These animals who have their signs saying how ‘police are nazis’, (which really show how stupid these people are and little they know of WWII), and chant ‘pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon’ (which is coward code for wanting police in coffins), and these animals love to have their anti-police rallies.  They problem with these animals is that the poles which are holding up their signs have a higher IQ than most of them at the protests!  Have a pro-police rally with pro-police banners and signs.  Let the community know that there are people out there who appreciate law enforcement.  Remember, if the only thing many people see are the animals then that is the impression they will be having regarding the matter.  Too often the media is able to skew things into whatever direction they desire.  They are able to have the camera in such a position to capture a single protester with a few people behind them and make it look like mass numbers.  Do not let the liberal media or the animals have the last say regarding our police officers.

The third item is to have fund raisers for your local police department.  Unfortunately many city governments treat our local police departments with much the same level of disrespect as these animals.  Unfortunately many city governments are more concerned with the pay raise of their executives than the police budget.  In many cities where politics is the name of the game and they are more concerned with who is sleeping with whom in order to get what promotion and more interested in self-importance than right and wrong.  A good police department who is not politically driven, and yes there are many out there, is an insult to the politically driven city politicians who think that just because they hold such and such an office that they are above the law.  Many of these departments will be see a cold day in Hell before their budget increases are ever passed.  Allow the police to by-pass city politics and help them raise the money needed for special items.  Remember, whatever the police get will probably circle around and be to your best interest sometime in the future.

The final item is personal.  These animals want to harm or kill our law enforcement officers.  But what they are not expecting is the general population to stand up in their defense and yell:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  If they want to harm our police and other law enforcement personnel it is time that the animals realized that they will have to go through us and there are many more of us than of them.  If you see a police officer getting beaten up by some of these animals I encourage you to open a case load of ‘whoop ass’ upon their miserable souls.  Be there when our police are alone and watch out for them.  Show them they are not alone nor forgotten.  We are a massive army for good and we will not be silent any longer!

If we do not do these things then as the chaos continues the door is open for politicians who want a federal police force to walk in.  Remember how well a federal police force worked for Hitler.  It worked out great for him but lousy for the people.  These animals think that the people will stand idly by and not interfere with their plans.  These animals are instructed because most of them are too stupid to think for themselves.  But someone knows that by attacking the heart of the American way of life that they can eventually cause massive bleeding in the American body.  The police have been there when we needed them and now is the time for us to be there for them.  Now is the time to stand with the ‘thin blue line.   WE THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT!