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A look into my crystal ball



crystal ball


As the election comes closer and a real threat to the continued policies of Obama and his administration look like they might be overturned, there are some things that I can easily see happening within the next few months.

  1. Obama will try via executive order to create a ‘fast track’ or even so much as an immediate path to citizenship.  Once the new refugees and ‘immigrants’ are legal citizens then he would be able to stuff the ballot box with votes from people he would have been able to get into the voting booth.
  2. Obama will try via executive order to do everything to finalize his goal of gun confiscation and extreme gun restriction. There have been some trial balloons set up already regarding attempts for confiscation using the Department of Veteran Affairs and State governments.
  3. Obama will try to find a reason to enact a state of national emergency with the goal of delaying the election. The path has already been set through executive orders signed by Bill Clinton permitting the UN to be used on US soil in the case of a national emergency or crisis.
  4. Obama needs his thousands of refugees in this country to aid in creating the national crisis much like they have done in Europe.
  5. Do not be surprised as the radicals unit in anarchy. They are being paid by key people of the left and have been proven.  They have admitted and bragged about being paid to riot and protest.  These are going to be Obama’s army to create chaos in America.

Somethings that our Congress needs to keep in mind is that the general public and the silent majority are no longer silent.  We the people have just made it extremely clear that they want Donald Trump as the next Republican nominee.  There has never been such a landslide for any candidate and especially for one who was not a sitting politician.  Congress needs to wise up because if they try to permit Obama to pull his fast tricks during his remaining time in office then those politicians will be removed and unemployed.  The people are sick and tired of being played as fools.  We are awake and we are pissed!  Congress will never be able to stick the Genie back into the bottle.

Obama and his crew are going to fight for ever inch they believe they can still gain over these next few months.  Do not expect it to end after the election.  I do not trust Obama.  He has proven himself, in my humble personal opinion, to be nuttier than bat crap!  Do not be surprised if after the election, and if Trump wins, that there is some national emergency that Obama tries to use to stay in power.Keep in mind that ‘power’ is the key word.  Obama loves power.  He seems to have the idea that he is king and can rule.  He wants his ideas and his agenda rather than an American agenda.  This he has proven over the years.  Our nation is not out of the woods by any means.  Do not be surprised if over the next few months until January that the ‘doo doo does not fly into the windmill’.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I’m so tired


Those who appreciate the classics have a special place in their hearts for Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing saddles’.  As Madeline Kahn poured out her heart with her rendition of ‘I’m tired’ it found a place forever in the souls of the fans.  I can relate with at least one aspect of the lyrics because I am so tired.  She is tired of being the goddess of desire; I am so tired of being the target of a liar.  The police officer in Baltimore was attacked by a man who made the direct claim that the attack was done in the name of allah and Islam.  He meant to kill the office in obedience to Islam.  He attempted to assassinate the police officer out of allegiance to ISIS.  Yet the spokesperson for the White House says that they are still investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who protects the enemy.  I am so tired of a president who calls everything workplace violence.  If someone is attacking a police officer in the name of ISIS which is a terrorist organization then it is an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who plays politics with American lives.  I am so tired of a president who blames the guns used by the Islamic terrorist rather than the terrorists.  I am so tired of a president who is so quick to release captured terrorists from Gitmo just so they can return to the battle field against Americans.  At what time and what is it going to take for this president to finally be called down for treason?

This president is forcing the hands of Americans.  No one wants internal conflict.  This man seems to have civil war as his agenda for America.  He is determined to have law enforcement remove legally owned guns by legal gun owners while he is purposely ignorant regarding the growth of ISIS in America.  In my opinion, this man who sits presently in the Oval Office has a goal of turning America into an Islamic nation and to completely ignore the will of the people.  Obama has armed himself with an Attorney General who appears to be equally as racists and pro-Islam.  He has strategically placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations.  It is my perspective that this man and his administration is doing everything possible to set our nation up for a major conflict between Islamic radicals and the rest of the nation.  It also appears he wants to edge his bet by attempting to remove legally owned firearms from the general population knowing that radical Islamic terrorists will give no regard to the law.

It is now time for law enforcement and the rest of the populous of this nation to settle the issue regarding civil disobedience.  Law enforcement has learned the hard way that this administration does not have their backs.  This administration, I believe, is more than willing to make all the unconstitutional rules and then to sacrifice our police officers by sending them in to confiscate the firearms from legal gun owners.  I can easily see this administration calling in their ‘civilian army’ during a stage of national emergency.  I am not a pessimist.  I do not wear a tinfoil hat.  I am simply a man who is willing to read the reality of our present situation.  I refuse to bury my head in the sands of denial.  We are in a major and dangerous situation.

We have sheriffs from numerous states throughout the country that recognize that America is in a dangerous situation and that the armed citizen is going to be the answer.  Terrorism wants to invade our nation.  Islamic radicals want to spread their slaughter across our land.  But the armed American has and will continue to make a difference.  Germany has found that there is a place for the individual carrying a sidearm.  Countries are learning that disarming the people does not make them safe.  Any more as this administration continues to make its moves toward disarming the people and denying the role of Islam in the increased global attacks, it has to be done with purpose and full intent.  It cannot be done any longer under the mask of ‘not wanting to jump to conclusions’.  To deny the role of radical Islam is deliberate.  To disarm the populous has to now being an action done with the full intent of leaving good people to the actions of murderous intent of the bad.

As my daddy used to say:  Enough is enough.  This administration has pushed the good people of this nation enough.  There has been enough of the defending of Islam that we are tired of having it shoved down our throat.  This administration has drawn the line for the American people.  Americans have never been known to simply lie down and roll over.  I doubt that we are going to start now.




America needs to face facts.  We are in a load of hurt.  We have been sold out.  The political parties we presently have are not the parties of our grandparents.  The Democrat party has basically become the old Communist party of the 60’s and the Republican Party has basically become the old Democrat Party.  The present Democrat Party has forced upon America the greatest scam of all time.  While knowing that Barack Obama was not permitted as president as per the US Constitution they helped bury all his records and created an excitement because of a color.  They are doing the same thing now with Hillary Clinton because of her genitals.  Neither of these people should have been or be President of the United States but they fit the agenda and are being covered with such a smoke screen to prevent their realities from showing.  While many of key Islamic nations describe the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization Obama keeps placing them in key positions.  Valerie Jarrett has been open and proud of her Islamic faith and as how they are proceeding in using the Constitution and our sleepy media to form America as an Islamic nation.  Obama continues to stack the deck of his administration with more and more radicals who push the pro-Islamic agenda.  He has proven himself loyal to Islam and not to the historic America and America way of life.  He has made it clear he has a primary goal of disarming Americans.  He has been caught in one lie after the other.  There is very little room left not to accept that he is a loyal Islamist follower who also accepts the principle of taqiyya or the permission found in the koran for a follower of Islam to lie and use deceit in order to promote the cause of Islam.

I listen to some of the comments which come out of the mouths of many congress persons.  I would recommend that anyone who wants to be in congress to be able to pass an IQ test but from what I have heard I doubt that many of them could even spell ‘IQ’ test.  Too many of those in congress are in for power and money.  They have expense accounts greater than many Americas make in a year.  I draw social security disability, which is NOT a hand out from the government but something I paid into while I was WORKING much like an insurance policy, and after Medicare got its cut I have a whopping 2% increase which amounts to approximately $25.00 increase.  Yet, somehow our government has the ability to spend countless millions on ‘refugees’ whom have already proven themselves not to be truly vetted or cleared in any sense of the word as evidenced by how well the wife of the San Bernardino radical Islamic terrorist was ‘vetted’.  The more that is investigated the more it proves how non-existent their ‘vetting’ process truly is.

I wonder when people will start seeing Obama as the Islamic plant that he obviously must be and his role in the destruction of America.  He made his position clear when he said that if the winds shift he would stand with Islam.  The media fail and betrayed America.  Liberals were excited about a person of color they did not care about his goals, beliefs or agenda.  Now it is up to the conservatives of this nation to pick up the pieces.  It is up to us to start carrying a concealed weapon like in the old days of this nation because we have the enemy among us.  We have been infiltrated by those who want to kill us and take away our freedoms and way of life.  It is up to the conservatives to start politely disobeying all the un-Constitutional laws that Obama and his crew is trying to pass.  We will not obey.  We will not follow.  We will not bow.  Islam, or at least many in Islam, has proven that they want a fight.  If radical Islam wants a fight then a fight they shall receive.  We will not have rules of engagement.  We will not have concern for the enemy age nor gender.  They have proven that the children and women are equally as brainwashed to slaughter all who do not accept Islam.  We will show no mercy.  We will give no quarter.  We will take no prisoners.  I would encourage our military not to take prisoners because Obama has proven that he does not care about our military nearly as much as he does Islam and will release them to return to killing Americans.

America is in a load of hurt.  The enemy has infiltrated this nation at the highest levels. When the Attorney General supposedly came out with the threat to prosecute anyone speaking out in a ‘violent’ manner against Islam that should have sent shock waves through the nation but it did not.  Is the nation so blind to what is happening? I watch all these silly protests by spoiled brats who complain because they have been offended or mistreated.  If they do not pull their heads out of their butts soon what lies ahead will make their ‘mistreatment’ seem like a Sunday School picnic.

No rose colored glasses


I must admit that I am basically in a state of shock.  I never thought I would see the day when the things happening today would be routine.  The elephant of the GOP has become like the cartoon character of a fluffy Dumbo like creature with an umbrella in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  The Democrat donkey has become nothing more than a great big jackass.  Socialism is an accepted characteristic for presidential candidates.  We have an administration that is not even attempting to hide the corruption of padding the ballot box with the influx of illegals.  The Constitution has never been used against itself to a greater extent in history than it is presently.  The right to keep and bear arms has never been under greater attack.  Our elected officials have never been able to get away with making absolutely stupid statements before like they do today…(no Guam will not tip over due to the presence of the Navy).  We have an administration that is openly Muslim, proud of it, and are very active in making America an Islamic nation.  Government leaders are leaving the founding beliefs of this nation and have abandoned any and every reference to God because it might offend someone somewhere.  We do not have leaders.  We have power hungry and greedy pussies that have rejected the will of the people.

I wonder if today is something like it was during the late 1700’s.  I wonder if people who watched England become increasingly more power hungry and greedy at the expense of the people sat back hoping that maybe something would change and that people would actually change and start listening to reason again.  I wonder how many kept believing that the system would kick start back into a working government.  I firmly believe that it is the purpose of this administration to break America and to create civil war.  If there is civil war then there will be martial law and the rule of FEMA who supersedes the Constitution and personal rights.  I believe it is the goal of this administration to bring so many radicals from the south, Middle East, and Europe into this country so that Obama would have his private civilian army that he has been wanting since the first day of his presidency.  I firmly believe that it is the goal of this administration with the help of the Democrat party to disarm every civilian.  I firmly believe that the average person does not matter to the majority of our elected officials which is why people like Trump and Carson are surging in the polls.  The American people do not trust politicians and for good reason.  Present day politicians see the average American as a piggy bank to be used to fund whatever they please.  They travel around the globe without giving a second thought at the lives of the average American.  They have life time income and complain they are still not getting enough money while they are receiving 4-5 times what the average American makes a year with an expense account that is staggering.   We have people running for president who has already been caught in so many lies that the average person would be in prison.  Our government needs to wise up.

There will be changes in office.  I do not know if it will be before or after the election.  I am hoping that there will be peaceful changes from the ballot box.  But I see overt actions on the part of many in the Democrat party to corrupt the election by permitting non-Americans to vote.  The number of people who have voted for the Democrat party who have been deceased, in prison, cartoon characters, and even non-existent names is amazing.  People have bragged about voting numerous times in the same election.  Voting machines have been caught switching votes.  If there is one thing that those in the political arena better not do and that is corrupt the ballot box.  It is the ballot box that is the ONLY thing which makes America different and which has keep America peaceful.

I hope that there is a new President with a brain and who will listen to the voice of the people.  I hope that there is a new President who will return America to its basic Christian roots.  We are not, never have been and never will be an Islamic country.  I hope that there is a new President who will lead America back to a position of strength again.  America, presently, is laughable in the eyes of the global governments.  I want a President who is proud to be the President of the United States of America.  I am so tired of a doofis who goes around bowing to everyone saying how bad America is and how it needs to change.  If I had an employee who kept going around saying how bad my company was I would fire him on the spot.

There will be change.  There will be a difference in the government.  I just hope it is a peaceful change.  But of what I see this President and his administration doing, along with the support of a complacent, power hungry and greedy Democrat party, I am having my doubts.  I hope I am wrong.  But what I see happening is setting America up for a big event.  What I see is setting America up for a major clash between radical foreign invaders and ideologies and the classic American way of life.  All I can say is that if you are not prepared you better be.  Have you scoped out your area regarding food and water?  Have you a means to protect yourself and your family?  Have you a plan should things go bad?  Have you thought about where you will go?  Have you a plan to get with other family members so that you are a greater number than just yourself?  Have you contemplated alliances?  No, my tin foil hat is not fitting too tight.  I just do not have rose colored glasses on anymore.

Basic handbook for survival


In my opinion, we have a person in the White House who is nothing more than a disaster to America and wants to see all the historical traditions of this country gone.  I believe he is a traitor in that he has aided and abetted the enemy by allowing through the cover of covert operations arms and money to flow into ISIS hands.  I believe he has purposely barred the military from doing their duties in attacking and destroying ISIS and radical Islam through a network of rules and regulations for engagement.  Rules for engagement when dealing with a cancer like ISIS should be see the enemy kill the enemy.  I believe he has sat back and watch priceless pieces of antiquity destroyed in the name of Islam.  I believe he is an extreme hypocrite bemoaning a short lived time of slavery in America while ISIS and radical Islam today takes slaves of all ages for perverted sexual purposes.  I believe this person uses his ‘pen and phone’ to attack American liberties in efforts to by pass Congress and any system of checks and balances.  I believe the time has come for proper civil disobedience to regain our American liberties and traditions.

First of all there is no excuse for any law abiding citizen not to have a concealed carry permit.  It does not matter if you are planning to carry a weapon or not, get it while you can before this, in my opinion, corrupt administration blocks that right.   If your State or Commonwealth permits open carry then carry your weapon according to law.  If you have a concealed carry permit then there is no reason why you are not carrying your weapon anywhere, everywhere, all the time.  It is called a CONCEALED WEAPON for a reason.  Remember people like ISIS, radical Islam, and the wacko mass shooters of recent love soft targets where ‘guns are not allowed’.  If the ‘guns are not allowed’ signed did any good then there would not have been any mass shootings.

If you do not want to hire someone or support something do not tell them “I don’t want to bake you a cake because I do not support homosexuality’.  You are just going to open yourself wide for a sanctimonious law suit.  If you do not want to do something there are millions of excuses you can use from not needing any help at the present time, to not having time for another project, to just not feeling up to doing anything at the present time.  People have got to start using their heads.  If you want a law suit then go ahead and tell them it is because of specific reasons but do not go whining when you get sued.  Be careful what you say.  We still have the freedom of speech.  I try to always use terms that are legal such as ‘in my opinion’. We are still able to have an opinion but the way the Supreme Court has been going lately that may or may not be the facts in the future.  If they are going to find excuses to strip away our rights we must be willing to find loop holes to keep our rights.

Too many people are whiners and not doers.  If a school or city does not permit Christianity because of ‘separation of church and state’ but wants to allow Islamic teachings and principles then there should be someone screaming to the highest hills discrimination.  Remember that the legal sword cuts both ways.  If you just want to sit back and whine then shut up about it and sit there.  But if you are not going to lead then at least get out of the way so someone else can take your miserable place.  Too many Christians forget that God gave them a backbone and expects them to use for more than just keeping their skin stretched out.

If you have a ‘wet spot’ on your land that no one knows about, keep it that way.  Otherwise, you can expect the EPA do have some rule or regulation as to why you cannot build on your own property.  If you find a dead ‘spotted owl’ bury it and shut up about it.  The more you make yourself a target by drawing attention to your actions and events the more you are opening yourself up for some rule or regulation to be shoved down your throat.  Any more the operative word is covert.  If they can pass bills under covert means, we can build and live through covert means.

Lastly, if you do not vote you have no right to complain.  By not voting on things you are permitting them to pass or not pass through your inactivity.  If you do not want a gay bill to pass but refuse to vote, you have just voted in favor of that bill.  If there is a person running whom you feel is detrimental to our nation and you do not get out and vote against that person, you have just cast your ballot in favor through your inactivity.  Much of the illegal activities which parties are able to pull are done through secrecy.  You have a voice and must use it.  Anyone can write letters to the editor of your newspaper.  Anyone can get on the internet.  Anyone can call their representatives even if it does not make any difference, you did your part.  I believe that people must live in a manner that if you are ever questioned in the afterlife about things you can answer that at least you did your part.  You are not responsible for the actions of others but you are responsible for your own.

The future rests with the people

flag Imo Jima

This administration is dead set upon getting guns restricted and removed from the general populous.  I believe you can expect new anti-gun executive orders to come done the line pretty soon.  Obama knows he only has less than two year left.  It is time that the legal gun owners made up their minds as to which side of the law they are going to rest if Obama makes his orders.  An unarmed America is a dead America.  Right now America has the best armed and best trained military force in the world in the numbers of the armed hunters.  You throw into that mix the uniformed military and America is still a forced with which to be reckoned.  Obama believes he can control the military but I personally believe that if push comes to shove and America is under attack that the military would probably tell Obama where he could stick his executive orders and come to the unbridled aid of the country.  This is why it is critical for the armed citizen to remain armed.

If ISIS tried to attack the United States right now they know that they would face a blood bath and the reality of what the Japanese feared during World War II.  Obama and his crew are working hard to remove the weapons from the citizenry.  This is why it is critical for law abiding citizens to cross the line if Obama makes keeping your firearms illegal.  It is essential for good people to keep their guns.  Radical Islam wants Americans disarmed.  Obama, in my opinion, has betrayed America to radical Islam.  But since Obama denies that radical Islam exist he is able to deny betraying America to it.  The radical factions exist in many forms.  The primary hope for America’s defense is not found in anything other than the armed citizen.

Good people need to be carrying their weapon with them at all times.  Between radical Islam and nut-jobs like Roof who shot up a prayer meeting, good people must be prepared at all times to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Americans must be willing to take action at any time in the present state of affairs.  Obama and his crew believe that a simple stroke of the pen and people would be willing to lay down their personal arms.  This is where doing what is right might conflict with doing what is legal.  Obama cannot take away our Constitutional right.  He might think he can make it illegal but it is still our right.  No law can supersede the Constitution.  No person can make a ruling which supersedes the Constitution.  If an executive order is signed which conflicts with the Constitution then it is the duty of every America to not comply with that executive order.  Besides, if any President wants to attempt to make a ruling or law that conflicts with the Constitution then that President or political figure has just acted in a treasonous manner against the United States.  No one is greater than the U.S. Constitution.

The fate of America does not rest with its leadership but with the people.  The future of America is in the hands of the people.  The leadership only has as much power as the people are willing to grant them.  It is up to the people to demand that the Constitution be followed and it is up to the people to refuse to obey any law which contradicts that Constitution.



While the Red Army was liberating the prisoners held at the Auschwitz death camp, my uncle was part of the teams that liberated other Nazi concentration camps.  The sights and memories haunted him the rest of his life.  He shared many of his memories with my father who served in the Pacific theater at the same time.  The world looks on as survivors of the death camp returns for the 70th year anniversary of being freed.  The whole idea of Auschwitz baffles the mind.  No one will ever fully understand the how’s and why’s of the atrocities forced upon innocent men, women and children by the Nazis.

It is hard to remember how not all Germans were Nazis.  But it is also hard to understand how the Nazi machine was allowed to form and become the evil that the name itself represents.  What went wrong in the typical political processes of Germany?  How was Adolf Hitler legally elected to office?  How did any check and balance system within the government fail?  Can it happen here in America? Auschwitz is a major wakeup call to all societies.  It did not happen overnight.  It did not happen all at once.  But the question still remaining is ‘how did it happen at all’.

Germany was ripe for a hero or savior type person and personality.  The economy was in deep trouble.  The people needed relief.  Hitler had all the right words.  He had all the right persona.  He knew how to manipulate people and their emotions so that they would increasingly trust him.  But the question still remains; how was the machine that fed his limitless power able to be put into place.  I know that there are many historians out there who can detail events regarding the Nazi takeover of Germany.  But my questions rest with the individual German during this time.  Could the people of Germany have stopped Hitler early before all the evils and the machines were in place?

There must never be a time when the people feel in such a need for a politician to rescue them.  The people must never forget that THEY are in charge of the government.  That is a nice idea but it is almost impossible to implement once a corrupt government official has been allowed to be put in place.

I believe there are more good people than bad.  I believe that it is possible for people to reason and think.  I also believe that these are dying ideas that must never be allowed to be extinguished.  I also believe it is up to the people to keep our politician accountable.  We do this by removing bad ones and electing responsible ones.  We do this by legal civil protests that do not result in burning down a city.  We do this by making sure dirty little secrets of people in power are brought to light so that nothing is allowed to fester and grow.  We do this by not being silent.  We do this by taking risks.  We do this by making sure that light is shown in the dirty little corners of our politicians.  We also do this by never fully trusting the politician apart from our control.  Politics means power.  Power corrupts.  Power does not rest with the politician unless the people submit their power over to the politician.  We must never become apathetic.  Checks and balances are only too late if the people permit it.

Americans must be concerned about things in our present government.  The IRS has too much power.  They have the power to seize and remove anything and everything they deem necessary to ‘pay the tax’.  This is far too reminiscent of King George and their ability to simply tax and take without regard for the people.  Our Congress has become a cesspool of people not listening to those who elected them and many who appear to not have enough sense to get out of the rain.  Some of the statements which come out of the mouths of our elected officials baffle the mind.  They cannot be that stupid.  But they keep getting re-elected.  They fight over the most ridiculous items such as the type of cutlery to be used in the cafeteria but do not really do any business to advance the nation or the people.  They forget the nation and live for their party.

If the political officers which are elected to promote the country and the Constitution which protects the nation do not act in accordance with the Constitution it is up to the people to no follow those rules or laws.  If the federal government fails then it is up to the local governments to follow the proper rule of law.  Government edicts are only as powerful as the people allow them power.  State government and law enforcement must decide if they are going to enforce the federal government or the Constitution of the United States.  There may come a time when a politician or law enforcement individual might have to decide between doing what they are told verses doing what is right.

Auschwitz happened.  This is fact.  But what is even more important than the fact that this happened is the demand that this never happen again.  Auschwitz was allowed to happen.  Not that anyone could have stopped the building of Auschwitz but at one time something could have been done to have prevented Auschwitz.  The German people were no different than the American people today.  If it was able to happen once it could happen again.  The change in values and priorities did not happen overnight for Germany.  It was slow and insidious.  Are we as Americans on the same road as Auschwitz?