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Irony of BLM

black protest

It is time to be honest and no longer politically correct.  Whether we want to admit it or not people have stereotypes for different races.  The classic stereotype for a black person is lazy, troublesome, avoiding fatherly responsibilities and basically no good.  Now before I get lynched for stating this, I know firsthand that there are many who are insulted by this stereotype and are nothing like it.  I have black relatives (I cannot say African American because they have never traced their background to Africa).  I have some relatives who are able to trace their lines back to slaves and probably have slaves in my direct lineage since we have been here since before the 1700’s and are also Native American and there were many who intermarried.  I also remember an elderly black lady who used to work for my parents when I was just a kid.  Her mother or grandmother was a nanny and a slave.  Each generation had a goal of bettering the next and this lady, her name was Annie Brown in East Chicago Ind, had the goal of her daughter going to college.  I have no doubt that this was accomplished.

The Black Lives Matter movement which is supposed to promote the betterment of the black community and their treatment has done nothing to counter the stereotypical image of a black person.  They have done nothing to counter the black on black murders in Chicago.  They have done nothing to ease the suffering of those in black communities caught in the floods.  They have done nothing to merit any positive considerations from any race.  All they have done is promote the image of the radical black person who has not regard for anything, wants a handout and is ungrateful when people try and help their lot in life.  The majority of black people in this country should be infuriated at the BLM movement.  Obama has also done nothing to promote positive changes in the black community and has instead encouraged the radicals who burned down Ferguson and Baltimore.  He has done nothing but stokes the fires of hatred between the radical blacks and the police and has the blood of many police of all races dripping from his hands.  He is a disgrace not only to Americans in general but to the black community specially.  It is ironic how the radical blacks sing the praised of the Democrat party when even Malcolm X said how they where stupid to follow the deceitful leadership of the Democrats and were should be ashamed of themselves and black people.  The BLM sing the praised of the Democrats while the Democrats sing the praised of Planned Parenthood, an organization formed by a woman who saw black people as weeds which should be exterminated.

I do not understand why more black people do not come out against BLM.  They are an insult to any intelligent black person who is willing to understand the truth of the matters.  I have no problem with a black person who chooses to be a Democrat but I do have a problem with anyone who promotes something totally contrary to everything in which they say they believe and hold dear.  It is not turning their backs on their ‘race’ or ‘people’ to speak out against BLM.  I am proud to be of Indian heritage and lineage.  But being of this lineage I also have a strong connection with the land and nature.  Therefore I am infuriated as I watch some fellow Native Americans kill a deer and only take the choice cuts of meat.  There is supposed to be a respect for the kill and to use every part of the kill.  I also oppose those tribes who scream about their rights to so much shellfish yet pollute the very waters they seek to harvest with human sewage.

The BLM people have taken the police departments as their scapegoat.  In many of these communities the police risk their lives merely to drive through because the leadership and adults have abandoned their duties.  Men have become cowards running from their responsibilities to lead while teenage girls think it cute to get pregnant by someone who is going to run like a scalded dog the minute the pee stick shows positive.  The expected leaders of these communities expect the police to defuse explosive situations which the communities themselves have created and then blame the police when bad things happen or the situation do not resolve in an expected manner.  The BLM voice protest against the police while at the same time being too cowardly to take charge of their own problems.  This type of behavior should be an insult to every hard working responsible member of the black community.  But as long as the supporters of the BLM insist on living in an imaginary past of abuse and that the world owes them a living the black communities will never advance.  Every society has experienced slavery.  The greatest hypocrisy is any and every member of the BLM movement who stand arm in arm with Islam because Islam still believes in slavery and buys and sells human being to this present day.  BLM is not opposed to slavery.  BLM is opposed to responsibility.

A look into my crystal ball



crystal ball


As the election comes closer and a real threat to the continued policies of Obama and his administration look like they might be overturned, there are some things that I can easily see happening within the next few months.

  1. Obama will try via executive order to create a ‘fast track’ or even so much as an immediate path to citizenship.  Once the new refugees and ‘immigrants’ are legal citizens then he would be able to stuff the ballot box with votes from people he would have been able to get into the voting booth.
  2. Obama will try via executive order to do everything to finalize his goal of gun confiscation and extreme gun restriction. There have been some trial balloons set up already regarding attempts for confiscation using the Department of Veteran Affairs and State governments.
  3. Obama will try to find a reason to enact a state of national emergency with the goal of delaying the election. The path has already been set through executive orders signed by Bill Clinton permitting the UN to be used on US soil in the case of a national emergency or crisis.
  4. Obama needs his thousands of refugees in this country to aid in creating the national crisis much like they have done in Europe.
  5. Do not be surprised as the radicals unit in anarchy. They are being paid by key people of the left and have been proven.  They have admitted and bragged about being paid to riot and protest.  These are going to be Obama’s army to create chaos in America.

Somethings that our Congress needs to keep in mind is that the general public and the silent majority are no longer silent.  We the people have just made it extremely clear that they want Donald Trump as the next Republican nominee.  There has never been such a landslide for any candidate and especially for one who was not a sitting politician.  Congress needs to wise up because if they try to permit Obama to pull his fast tricks during his remaining time in office then those politicians will be removed and unemployed.  The people are sick and tired of being played as fools.  We are awake and we are pissed!  Congress will never be able to stick the Genie back into the bottle.

Obama and his crew are going to fight for ever inch they believe they can still gain over these next few months.  Do not expect it to end after the election.  I do not trust Obama.  He has proven himself, in my humble personal opinion, to be nuttier than bat crap!  Do not be surprised if after the election, and if Trump wins, that there is some national emergency that Obama tries to use to stay in power.Keep in mind that ‘power’ is the key word.  Obama loves power.  He seems to have the idea that he is king and can rule.  He wants his ideas and his agenda rather than an American agenda.  This he has proven over the years.  Our nation is not out of the woods by any means.  Do not be surprised if over the next few months until January that the ‘doo doo does not fly into the windmill’.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Where will it all end



Anyone who has had kids is very familiar with the famous line: Are we there yet? This usually begins approximately 15 minutes after the car begins to move and continues throughout the entirety of the trip. They are interested not so much in the trip but when they are finally going to get where they are going so that they can get out of the car. For the past seven years the liberals, progressives and socialists have taken America for a ride. There are two questions which are looming: When will it end and where will it end. Masquerading as Democrats socialists, liberals and Anti-American progressives have taken America for a ride and have infiltrated every aspect of our government. The America that gives more money, food, and assistance to any nation in need has been demonized and basically allowed to rot while those whose primary objective is to destroy America and the American way of life has been uplifted. I see things happening in my country today that it is with a sincere since of extreme caution that I ask the question where will it all end.

The media appears to have basically been bought and paid for by the liberal and progressive in our country. So much of the news is nothing of substance when it comes to our government and what is happening behind the scenes. I can see what is happening in an auto accident but I cannot do investigative journalism. The media has done more investigative journalism on Ben Carson in the past few months than they have done on Barack Obama over the past 7 years. No one seems to even care anymore where Obama was during the hours that Benghazi was being attacked and Americans murdered. No one seems to view it as important that Obama has yet to provide a birth certificate that a first year forensic analyst is not able to shred as a fraud. No one seems to care that Obama was listed as a foreign student in college. No one seems to ask where are the documents which shows either that he kept the name Obama while adopted by his step father or that he legally changed it back to Obama which would make his oath of office to have been issued in a fraudulent manner. Why do these things matter? These things matter because of the Constitution. If the Constitution can be destroyed then America falls. It is the Constitution which has kept America safe from the same actions which plague so many other countries. People have grown so cold toward the Constitution that we now have two out spoken socialist running on the Democrat ticket who have openly shown disdain for the historic American way of life.

Under the present administration race relations have been set back a good 40 years. The Super Bowl was more a recollection of the Olympics of 1968 than it was a display of talent and beauty. The middle class has been more targeted than helped as they reel under both taxes and fees now set upon them by Obamacare. No one warned anyone about the ‘subsidies’ also being taxed prior to one’s income being taxed. Under the present administration our country faces the threat of being forced to accept untold numbers of Islamic terrorists under the label of refugees. These people are supposed to be ‘vetted’ by the government but the government has yet to even vet itself. As a concealed carry permit holder I have been vetted more time than probably our President.

Where is it going to end? America has been put on the wrong side of history. Russia now is the liberator of the oppressed by America either turns her back or supports the oppressor. Why is America even in Syria? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? ISIS is the child of much of the ‘interference’ in Syria originally formed as a rebel group to fight the present leadership. How did ISIS get so many US trucks and equipment? How did so much of the dropped aid fall ‘accidentally’ into the hands of those butchering Christians and selling women and children into slavery? Our ‘black lives matter’ people are not upset with slavery. They are upset because they do not get their way and want an excuse to support their ‘poor me’ mentality. If they were upset over slavery then they would be on the front lines against ISIS who supports slavery to this day.

My conclusions are uncomfortable. It is up to the American citizenry to protect America. Our government has sold us out to their ideology. In our present direction there will be violence in our streets to levels never seen before. In our present direction there will be terrorism done in the name of Islam basically protected by our government so that the only true protection a person has would be that which they carry on their person. In our present direction our law enforcement will not be able to keep up with situations and our government will continue to hamstring the officers to become more ‘peaceable’ and ‘tolerant’. In our present direction the historic American way of life will be nothing more than a footnote in history unless people purpose to keep it alive. In our present direction freedom of speech will be determined as to whether or not someone of a protected group is offended. In our present direction freedom of religion will be determined permissible only if every religion is willing to pay homage to Islam. In our present direction the Constitution will die. I, for one, cannot permit these things to happen. I will speak out even if uncomfortable and labeled racists. I will never honor a ‘gun free zone’ because I love my family too much and those around me. I will speak out against a government which is clearly out of control. I will use all means possible to get the message out. I, for one, want my America back!

This foolishness must stop

civil war era Democrat party

Now political leaders are talking about digging up the dead who were leaders of the Confederacy.  The rational for this lunacy is the slavery mantra.  If they want to do this then let us do it right.  Remember that the Democrat Party was formed for the purpose of counteracting the Republicans on the slavery issue.  They were seen as the ‘white man’s party’ while the Republicans was seen as too much controlled by the black man.  Now those of the Democrat Party like to say how they changed their ways in 1900.  While I question this sudden change of heart, I will grant it for now.  So what the proponents of the Democrat Party, many of whom are pushing for the purge of street and ground of anything that was pro-slavery, are admitting that prior to 1900 that the Democrat Party was pro-slavery.  This means than all Presidents who were Democrats prior to 1900 must also be purged.  All schools, street names, statues, pictures, burial sites, etc must be cleansed of their pro-slavery stench.  This list will include:  Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Grover Cleveland.  This is just a short list of Presidents.  This has not touched any Democrats prior to 1900 where were part of any of the Houses of Congress, governors, or any other political positions.  This also does not include any people of business where were associated with the Democrat Party prior to that time or any other statesmen.  Do I need to continue?

Let us get real.  This whole purge mentality has nothing to do with slavery.  It has nothing to do with the Civil War.  It has nothing to do with anything but a big push right now to appease the radical black community.  If it was anything more than mere window dressing first of all the spokes people for this movement would know more history than is obvious they are accustomed.  Secondly, the last thing any Democrat would be doing would be getting on this bandwagon of anti-slavery rhetoric.  The governments have been able to sink their hooks into the emotions of people and are digging them in as far as the people will permit.  But, if anyone is determined to scream about evil and claims to be pure, just be prepared for what you might find out about your own backyard.  Enough is enough.

I call for the people to put an end to this foolishness.  If anyone of your city or locality wants to start digging people up I would demand to see the laws followed to the letter.  Then, if they are still able to do so, I would like to see the people form such a barricade that no one can get to the gravesite.  Who are they going to stop with once they begin?  Are they going to dig up your relative next because they might have been overheard having a racist conversation?  When are they going to start digging up people like Malcom X who is seen as an extreme bigot and racist against the whites?  When are they going to dig up the blacks who joined in many areas the KKK (bet you did not know that one?..’The Klu Klux Spirit’ by A.J. Rogers, 1920).  When are they going to dig up the Democrats who formed the KKK in the south?  It is up to the people to stop this extreme over reach of the government.  What are these people planning to do with the bones once they remove them?  Are they going to burn them to rid the community of their spirit?  Think people, THINK!!!!!

What we are seeing is worse than the Salem Witch trials.  Just because someone does not like the way another person acted, lived, or spoke they are going to have them burned, removed, and sown to the four corners of the winds.  We are an intelligent people (or at least used to be).  It is up to the people to stop this because politicians and the government have yet to prove that they will ever stop anything once they get started.  If the people do not stop this madness now there will not be a safe person, place, time or event that will not be an offense to someone somewhere somehow.

Dear elected leaders

civil war black

I have a Confederate flag belt buckle. I wear it proudly. I refer to it as my IQ test for people I meet. If someone is dogmatic about it being a racist symbol then I know that person is basically too stupid to be able to hold a conversation. Where has our country gone? What are we doing? We have schools and government buildings where people are evidently too confused to know which bathroom to use to they have it where they are gender neutral bathrooms. I guess as they say: Any port in a storm will do. Schools are teaching about transgender to children because I guess they do not have enough commonsense to know what sex they are any more. When people go to fill out an application or get a driver’s license and they have the boxes you check for gender are they going to have a third box labeled ‘don’t know’? If we cannot know what gender we are then I guess we are in a mess. I used to be back in the Stone Age that knowing what gender you were was something that was a fairly simple question. It is kind of like asking: Are you a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’ when you have to go pee.
There was the murder of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien. The President is blaming the Republicans. The city is a Sanctuary City which means illegals can run there and the city has agreed to not enforce any immigration laws evidently. Are we now at a place where we pick and choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore? This is insane. What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? I want to stop this crazy train and get off! When there is a shooting the shooter is considered just a mentally disturbed individual overlooked by the system and the gun is blamed for the deaths. A child plans and murders another child and instead of being called a murderer he is seen as a poor innocent victim of a society that has enforced poverty. Somehow in our nation up has become down, right has become left, and right has become wrong. I had the privilege of working with Vietnam veterans during my time as a therapist. Many of them went to war leaving one nation and returning back to a totally different nation. What they saw then is exactly what we are seeing today. The only difference was that they had the change thrust upon them become home stood still in time in their eyes while gone and they suddenly saw the rapid changes where those of us here have been seeing things change more gradually. It is now just blaringly obvious and it is shocking.
The IRS, politicians and government officials get away with total and complete lawlessness while the average citizen has to fear being called in for an audit and forced to pay whatever the IRS happens to say that you owe. Police officers have to worry about being arrested for doing their jobs and arresting people. Criminals are able to burn down cities, loot stores and destroy other’s hopes and dreams while being called an oppressed people. Our President appears to be more interested in his golf game than the thousands being forced into life as a sex slave by radical Islam and ISIS. Our military has to go through a litmus test before being able to shoot at the enemy while our governmental leaders say that our forces are unable to defeat ISIS. I am totally confused as to just how our nation is able to dress itself in the mornings.
We have people in Congress who are afraid that the weight of the Navy is going to make Guam tip over. We have others who dress like some kind of 70’s pimp and they actually think they look classy. Others make statements along the line of: Who do you think I am…I am a queen. We have a President and First Lady who spends taxpayer money so quickly that they make King George and Marie Antoinette look like friends of the working class. Now people want a Constitutional Convention where they can have the power to change and rewrite the Constitution? I would not trust these people to fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oops I guess that is now also considered racist, let alone touch the Constitution.
What is it going to take to restore sanity? How do these seemingly crazy idiots keep getting re-elected? At one time we use to have highly literate and well-read individuals in Congress but any more I believe our Congressional leaders need to put down their Archie and Jughead and pick up The Federalist Papers only I am afraid they would not understand the big words in the Federalist. Before these legislatures start making decisions to remove the Confederate flag because it is a divisive symbol of slavery they need to read up on REAL history and some of the soldiers of the south such as “Black Southerners in Gray” edited by Richard Rollins which speaks about the black men who proudly took up arms against the North. Before anyone calls Stonewall Jackson a racist needs to learn that he had over 3000 well equipped black troops under his leadership at Antietam. Issues such as people getting all emotionally worked up and then telling others what is right and wrong was what the Civil War was about and is happening all over again.
There has got to be good people who are willing to run for political office. There has got to be answers yet unseen that would help resolve the total stupidity that is evidenced by the ‘great minds’ which lead us today. There has got to be some way to resurrect commonsense. It is a sad day when a former Russian KGB agent such as Putin tells the world that America has abandoned God. Someone who has a gender change is labeled as brave while our servicemen and women barely make enough money to survive. We send our soldiers off to war to fight the enemy and then after they return they have to fight their own government to get the benefits promised to them. Government shells out countless millions to house illegals while veterans sleep on park benches and in cardboard boxes. I know that all sources of social media are monitored under the name of national security. So I try to be careful how far I push issues. I do know that something has to be done and be done soon. Our leaders with need to get their heads out of their butts and start acting like American leaders who have made an oath to protect the nation and the Constitution. Our leaders need to start acting like leaders and not like spoiled bratty children. Our leaders need to start acting at least like 4th graders which would be a major increase from what they are presently representing. There are plenty of tired and fed up Americans who can at least identify their own gender, know how to basically live within a budgeted and limited income, and who truly love and care about our country who demand that people grow up and start acting like leaders. King George learned that he could only push people so far. He learned that you can only ride on one’s high horse so long before getting knocked off of that horse. The people have shown great restraint thus far. Please, dear supposed leaders of this nation, learn from history!

Tired of the hypocrisy

Baltimore riots

For the past few days America has had the riots in Baltimore shoved at them through the media. You cannot turn on the news without hearing the liberals make excuses for the actions of criminals destroying lives and property as they desire. Some of these excuses usually center around how the poor black youth has had such a hard life and they are unheard regarding their cries to society for any assistance and help. The liberal ipecac becomes overwhelming. But this like most liberal points of view lacks substance and truth. If the liberals were really interested in reducing poverty and increasing the lives of people they would look at all people and not just a pet group.

According to the rate of black families with no males were around 70.6% below poverty. By 2012 this rate had dropped to 41.2% cutting it almost in half. The rate of all black families in 1959 was around 54.9% with a dropping to 25.7% by 2012. It would be nice if the liberal media would look at real facts. The liberals keep blasting about how hard the blacks have it in this country to live. Yet the liberal media does not want to discuss poverty. They obviously just want to discuss black poverty. While the overall general black poverty level is at 25.7% the overall general poverty level of the American Indian is at 28.4%. Additionally while the blacks were living at high rates of poverty during the early years of the 20th century it was not until 1924 that the American Indian was even recognized as being a citizen. As a person goes to research poverty in the American Indian families the records become scarce since in so many documents the American Indian is absent. They are not even listed as if they still do not even exist.

The hypocrisy of the media in their exposing the poverty of the black needs to be uncovered. They are not interested so much in exposing poverty as much as to beat the political drum for the black community. The media consistently takes the side that if there is a problem between the police and the black community that the police must be the ones in the wrong. The media consistently takes the position that if there is a black teen shot by the police it is because the police are racists. If the black teen is protesting in riots it is because of the unheard condition of the black teen. It is sickening how the media takes the pulpit for the black community while twisting the facts in order to make a story regarding how hard the black community has it to survive. If the media truly wanted to be dealing with poverty they would deal with REAL poverty of the people and not simply take the side of a particular group.

The media loves to connect the black poverty levels to the rate of drop out blaming the school and educational systems for the poverty in the black communities. Over the past few years the dropout rate of the black community has dropped form 13%-8%. Over the same period of time the dropout rate of the Hispanic communities has dropped from 32%-13%. While the Hispanic dropout rate remains approximately 30% greater than the black communities the level of families living below the poverty level for the Hispanic communities is lower than that of the black communities at around 24%. The dropout rate for the Hispanics is 30% higher with a 2% lower rate of poverty. It is not the educational systems that are creating the problems for the black communities.

According to the 2010 report regarding incarcerations the level of Hispanic incarcerations was approximately at 9% while the blacks were at 22%. Again keep in mind that the Hispanic communities have a 30% higher school dropout rate. It is not the schools which create the problems for the black communities. According to 2013 records regarding teen pregnancies there is a 39% of teen pregnancy within the black communities verses a 42% level of teen pregnancy yet the incarceration level of the Hispanics to the black communities is less than half. It is not the family issues which are the problem for the black communities. According to welfare statistics approximately 28% of overall welfare spending goes to black communities while 17% approximately is received by the Hispanic communities. It is not the issue of government aid which is the problem for the black communities. Therefore, once you begin to strip away all other excuses for the black communities to be rioting and destroying the property of others and of being the highest group incarcerated the problem begins to be clear that the problem lies within the black communities.

It is not an exterior source which is the cause of all their problems. They are the cause for all their problems. This does not mean that there have and are not extenuating circumstances which might makes somethings difficult, but they also exist in all communities. The scope of investigation must stop being focused upon the exterior excuses and begin to examine personal choices made by members of the black communities. It appears as if the reason for their problems lies within, not without the black communities themselves.

Liberals need to learn basic math


I was listening to the Mayor of Baltimore talk about how there is a problems when so many young people do not have jobs and how there is a problem when so many black young people have a real problem with the law enforcement. According to her if there has to be a problem with something then it has to be everything other than the black young person. But according to basic math in any equation there are at least two factors. In order to compare anything there must be at least two elements. It is beyond time that the liberal who wants to find excuses for the actions of the young blacks of places like Ferguson and Baltimore need to start facing reality.

If there are ‘poor black youths’ who get out of the cities with dignity and family without having conflict with the law enforcement then maybe it is not the fault of law enforcement. If there are poor black youths who are able to find work then maybe it is not just the job market that needs work. If there are poor black youths who graduate from school then maybe it is not the school system that has a problem. The liberal must begin to acknowledge that maybe the problem rests with some of the ‘poor black youths’ who are the trouble makers and have created their own problems.

So many of the liberals are acting like an enabling parent. It cannot be the poor black child who is the problem or who is the reason for the arrest. It has to be the establishment. Just like an enabling parent, there can never be any good resulting from their blind actions. It does not take a rocket scientist to watch the videos of some of these black young people throwing rocks at passing police cars to understand there the problem rests. Liberals must somewhere sometime simply admit that there are some black youths who simply want to create trouble. They do not want to work. They do not want a job. They do not want to graduation from school. They do not want to obey the police. They do not want to follow the laws. They do not want to do what they are told. They do not want to be part of a working society. They are the problem!

As long as there are good young black people who graduate, marry, have families, obey the law, work and create jobs; then the argument that it is the system that is the problem falls apart. It is the system, it is the individual. It is never a thing that is a problem. It is the individual who makes the decisions. Things are stagnate. People make choices. People make decisions. People choose their attitudes and actions. People are responsible for who and what they become. The liberals and the government must stop making excuses and start accepting reality that the problem rests with people and that they are accountable for their actions and not just blaming the systems. Yes, systems need help and need change. But as long as there are good people who are able to navigate the system and come out positive and productive then the fault cannot rest upon the system.

Liberals and government officials must eventually accept the reality that there are some black youths who simply choose to be bad and want to create trouble. You can pour all the money you want into communities and racial groups but as long as there are people who want to make trouble there will be trouble. It is a personal problem. It is an individual problem. It is a choice.