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Be careful for what you wish


I have never been one to promote or call for violence.  One reason is that it is not my nature.  The other reason is that I know that until our present judicial system is changed people like Lynch and Soros will get by without a question but some little person like me would have people in ugly suits beating down my door.  I have taken some time away from blogging for a while but things are at a point where something needs to be said.  I read and listen to the idiots of our day no longer just being satisfied with riots and burning of innocent people’s businesses.  Now they are calling for ‘blood’ and ‘death’.  Various groups such as the Nation of Islam and Black Panthers have been calling for the deaths of all white people for as long as I can remember.   Now Ms. ‘Has been’ Loretta Lynch is chiming in.  One of the problems is that most of the left anarchists are rather too stupid to realize that the same people calling for death, blood and more intense riots are the same people with protection details and are safely behind closed doors and their quiet homes.  They send others out to the danger zones.  As I view many of the protesters who are nothing but paid puppets you quickly realized that most of these people would not be able to tie their own shoes.  I would love to see someone tell them that there was some ‘major damming evidence against Trump in the corner of a round room and see how long they keep looking for the corner.

I do not consider myself to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can see what these people are attempting.  We have a President who is none conformist.  Politicians hate someone who will not conform and who thinks independently.  They especially hate someone who cannot be bought.  Before someone starts trying to attack me for my ideas please ask yourself if these people were so opposed to Trump and his policies why were they rioting BEFORE he was ever President?  These yahoos do not give a rat’s left butt cheek about his policies.  These people do not like an independent thinker who might just return the power to the people and apply consequences to bad behavior.  Now I can just hear some of the advocates of the left ask ‘what is bad behavior’, ‘is there good behavior’, ‘aren’t you just being moralistic’.  Bad behavior is when you burn down the property of innocent people, beat people because they have a difference of opinion, and destroy thousands if not millions of dollars in property simply because you want to ‘make a statement’.  These people think that if they keep enough pressure on society that society will crack and they will get their way.  First of all these people have no idea what they are going to do with society if it cracks.  Secondly these people have the wrong idea of Americans.  In other countries bad behavior has been allowed to grow unhindered.  In America we are different.  Our country was built upon people standing for their own rights and liberty.  Why do you think the left works so hard to remove the Second Amendment?  They know that as long as Americans are able to defend themselves that their little government overthrow will never happen.

It does not take someone with a degree in counter terrorism to also see where radical Islam is playing in all of this mess.  Lynch has not be quiet of her support of Islam as with most of Obama’s administration.  Numerous people in the riots have their little signs promoting Sharia Law while obviously not having the smallest of understanding regarding it.  (Dear idiot, under Sharia Law you would be publically stoned or thrown off of a rooftop just for your little riots).  Under Obama Islam was given a pass.  His loyalty to Islam was never a real question.  Normally I would not give a rat’s butt about a person’s religion except when it starts to invade my country with a rule of law that openly promotes death, slavery and abuse of women.  People have cows over the idea that 150 years ago there was slavery in the south yet close their eyes to the fact that Islam promotes slavery today with active slave trade.  These women who are marching for their rights need to shut up a minute and listen to the fact that Islam promotes as an essential demand that men beat their wives.  It is listed in the koran as a command that ‘men beat your wives softly’.  Somehow ‘beat’ and ‘softly’ does not seem to blend.

It is time for a simple reality check.  IF the left and promoters of Islam think they are going to overthrow our government they need to go back to whatever country from which they came because they are going to be disappointed.  We will fight them in manners in which they have no concept regarding.  Millions of Americans supported Trump as President.  We still support him.  We love our country.  We are proud Americans.  We represent the largest standing armed populace in the world.  Do you even think that we are going to sit idly by and let you take our country?  I do not want blood in the streets.  I do not want revolution.  But it these people think they are going to be able to walking in and just take over with their demands they are going to be in for a major surprise.

There was a quiet revolution in America this last election.  The people took a stand against corruption in politics, favoritism in the rule of law, and passivity regarding terrorism.  Americans are fed up with watching the terrorist wackos butcher people, cut off their heads, burn them alive and all the other ways they find to kill innocent people who want their own religion and way of life.  We are tired of wondering when the next time would be that we go to the mall with our family and some nut-job starts yelling something about allah while shooting up the store.  I personally think one thing that has kept a great deal of that at bay is that most of them know Americans are carrying a concealed weapon more these days.  Their low life minions who could not out think a box of rocks are the ones who follow orders and become moving targets.

Let me be totally blunt.  We, or maybe I should just say I, would not worry about taking out a radical Islamic terrorist who is trying to kill me, my family or those around me any more than I would worry about killing a rabid dog trying to attack me.  I have the feeling that most Americans share that same feeling.  If Lynch wants ‘blood in the streets’ then they should demand that she lead them in their armed march against Americans.  Soros should put his money where his mouth is and get out of his mansion and take point.  These people who are calling for armed resistance and violence need to be careful what they wish for because they might just get it.

Ever wonder


Our nation seems to be going totally crackers over anything and everything Trump is doing.  Do other people think this odd?  Let’s stop for a minute and consider a few things.  The people protesting are made up of a large number of paid protesters and anarchists.  These are people who must have protesting as their job since they are out day and night.  These are people who, regardless of the ‘reason’ for the protests, have proven a total disregard for law and order through property destruction, arson and assault.  The others who are ‘demonstrating’ against Trump are the elite such as Hollywood and the high priced fashion designers, etc.  These are also a class of people who have no regard for the average person because they have no concept of the average person.  The people who do not seem to be part of the protests are the blue collar workers who go to work every day just hoping to make a better life.  There is another group of protesters which include people who may not be professional protesters nor are the upper class elite but are good hearted people who simply do not do their own research.  Case in point on the latter are those who are all up in arms over the ‘deportations’ but did not also read where those who are being deported have also committed felonies.  It is not simply a roundup of illegals.  It is a roundup of illegals who have committed felony crimes AND are here illegally.  Point of consideration:  If you are just here to build a better life and are fleeing a dangerous situation you do not draw attention to yourself by committing felonious acts.

There has to be a deeper reason for the protest rather than they think Trump is a bad President.  They have not given him enough time to be either good or bad.  They have been protesting even before he took the oath of office.  I believe they fear Donald Trump.  They fear him because he actually wants to put America ahead of anything else going on in this country.  They fear him because he might actually return power to the people and out of the hands of the elite.  They fear him because he might actually start holding people accountable for their actions.  They fear him because he might actually start demanding those who are paid by tax payer money to represent the people to start actually representing the people and not just a party.  They fear him because he might actually defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see a particular agenda showing by those who love to protest.  Trump has not done anything that has not already had some sort of precedence already existing.  So the protests are not about the particular actions being taken since they have happened in the past by basically all Presidents with no rioting in the streets.

I am a fan of Clint Eastwood.  There are so many one liners in his movies which stand out it is hard to find a favorite, but there was one in his movie “High Planes Drifter” where the damsel says to the character being played by Mr. Eastwood that he ‘makes people afraid’.  Eastwood’s reply was that ‘it is what lies inside of a man which makes him afraid’.  President Trump is not hiding behind polished words and phrased which are eloquent but without any real meaning or substance.  President Trump simply speaks the truth apart from any political correctness.  He makes people afraid because he reveals what is lying inside of people and the corruption of the system.  As a retired psychotherapist I remember having parents send the teenage children for me to fix.  For example I would have a 15 year old totally out of control child and somehow I was supposed to work miracles.  I would tell the parents that what was lacking was any form of disciple and that disciple should have started pretty close to 15 years ago.  We have a spoiled brat society who has not had any disciple for too long.  Police were handcuffed from being able to enforce the law.  Politicians and lawyers were contacted before the police were able to establish any consequence for breaking the law.  Now those brats are fighting, not against Trump, but against authority that is saying ‘enough’.  These spoiled brats are thinking that if they whine and fuss enough, if they burn and break enough, if they riot and protest enough that things are going to go away and the mean old Mr. Trump who is enforcing consequences will fade away.  I would highly recommend that those of this mindset reconsider things themselves.  There is no small army of citizens who back President Trump.  There is no small army who has had enough of their garbage.  There is no small army who has had enough of their whining and destruction of property.  We the people are fed up with their antics.  We will support our President because for once again we have a President who loves America.  We have a President who wants to do his job in protecting America from enemies both foreign and domestic.  We have a President who actually wants to put America first.  There is a massive army of support standing behind President Trump.  We have spoken and we will not be removed.  These silly little protesters are really, for the most part, too dumb to realize that what they are fighting is nothing else but their own demons.  They are not getting their way and they are blowing up inside.

Why Trump


Since the election in November the media has been abuzz with the reports of protests, threats to members of the Electoral College, threats to disrupt the inauguration as well as the classic BLM people and Soro paycheck anarchists.  Hillary and Bill are blaming everyone but themselves for the loss.  College students are demanding more safe space because they cannot handle that Trump won.  And the basic melt down of liberal mentality continues to consume our delicate snowflakes.   All of the above are racked with the endless question of how Trump won and why did the people elect him.  It is truly amazing that these people cannot stop long enough to realize that they are the reason why Trump won and won so astoundingly.

The American people got, and still are, fed up.  We were a land of laws that tried at least to protect everyone.  We were a nation of brave men and women who faced down the Nazi and Japanese governments at the same time.  We were a nation of men who looked death in the eye at the coast of Normandy and went ahead anyhow because they knew what was needed and that lives of millions was dependent upon them risking theirs.  There was never any talk about college students needing ‘safe spaces’ because someone said something that made them so distraught that they could not function.  People who were that fragile were considered of questionable mental and emotional balance not the building blocks for a future generation.  Something like Black Lives Matter who would burn down places such as Ferguson and the extreme destruction of Baltimore were seen as simply riots by anarchists and not an expression of ‘free speech’.  People and ‘governments’ such as ISIS which would attack our citizens upon our soil was not deemed as people we needed to sympathize with or understand; they were sought out and killed.  American leaders respected other countries leaders but bowed to no one.  America welcomed people from other countries but just expected them to enter legally.  Even those who did not enter legally was still basically welcomed as long as they did not break any laws and tried to fit into the American way of life.  I personally know of one such person, who came here illegally but worked hard to become a citizen, did not break any laws, worked hard and was rewarded.  Now we have people who fly foreign flags screaming against our way of life and doing everything they can to disrupt things openly.

Why did Trump get elected?  Trump got elected not because of the Russians.  Trump got elected not because of racism.  Trump got elected not because of sexism.  Trump got elected because the American people were fed up with what we have been seeing and where America had been going.  Americas got fed up with a political system that was available to the highest bidder regardless of their desire for the future of America.  Americans got fed up with a Congress that had every other agenda except for the prosperous future of America and the keeping of the Constitution.  Americans got fed up with living in fear of some religious NutJob attacking innocent people simply because they wanted to enjoy a beer and bacon cheese burger at the beach with a bikini clad partner.  Americans got fed up and political leaders who were so afraid of offending people that they never even acknowledged the enemy.  Americans got fed up with a government that was so afraid of offending someone what in turn offended everyone who simply wanted some resemblance of normality such as men in the men’s locker room and women in the women’s.  Americans got fed up with legal double standards where there was one set of laws for the political elite and another for the rest of society.  Americans got fed up with people blocking traffic in the name of ‘social reform’ keeping good people from getting needed medical attention.  Americans got fed up with the death of common sense and common decency.  THIS IS WHY DONALD TRUMP WON THE ELECTION!

The liberal left has not figured out that if they continue their antics all they will be doing is cementing Donald Trump in the hearts and minds of the people.  If you want to undermine Trump, stop your protests, stop your road blocks, stop your blaming, stop you ‘safe spaces’ and grow up.  If you think Trump is extreme you might be right but it is also because we have gone extreme to the left in this country.  By not wanting to see or admit where our nation was headed does not make it any less real.  Our nation was in a very real place of very real threats and we were doing basically nothing to correct the matter.  It takes a very special state of denial for anyone to look at France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and not to see the ‘refugee’ matter an extreme threat to safety.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at the attacks upon American citizens on American soil and to think that all we need to do is to eliminate gun ownership and it will all go away.  It takes a special state of denial to look at radical Islam and to think that it is still al religion of peace and love not posing a threat to anyone.  It takes a special state of denial to look at Black Lives Matter and their track record and to still see them as just another social cause group fighting for national good.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at the very fabric of America being torn at by people who have no regard for America, its laws, its history, its goals or its agenda and not have its days numbered as a free society.  It takes a special state of denial for a person to look at groups who feel it is right to remove elements of American history simply because they do not agree with it and thus are justified to override the rest of the nation.  Americans simply got fed up with living in denial.  The liberal left should take a note from history and Admiral Yamamoto  and realize that they have awoken a sleeping giant.

Aiding and abetting


I am going to stick my neck out and be blunt.  Our government is aiding and abetting the enemy.  The Attorney General has ordered that the transcripts regarding Orlando be scrubbed of any reference to ISIS and Islam.  The terrorist gunman made it very clear that his motive was that he was a soldier of ISIS and was dedicated to Islam.  It would not normally matter what religion the gunman was following but in this case he made it his motivation.  I do not believe that if the gunman kept proclaiming extreme dedication to Christianity and that he was a soldier of some anti-gay movement that these statements would be scrubbed.  But because our government is bound and determined to protect Islam at all cost they have removed what amounts to evidence of a federal investigation from the investigation.

ISIS and radical Islam cannot stand anything to do with homosexuality.  Radical followers of Islam are throwing homosexuals off of the tops of buildings.  A simply basic look at recent history has had the radical Islamic countries hanging homosexuals in public and other forms of execution.  Yet it is mind boggling how the liberals who are major supporters of the homosexual movement can also support Islam.  It is like someone who is supposed to be a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement while also sending billions of dollars to support the KKK.

ISIS has declared war against America.  Our governmental leaders refuse to acknowledge this fact because they are determined at all cost, and that includes American lives, will protect Islam.  Our government has hamstrung our soldiers in their efforts to fight the ISIS problem while countless lives are being sold in slavery, butchered and executed in the most hideous manners.  This administration refuses to acknowledge facts.  This administration is a muslim administration and/or consistent muslim sympathizers.   It was refreshing when Scott Baio came out and made the comment that Obama was either stupid, a muslim or a muslim sympathizers.  What was feared during the McCarthy era pertaining to Communist is now fact regarding Islam.  While it normally would not matter what ‘religion’ a person would follow in this case the ‘religion’ is the problem because the ‘religion followers’ are at war with America and are killing Americans in the name of their religion.

Our government and the Attorney General are trying to hide evidence because that evidence is damming to Islam.  Islam is trying to ride the fence using our Constitution as protection.  Islam is a religion while also a political philosophy.  It is a way of life and a standard by which the force others to follow.  There is not difference between Islam and the way they force their standards upon others to the extent of executing those who refuse to accept their full way of life and any other tyrant in history.  Pol Pot slaughtered millions because they refused to blindly follow and dared to ask questions.  Adolf Hitler slaughtered millions because they refused to accept the Nazi regime and beliefs.  The list can go on but the truth is that Islam is doing the exact same thing as the other tyrants only Islam is to cowardly to have anyone stand up and say that they are the ones demanding the murder of innocent lives.  Islam is putting that on God and saying He is responsible for their actions.  The followers of Islam are not even capable of accepting the responsibility for their own actions.

Our government is trying its best to force Islam upon this nation.  They are sterilizing and sanitizing the blood off of the hands of Islam in an effort to keep it acceptable and appealing.  They have basically done nothing in the battle to stop the slaughter and enslavement of countless lives while at the same time moaning and whining about black slavery during the early years of American history.  The hypocrisy of this administration is blinding!  A radical mentality of Islam has taken hold of the leadership of this country.  I am just hoping that we can hang in there until the election and Trump wins.  I am not completely sold on Donald Trump so please do not take this as a total and complete endorse of a candidate.  But our nation is at stake.  Hillary Clinton has sold herself to the highest bidder.   In this case Islam has taken the lead and is evident by the ‘donors’ to her foundation.  Personally I do not want to live in an Islamic nation.  I want to live in a free nation where a person is allowed to choose their religion.  Is we are forced to become an Islamic nation we will lose that freedom and we will see sharia law.  Sharia law is a blood thirsty set of rules that is in total and complete contrast to the Constitution.

Our leaders are guilty of treason and complacently accepting the rules, orders and demands of a corrupt administration.  From Fast and Furious to the Iran Nuclear deal this administration has lied to the people and has placed lives in danger.  Now they are scrubbing a Federal investigation of evidence regarding an action of terrorism against the American people.  I am just hoping that we will have enough of a Constitutional Republic to have an election in November and a new President in January but at this rate I am having my doubts.

American priorities


When I was a practicing counselor I dealt with some very serious issues and was known to be blunt especially when there was very little time to waste.  I remember telling a couple of my clients:  See that wall ahead of you?  Run real hard and fast into it and see if the jolt can dislodge your head out of your butt!  America needs to find a wall to run in to.  I read the news and find what is important is whether so and so wore something inappropriate somewhere.  I hear arguments whether the Democrats or Republicans are better for America like we are electing a party and not an ideology in leadership.  I hear words coming out of the mouths of some of our elected officials and really want to ask them if any of their mother’s children lived just to see if they could follow my sentence.  America must get their priorities together!

We have the government funding Planned Parenthood, an organization which appears to have been caught selling baby parts for profit.  We have the government supporting by the billions countries which are trying to kill us.  We have our government giving supplies to people we do not even know and are then surprised when they are being used by ISIS.  We have veterans who are sleeping under bridges while our government is providing free housing for ‘refugees’ they are bringing in by the thousands.  We have State counties going broke because they are spending billions on people coming into this country through the back door while American children remain in need.  We have a president spending tens of millions in vacations and travel to raise money for a political party while saying the government does not have any money to give to needed causes.  We have a president ordering that a cross be hidden while speaking at a Christian university so as not of offend anyone while speaking at a Mosque with no objections.  We have schools expelling elementary children because he ate one side of his pop-tart first which made it look like a gun while cancelling holiday celebrations because they do not want to offend the Muslims.  I could go on but does anyone else out there see a problem here?  Does anyone else out there scream:  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY?!?


I do not claim to be some great mind able to tell the future of political science.  But I am a person with a little commonsense who listens and observes.  Our nation must change its present course if we are to remain a free and open society.  If a person is not alarmed it is because they are not paying attention.  Ask yourself how much tax do the working people pay today?  We have two outspoken Socialists running on the Democrat side.  Whether we like to believe it or not, all those free things the Socialist promise must cost someone something.  It means higher taxes.  This means the average person is no longer truly working for himself but rather working to support the government.  The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money and things start getting rationed.  This includes everything from medical care and supplies to food.  But the only ones never affected by rationing are the elite and the political power sources.  Anyone who wants to argue this point simply needs to look at other countries that have gone full Socialist and you see its effects.  Does anyone else remember the long lines for bread in the USSR?

Right now, and it pains me to say this, America is on the wrong side of history.  We have stopped kissing the face of freedom and have gone to kissing the butts of the few.  We are supporting the rebels in Syria and probably cannot say intelligently why.  In supporting the rebels our government has helped to create ISIS.  If these are the people we are supporting someone needs to ask why we are continuing.  Christians are being slaughtered by the droves at the hands of ISIS while our government worries about insulting the Muslims.  Our government has lied to the people so many times and has gotten so openly corrupt that ‘lying’ and ‘corrupt’ have become synonymous with government officials.   We have racist groups doing everything possible to remove history.  These groups have nothing to do with supporting ‘black’ people.  These groups refuse to acknowledge history and the large numbers of black men who proudly and freely fought in the Confederacy.  We have a government and legal system which seems to be the best that money can buy and people such as Hillary Clinton who are running free even though there has been enough evidence against her and that she has been found in so many lies that a regular person would have been put UNDER the prison and not just IN the prison.  Race has become more important than achievement and being gay or transgender makes a person a hero.

If we make it to the election, America must vote for someone who gets America back on the right track.  Personally, I do not know nor care who that is but one thing for sure is that it will not be found in an ideology of free giveaways.  America must get back to supporting our military and our veterans before newcomers.  America must get back to kissing the face of freedom and kicking the butts of the freeloaders.  America must get back to not bothering with the issues of those who demand ‘safe space’ to not have to hear anything they do not approve of and return to allowing people be offended and learning to deal with matters personally.  America must stop funding those countries who are trying to kill us and start putting that money to work at home building a strong economy which provide opportunities.  America must stop believing ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend’ and start seriously asking who we are actually supporting militarily.  Additionally, when our military is deployed we must be allowing them to do their jobs WITHOUT LIMITATIONS AND HAMSTRINGING THEM.  If they are sent to kill the enemy, let them kill the enemy!

I love my country.  I want it around for a long time.  At the present pace we are in real risk of losing what our Forefathers fought to create.  I am at risk of losing why many of my ancestors fought to create.  I am at risk of losing what many of my ancestors fought over the years to keep.  Our leaders, both present and future, must find a wall and run head long into it to see if it can dislodge their heads from their backsides.  If America does not start getting leadership that actually puts America and Americans first and commonsense back in leadership, we will lose the precious nation we have enjoyed and liberty will become just another thing rationed out along with the gasoline and potatoes.

Bridge out ahead

bridge out


I have had people ask me why I write and what my purpose is for my blogs.  My purpose in writing is not so much to get people to agree with me but rather to get people to think.  I am a permanently disabled individual.  So my working days are over.  So are my scrapping days.  But I see time coming ahead of us that unless there are significant changes made in this country we are all in for trouble.  The purpose for my writing is to get people asking questions regarding where our country is headed.  People are sitting idly by while our nation is like a locomotive heading towards a bridge that is no longer there.  This upcoming election is not something that can be capsulized into Democrat or Republican.  It is much more than a party.  There is an ideology that has been killing America.  Socialism never has worked in the past because you eventually run out of other people’s money.  Communism never has worked because the human element demands greed and power and whenever a select few is given power over the masses tyranny results.  The only thing which has worked in the past has been Capitalism.  But the greatest foes to Capitalism are those who do not want to work for a living yet feels justified to demand everything.

When I try to discuss issues with our present government and the threats it is presenting to the American way of life I am reminded of the theme from the old movie ‘Love Story’ with ‘Where do I begin’.  We have career politicians many of whom need to be fired.  I cannot believe some of the things that they say:  ‘We must pass the law in order to find out what is in the law’; ‘I stand before Congress a freed slave (now unless she was 175 years old I rather doubt this statement’; ‘Murder is the highest form of homicide in America’; and we can never forget how Guam was going to tip over because of the presence of the US Navy.  Except for a few years ago when Boehner began Congress with the reading of the Constitution I doubt that many of our Congress persons ever looked at one.  We have sweetheart deals and pork fed bills with billions being shipped to country who want to kill us, back room agreements and under the table payments.  The only thing that seems like is keeping Hillary Clinton from being indicted is Barack Obama and the only thing keeping him from being indicted seems to be Hillary Clinton.  We are being lied to on such a regular basis that it has become equated with politics.

There is an immigration and ‘refugee’ program being forced upon the nation that is all but guaranteed to break the system.  While somehow the government can find billions for all these people, our veterans remain homeless and stuck in an antiquated medical system where people are still dying while waiting to be seen by doctors.  Our old and those who live off of the social security system they have paid into all their lives appear to be seen as a hangnail on the finger of the government as the meager payments received do nothing to keep up with the staggering rages of goods, services and inflation.  We have a president who seems unashamed to promote to wonders of Islam while refusing to acknowledge the very existence of Islamic terrorism.  Nation after nation, country after country are coming to the basic conclusion that our president is the greatest threat to America and clearly has an agenda to destroy it while also wondering why the American people cannot see this reality.

If America is to continue to where our children and grandchildren are to have even a remote concept of the land of the free there are some things what must happen:

  • Anyone with any character and who still believes in the Constitution in Congress must step up and be heard. DEMAND TO BE HEARD!  If Clinton has deceived Congress then demand an accounting to which she is held responsible.  If Obama has lied the same thing applies.  Stop protecting Islam and start protecting Americans.  Start acting upon the oath of defending the Constitution which was taken at the beginning.
  • Anyone in law enforcement must decide which they will choose when it comes down to duty verses obedience. Remember that ‘I was just following orders’ did not work during the Nuremburg Trials and will never defend those who act contrary to the Constitution.  Will you enforce anti-Constitutional laws, edicts and executive orders?
  • Anyone who can legally carry a firearm needs to do so. The only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.  Feinstein needs her head examined if she truly thinks that once a bad guy realizes that no one is fighting him/her or that they have killed enough people that they will surrender.  America has had war thrusted upon its shores regardless whether our politicians want to admit it.  The attacks upon innocent people are not going to suddenly stop.  But it is fairly safe to assume that as they realize that they are not going to have the same free duck shoot that they have had in the past that things will improve.
  • Anyone who is going to vote must demand of your candidate to be clear where he or she stands regarding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, truth to the American people, American welfare and safety, and Capitalism. We cannot survive any more socialistic leadership.  If these people do not believe in America and the American way of life they why in the name of all that is good did they ever get involved in politics.  Based upon the past few years, if America gets saddled with any more of this mentality there will not be an America with any vague resemblance to its greatness of the past for the future.
  • Anyone who wants to see America survive MUST VOTE. I am amazed at the stupidity of people who say if this or that person gets the Republican nomination they are not going to vote.  How dare you!  Do you honestly think that you are making anything any better by not voting?  You might as well vote for the socialist who is trying to destroy America on the other ticket.  It would be nice if there were a Democrat running who was not running on a plan to bankrupt this nation and turn it into something totally opposite as to what it has been in the past.  But this is not an option.

We are not playing a game.  We are not acting like children playing house.  We are at a major decision point in our nation’s history even greater than when our Founding Fathers were deciding to break free from England and the king.  With the wrong person in the White House America will become close to a third world country with constant riots, anarchy, mayhem, murder, and martial law.  We will have not even a vague resemblance to what our Forefathers penned at the birth of this nation.  Elvis Presley had a sound entitled ‘It’s now or never’.  The same applies if we are to keep our nation alive.



I’m so tired


Those who appreciate the classics have a special place in their hearts for Mel Brooks’ ‘Blazing saddles’.  As Madeline Kahn poured out her heart with her rendition of ‘I’m tired’ it found a place forever in the souls of the fans.  I can relate with at least one aspect of the lyrics because I am so tired.  She is tired of being the goddess of desire; I am so tired of being the target of a liar.  The police officer in Baltimore was attacked by a man who made the direct claim that the attack was done in the name of allah and Islam.  He meant to kill the office in obedience to Islam.  He attempted to assassinate the police officer out of allegiance to ISIS.  Yet the spokesperson for the White House says that they are still investigating whether or not it was an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who protects the enemy.  I am so tired of a president who calls everything workplace violence.  If someone is attacking a police officer in the name of ISIS which is a terrorist organization then it is an act of terrorism.  I am so tired of a president who plays politics with American lives.  I am so tired of a president who blames the guns used by the Islamic terrorist rather than the terrorists.  I am so tired of a president who is so quick to release captured terrorists from Gitmo just so they can return to the battle field against Americans.  At what time and what is it going to take for this president to finally be called down for treason?

This president is forcing the hands of Americans.  No one wants internal conflict.  This man seems to have civil war as his agenda for America.  He is determined to have law enforcement remove legally owned guns by legal gun owners while he is purposely ignorant regarding the growth of ISIS in America.  In my opinion, this man who sits presently in the Oval Office has a goal of turning America into an Islamic nation and to completely ignore the will of the people.  Obama has armed himself with an Attorney General who appears to be equally as racists and pro-Islam.  He has strategically placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been labeled as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations.  It is my perspective that this man and his administration is doing everything possible to set our nation up for a major conflict between Islamic radicals and the rest of the nation.  It also appears he wants to edge his bet by attempting to remove legally owned firearms from the general population knowing that radical Islamic terrorists will give no regard to the law.

It is now time for law enforcement and the rest of the populous of this nation to settle the issue regarding civil disobedience.  Law enforcement has learned the hard way that this administration does not have their backs.  This administration, I believe, is more than willing to make all the unconstitutional rules and then to sacrifice our police officers by sending them in to confiscate the firearms from legal gun owners.  I can easily see this administration calling in their ‘civilian army’ during a stage of national emergency.  I am not a pessimist.  I do not wear a tinfoil hat.  I am simply a man who is willing to read the reality of our present situation.  I refuse to bury my head in the sands of denial.  We are in a major and dangerous situation.

We have sheriffs from numerous states throughout the country that recognize that America is in a dangerous situation and that the armed citizen is going to be the answer.  Terrorism wants to invade our nation.  Islamic radicals want to spread their slaughter across our land.  But the armed American has and will continue to make a difference.  Germany has found that there is a place for the individual carrying a sidearm.  Countries are learning that disarming the people does not make them safe.  Any more as this administration continues to make its moves toward disarming the people and denying the role of Islam in the increased global attacks, it has to be done with purpose and full intent.  It cannot be done any longer under the mask of ‘not wanting to jump to conclusions’.  To deny the role of radical Islam is deliberate.  To disarm the populous has to now being an action done with the full intent of leaving good people to the actions of murderous intent of the bad.

As my daddy used to say:  Enough is enough.  This administration has pushed the good people of this nation enough.  There has been enough of the defending of Islam that we are tired of having it shoved down our throat.  This administration has drawn the line for the American people.  Americans have never been known to simply lie down and roll over.  I doubt that we are going to start now.