The real issue

professional protester


I have been around for a few years and have seen a fair share of elections come and go.  I have never seen anything like what has been happening in my country.  There has always been a party that won and a party that lost the election.  But I have never seen so much effort which supersedes the election and go directly into undermining the overall government system.  This is not a democrat or republican thing.  This is at the point of a treason thing.  Personally, I know a few democrats who I would doubt would be supporting all the actions that are happening in the name of progressiveness and the democrat party.  I have never seen a ‘dark state’ before.  I even had to look it up to even know to what it was referring.  ‘Dark state’ is just a fancy was to say treason.  It is a calculated effort to undermine the government.  I am angered as I see leading Republican elected leaders as part of this movement.  I am angered as I see what once were news stations trying to be subtle in their support of the efforts.  It is growing more evident that the former President did actually wiretap the opposition which was Donald Trump.  I remember when a republican wiretapped something and all hell broke loose resulting in his resignation.  But Obama is seeming to be a pass just like he did throughout his presidency as is now becoming increasingly evident he ran weapons through Benghazi to rebels which fell in the hands of ISIS as well as millions of dollars in funding from the US.

What is happening to my country?  My ancestors were part of the American Revolution and things are getting to the point where there is little resemblance to those days.  We have college students who are supposed to be adults needing ‘safe space’ because words written on the sidewalk in chalk disturbed them so badly they could not continue.  We have elected school leaders taking the side of an illegal who had been deported on numerous occasions who was also guilty of raping a 13 year old girl.  We have school districts having a fit over ‘dodge ball’ because it is too violent.  Now we have these same, and I know some will be offended, pansies who are leading the way in the revolt against our government.  They oppose a man whom they have never met nor have given a chance to prove himself.  They were opposing Trump as President before he was ever President.

I do not know what is going to be the answer.  I just sit back am watching people who just want America to grow again be pushed and pushed relentlessly.  I watch the anarchists setting the work of good people on fire.  I hear Black Lives Matter people call for the deaths of all white people and law enforcement not being able to do anything.  I watch the FBI director make statements to Congress that even a non-police officer listens to and knows it is full of horse pucky.  The noble agency of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been humiliated by its own leadership as it has become a front for protecting political elite.  The Internal Revenue Service has becoming nothing more than a ‘hit squad’ for political elite and political ideology as it has been used to target those of opposing political views.  The Central Intelligence Agency has been corrupted to where it is now used not just to gather intelligence regarding enemies abroad but also regarding regular citizens who have no political agenda but simply to be a good American living in his homeland.  If Donald Trump has done nothing else he has shown a spotlight upon the total and absolute corruption that has infected this nation and its leadership.

In many ways we have become 1920 and 30’s Germany.  The government has developed secret pockets with the single goal being dominance and power.  We have become over the years a corrupt society that needs to be purged.  I do not want violence.  Let me get that out there plain and clear.  I also know what happens when people who have no regard for the average citizen pushes them too far.  I know what happens when people who have no law try to corrupt the legal systems for their own use and ends.  I know what happens when good people are subjugated by evil people.  I know what happens with elected leaders become so corrupt they abandon all values.  Let me be blunt.  These people who protest our President at every turn are promoting and forcing civil war.  They think they can simply force their will upon people and make people who want America to be a good place to live and a place where Americans are recognize and promoted be silenced.  I think most people are sick and tired of seeing Mexican flags waved while they are spitting upon someone going to a Trump rally or while BLM thugs are stomping on the flag or police cars.  I think most people are fed up with watching people riot and burn buildings because they do not like what someone else might say.  I think most people are fed up with so called educators who do not have the sense the Good Lord gave a slow crowbar.  I think most people are at or getting rapidly to the point where they are about to say:  THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO FIGHT TO KEEP IT!  Our Forefathers set up the Constitution to have peaceful transitions of power.  These radicals and anarchists have totally disregarded the peaceful transition of power and simply want to demand their own way.  That is not going to happen.

I do not know how many people read my works.  So it might just be me blowing off some steam.  But here goes:  Dear idiot rebels and rioters;  We the people are tired of  your temper tantrum.  We are tired of your big mouth always running.  Now either put up or shut up.  We have a political system and Donald Trump is our President.  If you want to harm him you would be firing a shot heard around the world.  You do not listen as we try to peacefully discuss matters.  You do not listen as we try to tell you we are tired of your actions.  You do not listen as we try to have open dialogue.  Now you are out of time.  Get out of our way.  I would highly, HIGHLY advise you to shut up and put your little signs away and go back to your ‘safe spaces’.  You talk about wanting things to go violent.  You have no idea of which you speak.  We are fed up with you and should you be so stupid as to push for violence we will have you for lunch.  You would have no idea what would be coming down your way.  Shut up and get out of our way.  America is going to grow either with or without.  It is going to grow either around you, through you or over you.  I am trying to be honest in telling you what is going to happen while at the same time keep people in ugly suits from knocking on my door because unfortunately in this America at the present honest discourse is not permitted unless it promotes ‘safe spaces’ buttercups and unicorns.  DO NOT SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED!


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