I was at a local café waiting for a friend of mine the other day and could not help but over hear a conversation going on at a table filled with some of the great college minds of our day.  Part of a statement was on the lines of ‘being able to choose one’s gender’.  I am surprised how many ‘great minds’ really believe you can choose your gender.  I know that we are in an age where people do not want to accept that there is anything out of their control and will do anything and everything to deny that there is a Higher Power greater than they are since they do not desire to be accountable to anyone or anything.  But the reality is that you CANNOT choose your gender.  You can choose your cosmetic appearance and whether or not you have an ‘inner or an outie’ but you cannot choose your gender.  In spite of all their screams, cries and the gnashing of teeth done by the liberal left they will NEVER be able to choose their gender because they will NEVER be able to alter their chromosomes.  It does not matter if you have a transgender operation or not you will always have the same amount of ‘X’ or ‘Y’ chromosomes.  A female athlete who does not want to compete against a transgender male to female is correct.  The transgender now female is still a ‘male’ in muscle mass and bone density.  Just because that now female athlete has an ‘innie’ versus ‘an outies’ and struts a pair of breasts does not change that she is a male internally on the structural level.

I remember as a young man there were ‘kit cars’ which were really popular.  You could get a kit where you could take your VW frame and chasse and with the right set of additions and cosmetic parts you could make it ‘look’ like a Rolls Royse.   It never did make much sense to me.  Just because you now could be driving down the street in a car mocked up to look like a Rolls you were actually doing nothing more than driving in a mocked up VW.  And if that VW was so that you wanted to put a kit car on the frame it probably was not a really good VW in the beginning.  It does not matter how many breasts, and other cosmetics (you really cannot call them a vagina since a vagina has more working parts than simply being an ‘internal pocket’ inside the body) this transgender thing is nothing more than a version of playing ‘dress-up’.  Now everyone likes playing dress-up at some time in their lives.  But do not try to tell the rest of society that it is normal and natural to continual playing dress-up as an adult.  You are not going to change your ‘gender’ by putting on a dress.  Remember, you are stuck with your DNA and you will NEVER change that fact (maybe instead of putting ‘men’ and ‘women’ on restrooms we should put ‘XX’ and ‘XY’).  Personally, it is none of my business is you want to dress up like a glow worm.  Just do not expect me to believe that it is a natural act on your part to do so.  People might accept that someone is a little odd in their mannerism.  But that does not make it a normal behavior.  As a retired mental health counselor I have worked with many odd people.  Just because I was accepting of them as a person does not mean that I did not also look at their behavior as rather odd and an indicator of a significant mental health issue.  (At this point I am confident that the hate mail and mental death threats will flow).

I am truly tired of having people who know nothing about medicine, science or psychology trying to tell me and the rest of society what is ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ behavior.  Please keep in mind that the majority of people who promote this as natural and normal behavior are also the same people wearing vagina hats, dressing up as a vagina to protest people seeing them as a vagina, protesting in the name of free speech speeches made by people who have an opposing political and sociological point of view, and people who in the name of free expression have been burning and destroying millions of dollars in private as well as public buildings opposing the government and then turn around and expect the government to rebuild what they had destroyed.

So straight out if you are an adult and like playing dress-up that is fine but do not expect the world to accept it as a normal behavior.  Maybe it is time that people grew up and simply started to accept themselves.  Professionally I have found that anyone who refused to accept themselves personally had a much deeper issue at hand.  Personal rejection is a red flag for so many issues it is hard to count them all.  Everyone has both male and female characteristics and true emotional health comes from being able to accept the totality of one’s self.  Maybe it is time people stopped playing dress-up and decided to actually grow-up.




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