Sub contractor or employee

Thousands of people turned out to march against President-elect Donald Trump in Denver, Colorado.


Does anyone else wonder about all these people who never seem to have to go to work yet have all the time to protest our newly elected President?  I have found that the more a person claims to be open minded and liberal that in actually are the nastiest ill tempered people that I have ever met.  They scream how they want justice and kindness yet have never permitted the new President elect one once of kindness or justice.  All these people seem to know is hate.  Yet someone is paying these people.  These people admit to answering a Craigslist offer to be paid to protest Trump.  I wonder who must be scared of Mr. Trump to try and sabotage his efforts even before he gets into office.  I believe that a politician who cannot be bought must be the scariest thing for many of the established cronies in politics.

With there being the ad for protesters then there is someone who is bankrolling this whole operation.  These protesters are either an employee or they are ‘self employed’ sub contractor protesters.  If they are employees then someone must be paying employee taxes on them.  If they are sub contractors then someone must be keeping records.  Do these protesters have Labor and Industries or L&I insurance?  There are some things that must be followed by someone.  If they are sub contractors then these protesters must have their own business license.  If they do not have their own business license then they are not permitted to be a sub contractor protester.  If they are sub contractors then they are responsible for their own taxes on what they are being paid as a protester.  Are they getting a 1099?  Do those who are paying them as a sub contracting protester keep a record as they are required by law?  If the protesters are volunteers for someone then who is bankrolling their expenses as a volunteer is still required to cover them with L&I.  I have heard various brags about who is covering all the expenses for these protesters.  But the person or organizations which are covering all the expenses for the protesters are still required by law to provide certain things, pay certain things and maintain certain things.  Do to do so is punishable by law.

I believe that if the money being used to fund the protesters would dry up then these people would fade into the woodwork.  I also believe that if law enforcement wanted to end all this foolishness then they need to attack the source.  Just like the police of Chicago took down Al Capone via the IRS it might be possible to take down the protest the same way.  The IRS is losing tons of money by not collecting taxes from the self employed protesters.  Some state is losing untold amounts of money by not collecting L&I.  And if these people are employees then there are unimaginable amounts of taxes not being collected from their employer.  According to federal law in order to be a subcontractor they are told what the goal is of the job or duties to be performed but are left on their own to determine how to accomplish these goals.  It sounds like these protesters are told where to protest, how to protest and when to protest.  This would remove them from the rolls of sub contractors and into the realm of employees.  It sounds like the IRS needs to have a long talk with someone for back employee taxes.


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