The witch-hunt



One of the darkest times in this nation’s history in its formable years was the Salem witch trials.  It was a time when innocent men and women were executed simply based upon the statements of others, bias within themselves and anterior motive for power over others.  Having been a target of a modern day witch-hunt myself I can see it when it is happening to someone else.   I am so tired of watching the media witch-hunt against Donald Trump.  If the media and political talking heads would apply the same standards to Hillary Clinton that they are forcing upon Trump she would have been done politically years ago.  It would be nice if everyone who has ever been subject to their own witch-hunt would stand against what is happening to Mr. Trump.  Anyone who has had a divorce, tried to stand for what was unpopular yet right, stood upon principle or tried to have enough fortitude to take an unpopular stand has probably been subject to their own witch-hunt.  If you remember, during those times it does not matter what you do or say someone is going to find fault with it.  People will dig and dig into your every action, thought, word or deed until they can find something to exploit.  It does not matter what they have been doing in their own lives, their goal is to destroy you.  They do not apply the same standard to others which they are forcing upon you.  They are not interested in truth.  They are not interested in news.  They are not interested in morals.  They are not interested in principles.  They are only interested in your destruction at any and all costs.

The media and political talking heads have been silent regarding Hillary’s use of terms for Mexicans such as ‘taco bowls’ and other comments she has made pertaining to the developmentally disabled or even the secret service.  The media and other talking heads are silent over the facts that Hillary has lied to the FBI on repeated occasions and how she has actually proven to be above the law through Comey’s actions and sideways glances of the DOJ even though anyone else who would have committed the same actions would be imprisoned in a New York minute.

The media and talking heads want to exploit any and every even questionable comment Trump has ever made regarding a female while totally ignoring the groping and multiple rapes done by Bill Clinton and the cover-ups done by Hillary.  If the media is going to be so self-righteous against Trump then I dare them to apply the same principles towards Hillary.  It is clear that the media is again failing the American people.  It is again clear that the media is hawking the political goals for one individual just like they did with Barack Obama.  Again the media is nothing more than the propaganda force for one individual.  How many times does this have to happen before the people say that they have had enough?  Do people not remember Adolf Hitler?  Do people not remember the consequences which the people have to pay when the media becomes nothing more than a one sided propaganda source?

The way things are going in this election America is in a very dangerous position.  With boxes of millions of votes having been found in storage for Hillary, combined with the revealed discoveries of how Hillary stole the election from Sanders, America is on dangerous ground.  The only thing that has stood between a peaceful America and the other countries which have bloody coups has been our election process and the Constitution.  Voter fraud has been proven with the number of people who have ignorantly bragged about voting multiple times in the same election.   Going back to the Obama re-election it is a mathematical impossibility for him to have has so many precincts where not one vote was casted for his opponent.  Yet nothing was ever said.

America has survived enemies at our borders and abroad.  America has survived enemies which has attacked us from all directions.  America now has its enemies within its borders and in the very media that was once formed to keep truth flowing.  America has survived the other enemies.  I do see America surviving this recent enemy within.  If the American people do not wise up and start actually using the common sense the Good Lord gave a duck the I fear that America is through.


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