Idiots and fools


I wonder what it feels like to be a parrot.  (Yes, I did say parrot and not parent.)  I listen to the media today and have come to the realization that most of the media is run by idiots and fools.  Some of the early journalistic publications such as ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine, the New England Courant, Publick Occurrence and the various writings of Benjamin Franklin are all a far cry from the bought and paid for writings of many of today’s so called journalist.  Much of what is passed off as journalism today is nothing more than blatant propaganda for the Democrat party.  I make that statement not because of any loyalty to any particular party that I might have but simply because of observation.  Over three quarters of the general population of Americans feel that politics and politicians are corrupt.  The blame for this situation falls directly at the doorstep of journalism and the media.

It was the media that failed the American people by not vetting Barack Obama during the earlier election.  The media failed to ask about his radial background that he had spoken so freely about in his books.  The media failed to ask about the radical mentors that Obama spoke so loving regarding in his writings.  The media failed to explore why Obama was incapable of presenting a birth certificate that would be able to withstand even basic 101 level of analysis.  It was the media that failed the people by not asking the director of the FBI who made open statements about Hillary Clinton making what later was proven to be false statements to both Congress and the FBI why she was not indicted.  It was the media that failed to ask about the tens of thousands of correspondence between Hillary Clinton and higher levels of government.  It was the media that failed to ask any questions to Eric Holder about the gun running program Fast and Furious that permitted illegal firearms under the supervision of the office of the Attorney General to go into Mexico and to later be used in terrorist acts and the murder of Americans.  It was the media that failed to pursue any discussion regarding radical Islam and the total denial of our government regarding the matter.  It was the media that failed to explore the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico and any connection that Harry Reid might have had to a corrupt land grab.  It was the media that failed to ask Harry Reid why he did not permit any bills from the other side of the aisle to reach the floor of the Senate.  It was the media that never held member of Congress accountable for such stupid statements such as Guam was going to tip over because of the Navy and Pelosi’s ‘we must pass it to know what is in it’.  The media has failed the people by not asking Hillary Clinton about her ‘found’ emails where Mexican voters are referred to as ‘taco bowls’.  Yet the media latches on to Trump asking Russia if they have any more emails to release them because he would be interested in seeing them.  The problem was the Trump in intelligent enough to enjoy satire and the media has a typical IQ of a shoehorn.

I listen to the media and they are nothing more than parrots echoing the classic talking points of the Democrat party.  It would be nice if the media would actually do some journalism and not be a propaganda force for politics.  Americans should not only be infuriated over the media becoming the lapdog for the liberal left but also scared spit less.  Adolf Hitler used the media as his propaganda source because he knew that it had the power of a huge audience.  The written word was supposed to carry truth and weight.  The people believed and followed anything that they were told because Hitler knew that if he told a lie big enough and often enough that people would begin to believe it.  This is exactly what today’s media has been doing for the liberal left.  Evan after the media gets caught they still continue the same story line as before and nothing is done about their misuse of the public trust.  Global warming has been proven to be false.  It is not happening.  The data used to support it has been refuted.  All the claims about the world being under water by 2016 are not true.  Yet, the general media continues to echo how global warming is the reason for terrorists and evils around the world.  Yet whenever Obama rehashes the old claims of global warming the media laps up every word and republishes it in spite of truth or reality.

Even if the media was incapable of actually producing a preliminary level of journalism it would be at least nice if they would be unbiased.  Again, I am not taken a political side, I am simply making observations.  I have watched the media give journalistic birth to a wild buffalo over statements made or even some not made by conservatives but ‘supposed’ to have been made while totally being blind to outright lies made by the liberal left.  The media refuses to do any real research into the murders of police officers by the Black Lives Matter people yet are unrelenting if an officer shoots a person of color.  It somehow becomes main news if a Christian pastor wants to burn a Koran while the same media is silent regarding the so called honor killings when a Muslim father murders his daughter for talking to a non-Muslim boy.  A Church where the pastor has been guilty of not paying taxes becomes prime time news while a Mosque which has housed not only terrorist for also arms is swept under the rug.  The media today is an absolute insult to journalism and is not worthy of the blood of our Forefathers who fought that the media could be free to present truth to the common person.  Journalists today normally do not speak of the Constitution.  I wonder if they have even read the Constitution.  I would advise them to not be so quick to endorse those who also are ignorant of the Constitution or are willing to abdicate removal of the Constitution or Bill of Rights the way many of the liberal left lean.  It is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which keep the media alive.  The more they become the lapdog and servant to a politician the less free the media actually becomes and the more subservient becomes their place.  I believe the greatest fear that the media faces is that the people might one day wake up and begin to independently think.



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