The liberal argument

hillary vs trump


I must find it amusing to read the liberal argument against Trump and in response to his speech.  While, yes, I am a Trump supporter I am not writing this as someone who ‘must take action to protect me candidate’.  I do not think Trump needs my defending him.  I am writing this because of the total lack of logic on the part of those who like to attack anything conservative.  I read articles and comments such as how ‘fact checkers’ have analyzed the speech and find it wanting in reality.  Funny how those same fact checking experts are blind when it comes to speeches given by Obama, Hillary (or as I like to write it:  Hellary), or anyone else from the liberal left.  I have read articles and remarks ranging anywhere from Trump flat out lying, anonymous ‘sources’ coming out of the wood work with accusations about Trump, to how his son ‘killed an elephant’ and did not eat it for food (which I really do not know how they would know if he did or did not have it consumed or gave it to a tribe for food) all the way to where I am expecting someone to pipe up over having seen Donald Trump buy foreign made ice cream!

Please, just for a moment, let us stop and actually use the intelligence the Good Lord gave a slow thinking crowbar.  Instead of examining every letter of parsed sentence, please may we think for a moment and look at the content.

-Is there or is there not (ack, I’m beginning to sound like Chris Christie) not a problem with untold numbers of illegals flooding this country:  yes or no

-Is there or is there not a huge difference between those who enter this country by any means who actually want to become Americans and have a better way of life verses those who simply want to create trouble and illegal activity:  yes or no

-Is there or is there not a problem with terrorists coming into this country under the mask of refugees who have been ‘vetted’ such as the San Bernardino terrorist:  yes or no

-Are there terrorists entering countries under the mask of refugees in other countries and creating blood flowing in the streets:  yes or no

-Are our police officers being targeted and killed in unprecedented numbers:  yes or no

-Are politics and politicians out of control and drunk on power:  yes or no

-Has our military been stripped down to dangerous levels yet still expected to police the world:  yes or no

-Does America have a national debt of over 19 trillion dollars:  yes or no

-Has ISIS and radical Islamic terrorist been slaughtering innocent people by countless numbers around the world:  yes or no

-Is ISIS a problem:  yes or no

-Do we need to start supporting our law officers more:  yes or no

-Has Black Lives Matter been chanting to kill law officers:  yes or no

-Do things need to change from the present status quo:  yes or no


I honestly believe that people no longer really want to think.  It is easier to attack rather than reason.  It is more convenient to bash rather than reason.  Instead of asking if there might be any merit to what was said it is easier to parse out each and every word, sentence and phrase to find fault with what was said.   There are some who might say that I am too critical of people.  I simple say that I am sick and tired of people trying to run this country who rather destroy and attack rather than think.  If you disagree with Mr. Trump that is your Constitutional right.  But, before you simply stop at attacking, actually find out where you disagree and ask yourself if you disagree because he is wrong and why he is wrong or if you disagree because he is a conservative and your problem is not with Trump but with Conservative ideas.  Maybe the problem is not Mr. Trump but yourself.  I am amazed as to how many liberals scream against discrimination and closed mindedness yet are the most hostile close minded people on the planet.  If you attack someone not because of what they say and are screaming how they are wrong yet have never truly open mindedly examined what they say, they you are the bigot and not them.  Everyone has a right to their ‘opinion’.  That is what makes America free.  I would just like to see the ‘experts’ who are taking a position to be honest enough to label it as ‘their opinion’ rather than ‘these are the facts’ when they have never examined the facts.


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