FBI under scrutiny


As I listened to the FBI director James Comey answer questions to the Congressional committee the only thing that was obvious was that he was lying as much as Hillary Clinton.  Actually I do not know if it was so much that he was lying as much as he just did not care when he was caught in contradictions.  He stated that there was either no or questionable intent regarding Clinton’s actions which is why he made the recommendation of no charges to be brought.  Yet as he answered questions he, himself, would be bringing charges upon the average person who did the same things laid out before the committee.  Intent was proven.  Intent to cover up was proven.  Intent to deceive was proven.  Intent to high evidence was proven.  He even stated that if someone was working for the FBI did the same things that they would be reprimanded.  He admitted repeatedly to the times that Clinton gave false testimony to the FBI and that lying to the FBI was a crime.  Yet again nothing is recommended regarding charges.  The bottom line after listening to the discourse between Comey and the committee was simply that Hillary Clinton got a free ride.  She received treatment that no one else in her situation would have received.  She broke the law yet was not subject to the law.  I do not know how many times I have heard the statement that we are a nation of laws.  This might be true but there are separate rules regarding punishment for breaking those laws.  The FBI is a guilty as Hillary Clinton in breaking the law only no one will be ever held responsible.

We as a nation should fly our flags at half-mast because today the rule of law has died.  It has been proven today that certain people are too big to be held accountable.  Today it has been proven that there are people who are above the law.  Ever law officer from the days of the Wild West to present age should turn in their badges if this is now just how much we are a nation of laws.  Gowdy asked Comey direct questions.  Repeatedly Comey answered affirmatively regarding occasions where Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI.  When Representative John Mica asked Comey if Clinton was under oath when being interviewed by the FBI, Comey admitted that she was not.  It is strange that the FBI also did not tape any interviews with Hillary Clinton so there truly is no record of anything she said while being questioned.  This seems too convenient.  Comey piped up and seemed so proud to remind Mr. Mica that it was still a crime to lie to the FBI so it did not matter that Clinton was not under oath.  This just condemned Comey even more in that not that much earlier he admitted repeatedly to Gowdy the numerous times the Clinton did not tell the truth.  Now I know I am just a country rube but I was taught that not telling the truth was in fact, lying.  So according to the director of the FBI Hillary Clinton did in deed not tell the truth to the FBI yet there was no basis for charges to be brought against her.  There is an old saying that mentions something about a skunk being in the woodpile.

I am personally very tired of our government having separate standards for certain people while the ‘commoners’ have another standard by which they must live and be accountable.  I am sick and tired of watch a so called President making rules at whim like some rejected king of a third world country.  I am sick and tired of watch members of Congress get away with double standards.  I am sick and tired of watching members of Congress get up and self-righteously demand that evil guns be outlawed or highly regulated and then leave with their heavily armed security details.  I remember others who tried doing this very thing to the people of this land.  It was King George.  That did not turn out too well.  King George and his cronies had separate rules and laws by which they were able to live while demanding high accountability from the average citizen.  I believe too many people of our ‘elected leaders’ are dumber than a box of rocks if they think that we are going to sit back and allow this to continue.

It is at this point that I need to pull back in my horns just a little bit before I say something that will get people in ugly suits knocking on my door.  Yet this fear which is common to many who speak their minds is just one more indicator that we are no longer living in the America our Forefathers envisioned.  I want to be careful so that I cannot be accused of ‘threatening’ anyone.  After all, we common people seem to have a tougher standard by which we must live.  But, being a student of human nature and psychology, I would highly ‘recommend’ to our ‘leaders’, and I use that word loosely, to shape up.  You can only push people so far until they start pushing back.  This upcoming election has never been more important.  The power of the ballot box has been the only thing keeping America safe.  We are able to have a bloodless coup every four years.  Hillary Clinton has consistently acted more than questionably during the election process thus far.  Voter fraud has never been a greater concern than it should be for this next election.  My fear is that if we do not get people elected who would begin to demand change in our elected officials that Americans will be forced to challenge the government on a major scale.  I do not want to see that because the way the laws have been established, for the average person to try and change things by force would only result in a bloodbath.   Under Bill Clinton an Executive Order was signed permitting the UN to be used on American soil for the sake of keeping peace during a national emergency.  Again, I hope never to see shiny blue helmets on our streets because that will not go over too well.  It did not work well for those with the pretty red coats and it will not work well for those with the pretty blue helmets.

Storm clouds are gathering and it is not across the seas this time.  Storm clouds are gathering over our nation.   Many of our elected officials are too stupid, and I use that word purposely, to realize that they are the problem.  They keep taking and taking with no regard for the American people.  It was a real insult listening to some of the Democrat leaders self-righteously talk about the waste of taxpayer money to hold the hearings.  Yet these same elected officials say nothing to the millions of dollars Obama and his family spend routinely in world travel at the expense of the taxpayer.  These people say nothing about the extreme waste of taxpayer money as Obama travels do nothing more than fund raising for the Democrat party AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!  Either our elected officials get their proverbial heads out of their backsides or any blood spilled by people who are just too tired of being pushed to be pushed any more will be upon their hands.

I grew up respecting the law.  I have two brothers who are retired police officers.  I volunteer at the local police department when I am able.  But today law died.  Today was proof positive that there are two sets of laws.  There is one set of laws for the average person and one set of laws for the elite.  I guess I have always known that but did not want to believe it.  Today denial has been stripped away.  Truly, I have no idea what is now going to happen in this country.  I want peace.  I want peace but I also prepare for war.


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