Time to choose


When I was a practicing therapist I would tell my male clients that they needed to try and tell their female counterparts how they felt about issues.  So often that was like speaking a foreign language to some men.  But I have tried to practice what I preached.  With that in mind I want to tell people what I am feeling today.  I feel as if we are in the 1930’s and the three branches of our government have been infiltrated with Nazi sympathizers.  There are so many of them that it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad mainly because the good guys either do not speak up or are silenced by the bad.  That is putting things about as blunt as I can image.  Our world is at war with a crazy bunch of religious fanatics and our government from all branches appears to be doing their utmost to protect them.  Our Attorney General threatens to go after anyone who ‘talks’ negatively about the Muslims.  The commander and chief refuses to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as radical Islamic terrorists.  That is as stupid as someone refusing to acknowledge that there are racist anti-Semitic German Nazis.  (I use the present tense because unfortunately they still exist).

There are some things which need to be addressed today.  If you are in the military or in law enforcement you need to settle the issue today if you will obey the Constitution or your superiors.  If your boss tells you to do something contrary to Civil liberties and Constitutional rights what will you do?  Do not think that acceptance of the Unconstitutional actions and by going along with the ‘orders’ that you and your family are safe.  I would like to remind you of an event that happened between June 30 and July 2 1934.  It was called the ‘Night of the long knives’.  It was a time that Hitler’s SS and Gestapo turned against the ‘brown shirts’ or the SA and Ernest Rohm.  Rohm helped form the Nazi party.  He was part of it from the onset.  Yet Rohm and his crew were the ones who attacked the strike breakers and the political gatherings which were being held by those who questioned Adolf Hitler.  It is too bad that there are so many cowards and sheep in the media because people need to be reminded of history.  What is happening today is simply history repeating itself.  The attacks on those attending Trump’s rallies are nothing more than the SA under Rohm did to those who attended anti-Hitler gatherings and political rallies of collective critical thought.  Those in the SA were slaughtered.  I am sure they thought that since they were all supporting Hitler that there were safe.  You might also look at the countless other German citizens as well as others in the Nazi party who thought they were safe because they quietly went along with things.  First they come after those who oppose a particular way of thinking then they come after people for no real reason at all.  That was one reason why the Gestapo was so feared by even those in the Nazi party.  They did not need a reason to execute.

As I have stated in all my writing, I do not want violence.  But as I have been stating more recently is that I do not see any way violence is not being thrust upon us.  I do not think that the people of Germany suddenly woke up one day and found Hitler dominating their known world.  It was not like when the Berlin wall went up where family members might have been spending the night with friends or other family members never realizing that the next morning would be the beginning of decades before they would ever see each other again.  Events in Germany were more like the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is gradually increasing.  It does not realize it is being boiled until it is too late.  Our rights have been slowly eroded over years.  Our liberties have been decreased gradually over time.  We must stop and realize before it is too late.

Too many well-meaning people think that they will be safe by complying with the enforcement of unconstitutional laws.  But the reality is that there is no honor amongst thieves.  As draconian laws are passed the only ones who are going to be safe will be those of the upper echelon making those laws.  Even those people will not be safe if they are not of the select few.  General Petraeus was convicted for ‘improper handling of confidential information’ even though the amount of information he supposedly mishandled was minuscule in comparison to the thousands of confidential emails mishandled by Hillary Clinton.  Some of those emails were so sensitive that they could not even be read by many members of Congress.  It was interesting that although the FBI recognized that she was guilty of improperly handling confidential communications that it was also recommended that no action be taken because ‘no reasonable prosecutor would seek to press charges.  The FBI later also went on to say that the actions taken on the Clinton case did not mean that if someone else would do the same thing that no charges would be brought upon them.  In other words, what the FBI seemed to be saying was that since the prosecutor knew that the case would be tied up in court for an indefinite period of time that it would be better just not to seek charges in her case.  Basically this is saying that our legal system is totally dependent upon how long a person can tie things up in court.

Increasing numbers of members of law enforcement have stated they will not enforce unconstitutional gun confiscations.  Our military has already been polled back in the days of Bill Clinton as to who would fire upon or confiscate firearms from American citizens.  One third said no, one third said yes and one third said that it depended upon the circumstance.  I am hoping that those numbers are better today and that people are beginning to realize that there is no safe place once the government starts imposing its own set of laws upon the people that is contrary to the Highest Law of the Land.



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