The question is simple

hillary vs trump

Over the years I have taken pride in an ability to cut through a great deal of fat and reveal the core of a concept.  Many time complex ideas can be presented rather simply if a person is willing to cut through the ‘intellectual fat’.  This election is really no different than any other concept.  I hear the pundits try and make things complicated with Trump’s business bankruptcies and Hillary’s email debacle.  Everyone has their one pet to discuss and present.  But for me it is really simple.  Do we want to be a Muslim country or a free nation?  We cannot be both.  A Muslim country would force and mandate obedience to Sharia Law which would nullify the Constitution.  The two laws cannot coexist in that they are in stark contrast with each other.  Hillary has taken millions if not billions from Muslim countries.  You know they are not giving this money out of the goodness of their heart.  She has supported Obama’s Islamic push and promotes with through the use of her own headscarf.  There is a difference between being respectful of a different religion and submitting to it.  I have not found any example in her time as Secretary of State where she was not submissive to Islam and was consistently favorable towards Islam even to the point of danger to Americans.  The Benghazi crisis is a good example.  Instead of forcing Islam to bear the responsibility of murdering Americans she put the blame on America with the video hoax.  I do not see a Presidency under Hillary being anything different than it has been under Obama.  I do not see any reason to believe that she would not continue to increase submission to Islam.  She is already promoting the tens of thousands of ISIS infiltrated refugees she is planning to bring into the country.

I hear people question if Trump is racist or anti-woman or anti-Bible.  Personally I do not believe he is any of these things but the other side is quick to keep hammering upon anything and everything that might cloud the issue.  The bottom line of this election is whether or not we want to become a Muslim country.  Personally, my ancestors fought to create a Republic and I prefer it to remain that way.  People need to review Sharia Law if they have even the most remote of thought that it is just a ‘religious’ view.  In Sharia Law there will be no GLBT movement because they will all be executed.  In Sharia Law there will be no woman’s rights because the female HAS no rights under Islam.  (Review the passage in the Koran where the man is admonished to ‘beat his wife softly’.)  Under Sharia Law there is not acceptance of any other religion except for Islam and calls for the death of anyone who is not a follower of Islam.  Now for those who might say that ‘not all followers of Islam are beheading people’.  I would have to admit that you are correct.  But at the same time I would have to point out that as Islam becomes the main religion in America that now we are going to be just like the other Islamic countries with wholesale slaughter in the streets as one sect of Islam tries to kill off everyone who is not of that particular sect.  There will be no religious tolerance in an Islamic nation.  Even in the Islamic nations which were moderate are being torn apart due to ISIS as they seek to force their beliefs upon innocent people.  In these kinds of situations there are only ISIS and the dead; there is no room for innocent anything.

So the question regarding this election is simple.  Again, I am not complete a ‘Trumpite’.  But I do not America to be lead any further down the path of becoming an Islamic nation.  I do not want America to be lead down the path of shredding our Constitutional liberties any more than they have been already.  I do not want terrorist killing innocent by-standers to become the news of the day.  I do not want Christians and Jews to be attacked as they return from their worship.  I do not even want members of the GLBT community to be harmed by those who have the level of intolerance found in Sharia Law simply because they have a lifestyle with which I might disagree.  For me this election is already settled.  I will not vote for Hillary because of what I believe it would mean to the future of the Republic and Constitutional rights.  Trump might not be perfect but at least the Constitution has a better chance of remaining intact under a Trump presidency than it does under Clinton.  Putting it quite succinctly, in my opinion, anyone who votes for Hillary has no regard for the Republic, the Unites States Constitution, Constitutional Rights or Constitutional liberties.


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