Where are the brains?



This administration is famous for the saying ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.  I listen to those who are diving on the gun control issue like a buzzard on a dead zebra.  It is such a simplistic mentality that says that if a ‘thing’ is banned then the problem is solved.  If this was the case then banning all cars would stop the millions from dying at the hands of a drunk driver.  I wish these people would stop and think for a change and not just pound for an agenda.  Americans are proud of their right to keep and bear arms.  That is probably the single most important right that we have as Americans and is probably the single right which has aided the most in keeping the other rights.  Other countries have not attacked American soil because they know we, unlike other countries, are all armed citizens.  The anti-gun people consistently refuse to accept facts and data which consistently proves that where there is firearms that crime is reduced.

America does not have a gun problem.  We need to get that statement out there first.  America DOES NOT HAVE A GUN PROBLEM!  America has a PEOPLE problem.  But that is something that the liberal left refuses to recognize.  The liberal left does not like to blame the person for anything.  If a person is unemployed it is because society has made them ‘oppressed’ and that is why they are unemployed.  The liberal left refuses to acknowledge that some people are unemployed simply because they are too lazy to go out and get a job.  If a person riots and burns down their community it is not because they are thugs who need to be imprisoned it was because they were ‘oppressed’ and were acting out of their oppression.  It is time that we learned that people must bear responsibility for their own actions.  It was not the ‘pressure cooker’ that was responsible for the bombing in Boston but two thug terrorists who simply wanted to kill people.  It was not the underwear that was responsible for the ‘underwear bomber’ a few Christmases ago who tried to blow up a plane, it was the nut-job who set himself on fire in his efforts.  It was not the gun what killed the people in Orlando; it was the radical Islamic terrorist who killed them.  But the liberal left must blame the thing and not the person.  If people begin to be blamed for their own actions then we are saying that people are accountable for their actions and this is something the liberal left can never acknowledge.

The CIA came out today saying how ISIS and other groups have never posed a greater threat to America than they do today.  Yet the liberal left is pounding their chests in self-righteousness screaming how we must disarm people to make them safer.  In this day of international threat to America any call to disarm the citizens of this nation should be seen as an act of aiding and abetting the enemy.  All the liberal left intends to do is to leave the good people unarmed and defenseless.  This is not going to happen.  The only results of the liberal left will be that the bad guys will have guns and the good guys will become criminals because we will keep our firearms even if it means that we will be tried in a court of law after we defend the lives of our love ones.

If there are real criminals it is the liberal left.  These are the ones who have hamstrung our police forces by enforcing ever increasing rules and regulations for engagement.  These are the ones who have made our military into international criminals as they kill the enemy and maybe slugs a terrorist in the mouth after he bragged about killing someone’s buddy.  These are the ones who keep the ability to defend oneself out of the hands of good people while making it easier for those who commit crimes to get plea deals.  These are the ones who make prisons into places where criminals are able to recruit and not have to fear.  These are the people who encourage people’s lack of personal responsibilities.  THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE PROBLEM!

America is being run by loonies who have as much of an understanding of the human element as a brain damaged duck.  I would also love for those who are so outspoken about firearms to at least know what they are saying with at least SOME degree of information.  Would someone, ANYONE, please define an ‘assault’ rifle!  If I am being assaulted by a rock then that is an ‘assault’ rock.  I figure an ‘assault’ weapon is any weapon I am having used against me in an assault.  I watch some of these nit-wits in Congress holding their exhibits and most if not all of them are violating the first rule of gun safety by having their finger on the trigger.  I wonder how many of these legislative morons have ever fired a weapon let alone ever needed one for personal defense or protection.  If guns are so bad then disarm their security details!

The unfortunate bottom line is simple.  Our elected officials are no longer listening to the people.  Personally I do not think it pays to call our elected officials even though I still do.  I like what Allen West said recently regarding Obama’s desire for gun bans.  In basic terms he told Obama ‘don’t do it’; ‘don’t even think about it’.  The media likes to project ‘preppers’ as wackos who are preparing for a zombie apocalypse.  A prepper is simply someone who prepares for the unexpected.  As a Boy Scout we were told our motto was ‘always be prepared’.  In one sense all Boy Scouts are ‘preppers’.   With our liberals in the White House and their love affair with the UN and the liberals in Congress and their love affair with stupidity, I do not know what to expect.  Therefore, we prepare.  We prepare for the unexpected.  We prepare for the possibility that should the executive orders that Obama has been signing are ever enforced that food resources could be limited.  So we prepare ourselves by having extra food on hand.  We do not know what might happen as our once premier medical programs going into confused disarray under government regulations so we prepare.  We prepare by understanding emergency first aid, having medical supplies and increasing our knowledge of natural remedies, herbs and plants.  After all, basically every common medicine originated from a plant in the beginning.  Since we do not know when some radical Muslim not-job is going to try to kill us simply because we are enjoying a bacon-bacon cheeseburger, we prepare.  We prepare to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those around us whether it is a ‘gun free zone’ or not.  If that little sign would have made any difference there would have not been the mass shootings of the past.  Ever stop to realize how many mass shootings have happened in ‘gun free zones’ yet the liberal left insisted on believing that more laws restricting guns is the answer to stop gun crime.  If you want to stop gun crime, shoot back.  It is time we took the Boy Scout motto to heart:  ALWAYS BE PREPARED.



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