And so it begins



I would not say that Orlando was the ‘shot heard around the world’ but it was definitely the shot heard around the nation.  People and things are becoming clearer.  As Ryan tried to have a moment of silence for those lost in the terrorist rampage certain Democrats walked out of the room.  After the moment of silence Democrats disrupted the order of Congress demanding their votes.  I do not remember that ever happening when Harry Reid was majority leader of the Senate and not one Republican bill was sent to the floor.  The masks are coming off.  If there are any good politicians still in the Democrat party I would recommend that you leave that party or be prepared to be painted with the same brush.  The Democrat party of today is not the party of old.  The Democrat party of today is a mask for socialism and the goal of a quasi-communistic rule of America.  It represents a destruction of the US Constitution as an ‘outdated’ document and a removal of the American way of life for a more ‘socially appropriate’ lifestyle which will not offend anyone.  Do not doubt their primary goal is to disarm Americans because our owning and carrying firearms are considered ‘offensive’ to many and mainly to those who would prefer to see us all dead.  Our freedoms are considered offensive to Islam because we drink alcohol if we desire, we eat pork and are not bothered when our women wear bikinis.  We like seeing the beauty in the female form and do not want them covered in a potato sack.

Do not be surprised as the final push of the Obama administration to remove the American way of life goes full nova.  Obama has stacked the Supreme Court with people who opposed the Constitution as much as he does and expects them to vote in lock and step with the agenda.  We will see bill after bill and executive order after executive order to remove gun rights from citizens.  The total disregard for those who died in Orlando and the complete manipulation of the situation for political has been made clear.  The present Democrat party has no regard for people but merely an agenda.  People like Feinstein is a disgrace who vowed to protect this country and now an active opponent against this country and its way of life.  If anyone in Congress has forgotten their oath they vowed to protect and serve the people and to support the Constitution.  But they now disregard the Constitution and view the people as their subjects.

It should not be a surprise that Obama cannot utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists’.  It is against the koran for one Muslim to speak ill of another Muslim.  Let us get past all the political dog poop.  Obama was raised Muslim, was registered in school as a Muslim, supports Islam, protects Islam, has defended Islam in front of the United Nations and has made the statement that if the political winds turn against Islam that he would support Islam.  He has made the historically incorrect statement as how ‘Muslims have built the very fiber of this nation’ when in reality Islam had attacked this country for decades. Since 1783 Islam has been attacking America, American people, taking thousands of slaves, and killing innocent people.  There should be no question that Obama is a Muslim.  Any first year detective would come up with the same conclusion giving the visible and historical evidence.  Obama has an agenda that is the bread and butter of the Democrat party.  They do not care if they spark the next American Revolution as long as they support their leader’s agenda.  Let us get one thing straight.  Your leader is NOT supporting America, the American way of life, American history, nor even knows anything about American history.  Your leader is a sham, a coward, and ignorant puppet who simply sees the people as a piggy bank to be used and abused.  He has no regard for America, Christianity, or the American way of life.  He knows about as much about the US Constitution as some peasant on the streets of some Muslim country who still considers a plateful of bugs as a delicatessen.

If you do not have a good rifle used for not only self-defense but also national defense the time is now to get one.  Keep it as quiet as possible because it will be a dangerous commodity.  Do not be surprised at the insanity which is coming done the road lead by Obama and the Democrats.  Do not under estimate this nitwit’s agenda, his desire to use every means possible legal and illegal, Constitutional and unconstitutional to mean his agenda and goals.  Stay vigilant and do not believe everything you see.  The media is staying that the Muslim caught with the bomb material in California heading to the gay pride parade and the Muslim who held the hostages at the Texas Walmart are not all connected with the terrorists of Orlando.  Personally I think there is a better chance of winning the Power Ball Lottery than these not being connected. We are not under attack by ‘lone wolf’ terrorists especially when they all vow allegiance to the same group of nut-jobs.  These people are here in America.  The Democrats are determined to bring in more into this country under the guise of refugees.  Do not be surprised as these things increase.  As in Europe women will be under attack.  If your sweetie does not carry encourage her to do so.  The best way to deter rapists is to make sure that he never is able to rape another person.

I am not a man of doom and gloom.  But I am a realist.  I believe in being prepared.  I would rather be prepared and never need what I have than to need it and not have any means to protect myself, my family or my country.  Make no mistake no be deceived.  The present Democrat party is not a party in favor of America or the American way of life.  Islam is not a peaceful religion who simply wants to exist.  I still hold that there might be some within Islam who, in spite of what their religion teaches deep in the koran, simply wants to be left alone in peace.  But do not be deceived that the masses of Islam are here peacefully.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  That is more than a typing exercise.  It is a mandate.  If you have….carry.  If you do not have….then get something that you can legally carry.  If you are not trained….get training.  If you do not have a permit….get one.  Do not be surprised.  It was the armed citizen that deterred Japan from a frontal assault against this nation during World War II.   It is up to the armed citizen to keep defending it in spite as to what the Democrats want to say about the right of the citizen to do so.  Anyone who speaks out against the right to defend one’s self, one’s family, or one’s country must be considered as a traitor to America and the American way of life.  In the words of George Washington:  The only language state sponsors of Islamic terrorism understands is force.


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