Racist or realist

la raza


If I was in a legal battle as a light skinned male against a radical black youth and I had a reputation of being out spoken against the radical black youths who burned down Ferguson, and had a judge who was black and connections to the Black Panthers, I would be screaming a real need for a change of venue.  I believe it would be realistic to assume that the judge might be bias against me in the case regardless of the facts.  In the case of Donald Trump he has been outspoken against the radical Mexicans who have come into the country, not to become Americans building a better nation but to tear down America and live off of the taxpayer system.  Judge Gonzalo Curiel is a member of LA Raza Lawyers.  People need to do some simple research on groups like LA Raza, MEChA and other so called cultural or ethnic based organizations.  In many ways these groups are nothing more than a Mexican, Chicano, or Hispanic version of the radical black group of the Black Panthers.  I would not go quite so far as to also include the radical Islamic group of ISIS but that is simply because I have not heard of them burning people alive yet.  These groups support the idea that America belongs to Mexico and should be returned to Mexico at any cost including violence.  Of what I have seen of these groups they do not care about the law and are only interested in supporting and promoting anything and everything Mexican or Latino.  Trump is correct in his questioning of this judge presiding over anything to do with Trump University.

People must eventually get their heads out of their politic ally correct butts and start looking at reality.  Just because someone is opposed to radical groups does not make them racist.  Just because someone questions the ability of a member of some of these groups to be impartial is not racist.  People need to start separating racism from realism.  You can be a realist and realize that there are those out there who are not impartial and prejudice and not be racist downing a whole race of people.  To make anyone who can see that a member of a group with radical connections might not have an unbiased opinion of a matter a screaming racist is not just unrealistic it is rather stupid!  As a light skinned male I would not be comfortable in front of a black judge with Black Panther ties.  I do not know of any light skinned individual with even a couple brain cells who would deny that feeling.  How many black skinned individuals would feel comfortable standing in front of a white judge with ties to the KKK?  Instead of climbing on the anti-Trump wagon people need to start looking more at this judge and groups such as the LA Raza Lawyers and ask the simple question:  What is there purpose?  If an attorney or judge is supposed to be impartial and follow the rule of law why would they want to affiliate with a group that is rooted in radical views?  What would a person do if a judge or attorney was a member of the KKK?  There could be an argument held that the KKK is just a social group promoting the white culture.  Now, I do not believe that last statement for a minute but neither do I believe that LA Raza and such groups are culturally based organizations.

In our country presently it is socially accepted to degrade anything to do with being white but extremely protected regarding Mexican or other races.  I listen to the extreme threats coming out of the Black Panthers to kill all whites and nothing legally happening against them.  A primary examination of those who are actively pelting people with eggs at the anti-Trump riots will find members of La Raza at the center.  It is beyond time for people to start looking at the reality as to where we are in this country.  Our country is slipping away and it is primarily because of politically correctness has blinded people to reality and has made them afraid to look at thing in their entirety.

Racism has become the latest tool to try and silence people.  Everything is racist today.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racists.  Black jelly beans are racist.  Haircuts and hats are racist.  Where will it end?  It is all insanity and is blinding people to reality and making them afraid to speak the truth.  Maybe it is time to start thanking Trump for have the ‘huveos’ to speak reality.


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