Time to abolish the IRS


I am sure when our Forefathers established this nation one thing they did not have mind was a form of government which was capable to terrorize the people.  The idea of a government was supposed to serve the needs of the people in the forming nation.   When the government becomes the oppressor then it is time for the government to change, not the people.  Adolf Hitler used the Gestapo to control the people.  It dealt with people who dared to have a different ideology than those who were in power.  The very word ‘Gestapo’ brought fear to the hearts of anyone within earshot.  This present administration did much the same thing as they weaponized the IRS.  Granted there are no current reports of the IRS executing anyone but it is clear now by the various reports that the IRS was used to directly opposed and attack those which supposed programs and ideologies different from the current administration.  The very expression ‘IRS’ stirs fear in the hearts of those who hear it because there really is no recourse against them.  Gratefully a person who is of very low income can be listed as ‘uncontrollable’ and at least the garnishing would stop after that point.  But that still does not remove a person from the cross-hairs of the IRS.  The IRS has the power to literally pull numbers out of the air to fill in for a missing tax return.  It did not matter that the IRS did not have their records when they were in front of the Congressional committee but it does matter if you do not have your records when you are in front of the IRS.

The heads of the IRS openly lied to the Congressional committee. They purposely covered up their actions.  They also openly admitted that they do not have to follow the law if the need arises as per the commissioner statement that they ‘try to work within the law when possible’.  For many years this nation functioned fine without either the IRS or income tax.  The IRS double and possibly even triple dips the people regarding their taxes.  They know that people do not keep receipts every time they fill up a gas tank or pay of cell phone bill.  But so much of what is every day expenses are also laden with various federal taxes.  Then on top of the federal taxes which we pay on these routine expenses comes the income tax.

The fear by which the IRS controls people is so common place that it is even part of sit-coms.  Everyone gets a big chuckle on the set as the star of the show gets an ominous letter stating that he or she has been called in for the ‘audit’.  Just the very word is able to tie a person’s insides into so many knots that it would take three boy scouts, two sailors and an ugly dog to undo.  It is part of the reputation of the IRS that if you do not pay your taxes that you could lose your house, your income and even your freedom.  I have seen where a restaurant was behind in its taxes.  It was open in the morning and closed by early afternoon.  Once the IRS swooped in that was the end of the business regardless of any circumstances.  I am not even going to justify the actions by saying how possibly the IRS gave the business owner ‘so many chances’ and ‘so many options to pay the back taxes’.  I am simply going to say that another small business owner was closed down simply because of money he owed the government.  That sounds an awful much like the old debtor’s prisons.  The government may not have a debtor’s prison but it can and will incarcerate for owing them money.  Yes this worked in the favor of justice in the case of Al Capone but it also works against more of the small business person who simply wants to make a living while struggling to meet all the onslaught of taxes faced on seemingly every dime he or she makes.  It is time to abolish the IRS.

This administration used the IRS as a weapon to keep people in line with their political views.  Average citizens who were trying to form organization which would exist only through contributions were attacked.  If there was no tax incentive for donations there would be no donations.  Additionally many grants can only be given to organizations which have the tax exempt status.  Thus by preventing or delaying the organizations from getting their status the IRS was able to basically close many of the proposed groups simply by keeping the needed money from being obtained.  No government organization should have this much power over the people.  The IRS is not a law enforcement agency therefore the question also needs to be asked why they have armed officers with the ability to arrest and detain.  Now under this administration the IRS is not being reduced but is being expanded by giving them the power to tax, fine or whatever they want to call it regarding your healthcare.  If the IRS cannot be trusted now why should we the people allow them access to our healthcare.  What business is it of the IRS anyhow regarding our healthcare?  This is an organization which is out of control and growing.  Much like the commercial of the ‘alien life form which is growing too fast to be contained’ the IRS is much too powerful and has proven that they are incapable of controlling that power.

Once a governmental agency is weaponized against the citizenry it is time for that organization to be dissolved.  If history has taught us anything about power and control it is that whenever a government uses its power to control the people then that government must change.  It is time to abolish the IRS.


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