This is my country

eagle bowed head

Remember the song ‘This is my country, land that I love’?  I feel like we use the term love so much it has lost its meaning.  We love everything from a spouse to grapefruit.  Too bad in the English language there is only one word used for ‘love’ while in other languages such as Greek there were at least three different words.  One showed a friendship, one was an exotic relationship and one showed a higher for self-sacrificing love.  I think that this was the love meant in that patriotic song.  But has it lost its meaning?

I truly wonder how many people in this country would be willing to be self-sacrificing for anything.  We have become such a nation of whiners and people with a hand out saying how we deserve things.  In reality you deserve nothing except for that which you work for through hard effort.  Everyone needs a hand up now and then which is different from a hand out.  But after that hand up those people are willing to work and give back.  In general terms I see a big hole in this country any more.  We are coming to another Memorial Day.  It is supposed to be a day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.  There is a counterpoint to their sacrifice.  That counterpoint falls upon those who remain.  Those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom have nothing left to give.  Those who are living have everything to give. It is up to us to continue their level of love for this country.  But I need to ask what are we doing lately for our nation?

I see a nation falling apart because we have gotten more worried over offending someone than we are concerned over our nation’s survival.  Our brave Forefathers are left with too many spineless gutless cowards to take care of their great gift of a nation.  We are afraid of offending someone who wants to be a male, dress up in woman’s clothing, whine about feeling more feminine than masculine and let them waltz into the woman’s bathroom while women who act like and dress like women are trying to go pee.  We are afraid of offend a Muslim by calling radical Islam the animalistic murdering savages that they are in reality.  We are afraid of offending people from Mexico by pointing out how so many seem to simply enforce the idea that they are here not to promote a positive image but to destroy.  This is one reason why there is such a gap between Hispanics and Mexicans.  The Hispanics I have known are here legally and want to build a positive nation and are offended by their Latin brothers who are tearing it down.  We are afraid of offending the black community by calling BS on the slavery issue and the whining.  Every race has been used as slaves.  GET OVER IT!  They want to be treated equal while they are rioting and burning down their own communities.  If we want to be anything like our Forefathers we need to grow a backbone again.

Many went off to foreign soil to die.  We stay at home where it is comfortable.  I do not resent comfort.  I rather like it myself.  But are you and I willing to do whatever is needed to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic?  If needed are we willing to defend our homeland at any and all cost?  America is in a bad space.  Sheriffs from across the nation have been calling all legally permitted citizens who can carry a weapon to do so.  They have all but deputized the general population.  If you are legally capable of getting a concealed carry permit or have a permit and are not carrying your weapon I must ask you why not.  If you can and are not then you are not doing your duty to this nation.  You are passing your responsibility for the safety of yourself and those around you on to someone else who has a great sense of personal responsibility.  Now is not the time to shirk our personal duties.

Now is the time for men to be men.  Klinger was more of a man than many males I see walking around today and he wore a dress!  Now is the time for men to stand up and be counted.  If you need to stand guard at the door of the woman’s bathroom while your wife or child is inside then do so.  If your public schools have tried to enforce the unconstitutional order from this administration into accepting ‘open bathrooms’ why have you not spoke out in defense of your children.  Who cares if you offend someone, you are talking about your children.  If you are not willing to defend them you do not deserve to have them.  The whiners out there have gotten their way because too many parents refused to be parents and tell them the word ‘NO’.  Too many of this great nation has allowed the sacrifice of our military men and women to be in vain because they have refused to pick up their mantel.

JK Kennedy once said to not ask what the country could do for you but what you could do for your country.  I ask you what you are doing for your country.  You do not have to do much.  If every person who claims to love this nation would simply take a stand against the apathy, ignorance, whining and those who openly are wanting to destroy this nation then much of it would stop.  Those pitiful pieces of human waste do not want anyone to oppose them.  It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  It is time to stop allowing the sacrifices of others to be in vain.  It is time to truly love our country again.


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