Fear the people

don't tread on me

America is under attack.  The enemies are coming from both inside and without our own soil.  We are at a position in time in which people need to really start using their heads and not simply little slogans or PC politics.  The individual who sits in the Oval Office and many of his staff are part of these enemies of the people of the United States.  Obama has protected the radical Islamist enemies more than many of the major muslim countries.  He is determined and many of his staff to make America an Islamic country before he leaves office.  Hillary is nothing more than a continuation of Obama.  She has proven that she has no love for the Constitution nor the traditional way of life in America.  While both of these groups rally around and support Islam ISIS and others in Islam plan attacks upon our soil.  Right now there is no need for them to fear any real retaliation from America because our leaders are weak, inept and, basically, support them.  But there is one aspect that is over looked.  That aspect is the people of America.  Personally, I believe that is why there is such a push to disarm the people.  I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is under major attack because the powers that be which prefer to support Islam knows that an armed citizen is the only real threat to radical Islam.

I hate to say it but I truly believe that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the present administration would like nothing more than to see America subject to Islam.  Many of these so called political leaders have surrendered their positions to Islam and are enemies of the state.  These people are traitors and should be tried for treason but because of their political connections and the weakness of our present Congress they never have any real concern over being held accountable for their actions.  We have a war on our police which have had fuel poured on it by the actions of this administration.  We now have the remaining bastion of privacy for girls and woman in the form of the bathroom removed by a stroke of a pen of this administration to where now every wacko who has been waiting to get into the woman’s locker room now has freedom to do so.  All that can truly be said in the light of all that is happening is ‘fear the people’.  Americans are going to be putting their foot down and when they do it will be felt.  We will no longer be allowing what few rights and safeties remaining to be taking away by Obama and his minions.

Obama takes money away from the veterans and gives it to the ‘refugees’ flooding America.  Many of these refugees are known to be nothing more than enemy soldiers looking for an easy route to enter this country.  The hordes of refugees going to countries in the United Kingdom have done little more than rape, pillage and plunder.  Sexual assaults have skyrocketed.  There is one main difference between America and other countries and that is that American women often carry a weapon.  While this administration is determined to disarm our nation and leave it helpless to the bands of those wanting to invade us, we will fight.  Fear the people.  There is no need for ISIS to fear our government.  Our government is more of their alley than enemy.  But the people do not hold the same values as our leaders.  We will fight.  Fear the people.  Obama had an opportunity to take the concerns of families who still have people listed as POW or MIA in Vietnam but he refused to respect or recognize their concern prior to his lifting the arms embargo just like Bill Clinton refused to respect or recognize those same concerns prior to his re-establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  The people are tired of being played as fools.  Fear the people!

No one wants civil war.  This is why this election is so vital.  Anyone who thinks that Hillary should be elected as President simply because she is a female, is a fool.  Clintons have already shown their hand as to where they see the American people and how they see the American people.  We are not important to them.  We are nothing more than low life people who are supposed to obey, follow and pay for their whims without arguing.  I may have some questions regarding Donald Trump  but, I at least feel that Trump is not interested in the American people being his piggy bank.  Trump understands economic and global economics.  Obama is a fool and an egomaniac.  He is a laughing stock globally making America a laughing stock.  The world knows Obama’s agenda for America and the only ones who seem to reject that idea are the Democrat leaders.  The people are tired of having someone embarrassed to represent America.  Obama and the Democrats keep pushing the people.  They keep taking and taking more and more of the common person’s rights away.  We are not stupid as they would like to think.  My advice for them would be to FEAR THE PEOPLE.  If I see a rattlesnake I have a level of fear.  I do not fear that they are going to suddenly rise up and attack my home, but I do respect what might happen should I be foolish enough to poke at it with a stick.  It is this type of fear that I would tell our political leaders to stop poling us with a stick and to FEAR THE PEOPLE.

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