A realistic perspective

reality check


I like to think of myself as a realist.  I am not a pessimist because I do not see a dark cloud everywhere I go but neither am I an optimist thinking that unicorns are going to bring me cookies and ice cream.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I believe that there are answers to most if not all my issues and problems but I might not like those answers because they might just involve hard work.  I am also a realist as I look at my country and my government.  Let us face some hard facts.  We are a nation divided.  Never have I seen the blacks and whites more at odds and that even includes the 60’s.  Never have I seen the division so encouraged by our government.  As I read threats openly made by Black Lives Matter people and Black Panthers as to how they are going to seek out and kill all white people, white police officers and their families and babies I am amazed as to how our government sits by and does nothing.  Yet if a white person would make such a comment there would be investigations funded by the highest offices.  I watch radical Islam killing Americans in America and our President basically doing nothing.  He does not even acknowledge that it is Islam even though they are screaming about Islam while they are on their rampage.  I see consistently where ISIS flags and materials are being found around the Mexican border in America.  I read where there are ISIS training camps in America and even see maps showing where they are located.  Along with this I see our government doing nothing.  I see planes being blown out of the sky and ISIS and radical Islam taking credit and our government doing nothing.  I see ISIS butchering Christians, women and children and bragging about raping their sex slaves and our government doing nothing.  With all this my realistic conclusion is that our government, at various levels, is ISIS.  We have members of the Muslim Brotherhood in numerous places of high security.  Many Muslims nations have deemed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization yet our President consistently appoints them to key positions in our nation’s security and operation.  Our government is in alliance with the enemy of the state and the people of America.  Our government is in support of the enemy and permits the enemy to continue and grow in America without restraint.  Our government knowingly and consistently is and has been placing American lives at risk by their inaction.  Our government has committed treason against the American people through their violation of their oaths to support the Constitution and to defend America.  Where there are parts of Arizona where Americans cannot enter due to Mexican cartel activity is evidence of treason by their permitting a foreign hostile element to invade and occupy American soil.

I also see a President who has been the biggest fraud ever forced upon a people.  This is magnified by the fact that the Democrat Party, or at least some of the higher ups in the party, knew that Barack Obama was a fraud and still forced him upon the electorate and the people in full attempts to overthrow the American way of life.  These people knew that Barack Obama was not an American citizen in that he still has yet to produce a verifiable birth certificate and now even those in power in Hawaii where he claims to have been born have signed affidavits admitting that there has and is no record of his birth in that state.  The media has and is part of this passive overthrow of the America way of life in that they refused to do their duties as journalist and refused to reveal any of the truth regarding Barack Obama and his past.  This man who was trained in Marxism, Communism, and radicalism all of his life was never vetted by anyone.  He has lied throughout his Presidency to the American people.  His administration was one of the biggest frauds in the history of America and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is both trying to detach herself from the administration while also claiming what a great job she did while in the fraudulent administration.

America is at a precipice.   There really is only one of two things that will happen over the next few months as I see it.  One way I see things happening are:  There will be a major civil uprising sparked by radical Islam in this nation, radical blacks and the Mexicans who believe that America belongs to Mexico and that it must be returned at any cost.  This will result in Barack Obama proclaiming a state of national emergency and invoke the powers of FEMA.  As he invokes a state of national emergency then the United Nations in an executive order signed by Bill Clinton would have ‘power’ to bring their forces to bear within America as ‘peace keepers’.  This will only result in major civil war in the streets of America and a nasty gorilla war.  The ‘major transformation of America’ as proclaimed by Barack Obama as his goal for his presidency will be complete.

The second way I see things happen, and I pray this is the reality of the situation, is that the election will precede as planned.  I will go ahead and say it:  and I hope Trump wins the election.  If Hillary Clinton wins the election then there will be nothing more than a continuation of the present course of government.  That which is remaining of the Constitution will be eliminated.  If Sanders wins the election then unicorns will be needed to help out in Congress because he does not seem to be in our present reality.  Sanders and his policies will usher in a level of Communism into this country that would make the old USSR blush.

Americans have been encouraged by sheriffs across the country that if they are legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon to do so.  They have made comments how it will be the armed citizen that will be the front line of defense against terrorist attacks.  It has been pointed out how the terrorist attacks in other countries have been so deadly mainly because those countries to not permit their citizens to be armed.  America has stood because of our right to keep and bear arms.  Now is the time to get your concealed weapons permit if you do not already have one.  Now is the time to make sure that your home is armed and ready if needed.  Now is the time to make sure that you are trained in how to use that firearm.  If you are not trained, DO NOT CARRY!  Get trained.  We do not need people who are not trained shooting at everything that moves.

America is at a difficult time.  I never thought I would ever see my America at this point.  I never thought I would ever see enemies of the nation in public office.  I never thought I would see people who openly oppose everything that our Constitution proclaims.  If America is to stand or fall it will be up to the people.  If you do not want the American way of life there are many countries out there who will welcome you.  DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE AMERICA!  Either support America or leave!  We do not want nor need sharia law.  We like pork, beer, bikinis and western music.  All we want is to live in peace with our fellow Americans.  If the radicals are determined to ‘change America by force’ that will not end well.


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