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People seem to think that this upcoming election is some kind of political game.  They talk about voting for a female simply because she has the correct genitals.  They talk about voting for Sanders because he promises free things that the government is going to pay for not stopping to think as to who is going to give the government to money to pay for everything.  We have three main people running who have more money than the average American could ever imagine.  Trump is the only one who is using his own money.  Hillary and Sanders are getting millions from outside sources while sitting on millions in their own accounts.  Hillary claims to know what the average person is feeling while having multiple million dollar mansions.  Trump has received more votes than anyone in recent history and now the heads of the GOP are talking about running as a third party against him.  When are people going to realize that this election is not just about a Presidential candidate?  This election is about the people taking back this country from the same politicians who stole it from us.  This is not a game.  We are talking about the end of the Republic and the finally shattering of the Constitution in this election.  People need to wake up and get their heads out of their butts.

America is basically hanging on by a few threads.  The Constitution is seen as an outdated document but I have yet to see anyone come out who has enough sense to even interpret that same document.  Americans have lost so many rights over the years and especially the last 8 that we have become numb to our liberties and freedoms.  America is at the brink of civil war and no one seems to even notice.  America is about to lose the very freedoms we fought for in the American Revolution.  We are giving up our birthright for a bowl of promises from the rich who do not seem to have any idea of freedom.  I have nothing against anyone being rich.  I have yet to find a poor man who employed anyone.  I do have a problem with a rich person who forgets that there are those who work for a living.  I see Hillary who has lied so many times that it is more of being news worthy if she speaks the truth.  As it has been said:  If Hillary is able to look a grieving mother in the eye and lie to her about her dead son then Hillary will lie about anything to anyone.  It is clear she has no feelings.  Sanders is in a world all by himself when he talks about taking all the trucks off the road.  How is he planning on items getting to the stores?  Personally I do not believe Sanders can spell the ‘military’ let alone understand it.  Romney and others are talking about running as a third party.  The GOP made a big deal about their oaths and promise report cards when Trump first got serious about running and now that the people seem to have chosen Trump they are breaking their promises and all but burning their promise cards.  If these politicians are able to dismiss their oaths and promises so quickly do we really want them in office?  The GOP was so afraid of Trump running on a third party that they made a big event over making people ‘promise’ to back the person selected by the people and now that it appears that the person selected by the people is Donald Trump they want to weasel out of their promises.

This election is not just about putting someone in the Oval Office.  This election is about putting someone in the office selected by the people.  This election is about putting someone in office selected without games being played in the background and without shady deals.  It is basically clear that the average American is backing Trump and the establishment is having a cow.  They did not think that the people would back Trump.  Now that the people are speaking up the establishment is running scared because Trump is not and has not kissed the butts of the establishment.  Personally, I want someone in the Oval Office who has already been getting the attention of Muslim leaders around the world because I want them to take notice like in the days of Ronald Reagan that America is awake and we are pissed!

We have had such a joke in the Oval Office over the past 8 years and have become such an embarrassment that even the Russians who, as someone remembering the days of the Cold War, is saying that his primary goal must be to destroy America.  Our military is at a level of 1940.  America is in a dangerous place.  We are no longer presently a threat globally because our leaders have hamstrung our military.  Never should a GI have to call in for permission before killing the enemy.  Never should a GI be called into court for punching the enemy in the face after watching his fellow soldier being slaughtered.  Never should a GI be tried by the media of his own country simply for doing the job he had been trained to do.

The establishment is afraid as to what someone who has made it clear that he does not care what the establishment thinks is going to do.  He might make changes.  He might make things actually function and make people start doing their jobs and not just collect a high paying salary.  He might actually make people be accountable.  Our government is way out of control and they are afraid that Trump might just bring them back under some kind of control.  Our government has been robbing the American citizen blind over the past and no one seems to notice or care.  People have become apathetic because there is no recourse against the federal government and Trump represents accountability.  The government has trained, used and abused our military as their own personal grunts and lackeys for so long and then forgets them when then return home less than half the person that was sent out to the field.

Yes, I might have some questions and reservations about Donald Trump, but is stand behind him 100 times more than anyone else I have seen in a position that might actually win the election and actually do something positive for this country.  If this election is not taken seriously this might actually be our last election.


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