Teaching acceptance in schools



I was at a local diner today and overheard a conversation that was going on in one of the booths.  It was talking about some of the various hot topics going on in the school systems.  It made me start to think about my impression about our educational systems as a whole in this nation.  We have our school systems which has made teaching tolerance to the kids in their care while graduates cannot count nor give out correct change unless a machine instructs them as to how much to give back to the customer.  Kids cannot reason or critically think but are being taught to accept other lifestyle different from their own as normal and correct.  Any objections to these new lifestyles are met with punishment and belittling.  The food police are making sure a child does not eat a piece of bread corner first so that it looks like a gun, or worst yet, the state of Florida.  Schools are teaching tolerance for Islam, homosexuality and transgender while having graduates with an elementary level of reading. The systems are so worried about indoctrinating the children into an acceptance of others that the only thing they are enabling the student to be included in is the welfare system without any truly employable skills.

Administrators who should be concerned about their student’s ability to read and write are more concerned over the supposed race of the team mascot.  The political correctness police have removed disciple from the classroom and have replaced it with permitting the students to walk out to class to protest matters that are approved by the liberal think-tank.  The administrators and leaders of the various school systems bemoan their budget cuts and how the poor little tykes will suffer immeasurable loss if the next tax increase and levy is not passed while ignoring the concerns of the parents over school curriculum and canceling of school holidays over not wanting to offend Islam.  School lunches are being pushed in order to bend to what is nothing more than federal government blackmail while students are being force fed slop not even permitted in the penial system.

The few good teachers are being covered over by those who wave the banner of the politically correct liberal mindset.  There are those who want their students to learn how to function in an independent society but are hamstrung by the restrictions imposed by those who probably have not seen the inside of a classroom since their days in high school.  Girls are forced to permit boys in their bathrooms because they claim to identify as a girl while administration sits back too stupid to remember just how many young boys would admit to anything for an opportunity to be there without fear of reprisals.  Some teachers take their role as a liaison between a mind desiring to learn and a society that will destroy the unprepared yet are limited because of increasing laws, rules and regulations that are not postulated to promote education of the masses but to limit criticism by the outspoken few.

The school systems have failed the students and therefore have failed society.  The school system sacrifices both teachers and students upon the altar of political correctness while demanding increases in money by a union system that is more political than educational.  There are some places in our society where politics should never be permitted.  The school system is one of those places.  Politics only have the goal of appeasement of the masses.  Never should education be used for appeasement which results only in the rusting of minds and goals but rather how a proper education is supposed to stimulate critical thought much as steel sharpens steel.  Children are being forced through a system which has abandoned its purpose.  Teachers are being forced to abandon their reason for becoming teachers so as not to offend either student or parent.  The idea of holding a child back a grade in order to actually teach is viewed as wild racist bigotry.  While appeasement may be accomplished, education has failed.

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