The reality of the transgender issue


In my opinion, this whole transgender bathroom issue being a matter of civil rights is nothing but a lie.  People who perceive themselves as a female trapped in a male body and have been dressing as a female have been using the woman’s restroom for years and no body either noticed nor cared.  So if a ‘transgender’ has already been using the bathroom of their preference then what is the real issue.  No one would have even seen an issue if certain people within the gay community would not have made things an issue.  Therefore, if the real issue is not transgender people using the bathroom of their choice, what is the real issue?  The real issue seems to be attention.  There are those within the community who simply want attention brought to the transgender community regardless if it actually hurts that particular community.   If a person dresses as a female yet has more facial hair than a member of the Duck Dynasty it needs to be seriously question just how much they perceive themselves as a female.  There are those on the left and liberal side of society that seems to believe that they must get their message out even when they do not have a message.  They create issue where there are no issues only in turn to actually be hurting the very people they claim to be promoting.

It is the mindset of the anarchist that says they have a right to create havoc.  They want chaos.  But it is when people are forcing their particular lifestyle upon others is when there will be pushback.  This is simple commonsense so the question needs to be asked if those pushing the transgender bathroom issue is not in reality purposely attempting to sabotage the transgender community.  Simply pause for a moment and reflect upon the reality that there has not been any conflict regarding the bathroom matter while countless transgender persons have used the bathroom of their choice but not it is a major battlefield.  It is also the role of the anarchist to push matters beyond reason.  As you look at the riots where the paid anarchist are destroying businesses and buildings it is clear that their actions  have nothing to do with making a statement or proving a point but simply to destroy.  As the transgender anarchist have pushed this matter beyond reason to the point where they now are asserting that a ‘transgender’ who is a male feeling that they are a female has the right to the same locker room and shower stall as your preteen daughter.  By pushing the transgender issue into the realm of the absurd they have, in reality, destroyed any possibility of the transgender being accepted in society as a functioning element.  Now the transgender has purposely been made to be seen as an antagonist to proper society and not an asset.

Now as the matter gets forced upon people there is push back.  As the Obama administration now gets involved making matters an issue of ‘civil rights’ all that really is accomplished is civil rebellion.  The transgender community would have fared better if the anarchist and the, for lack of better wording, loud mouthed idiots who simply want to create problems would have shut up and remained silent.  All these ‘activists’ have done is make anything to do with ‘transgenderism’ a hostile issue.  But as things get flaunted in the face of common society is when there will be rebuttal.

This is truly the reality with so much of the ‘social rebellion’ that is going on today.  The radicals whether black, Mexican, transgender, gay/lesbian, or any group damage any and all credibility of that group.  If they want acceptance yet destroy what others have worked hard to create it naturally repels any chance of acceptance.  All they do in the end is to destroy any possibility of their particular group having a viable standing.  With this in mind the reality behind the protest must be examined.  If they know that they are going to destroy any credibility pertaining to their claimed issues and grievances then the reality is simply that they do not care about their ‘issues’ and are simply using them as a smokescreen to cover their real intent of destruction.  Anyone who purposely goes out to burn, destroy, inflame, and nullify any growth of social understanding and acceptance is nothing more than a thug, spoiled brat, arsonist, and domestic terrorist.  They are not as the Obama administration wants to call them ‘justice involved youths’.  They are anarchists and criminals; nothing more and nothing less.  If those within the various sub-cultures had any sense they would purge their communities of these so called activists threatening to tar and feather them if they ever reappear.  But, since so many within these groups wrap their arms around the so call activists with their blessings then the actual motives of the group as a whole must be brought into question.


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