Rioters only prove Trump to be right

trump riot


As I sat down this morning with my coffee to brief myself on the current events of the day I was slapped in the face by the protesters in California who tried to disrupt the Trump rally.  I am so sick and tired of seeing these worthless punks rioting in our streets destroying cop cars and keeping them from being able to take care and protect good productive people of their society.  As I watched the protesters waving the Mexican flag and bemoaning the fact that Trump wants to do something about the non-existent Southern border security my blood pressure wanted to rise.  These protesters do not realize that all they are doing is proving Trump to be RIGHT!

Now it might be giving the protesters too much credit to think that they actually have the physical capacity to think and reason, but you might come to the conclusion that at least their handlers might have a brain cell or two.  But again, I think that might be giving too much credit to the wrong people.  Maybe the reason Trump is rolling across America like a non-political steamroller is because the silent majority of Americans are also sick and tired of watching our great nation fall apart.  We are tired of watching low life criminals riot in Baltimore and Ferguson because they feel they are ‘abused’.  We are sick and tired of watching them burn the businesses of good people down to the ground after looting them of everything they might have to sell and ‘EARN’ a living. (Everything except for work boots you notice)

There is a major reflection going on where people are recalling the same type of protesting happening in Germany during the 1930’s.  Likewise, there were organized protesters who rioted and disrupted the political party meetings which were formed against the Nazi party.  What the protesters of today do not realize is that at least some of us know our history.  We refuse to allow the Nazi party or anything like it to form again.  The Nazi party was the socialist party.  The socialist of today do not want Trump as President because he is going to bring back a sense of law and order into America.

Here is just a friendly bit of advice to the protesters.  The police have rules they must obey otherwise they will be hung by the media.  The police must be careful what they do during these temper tantrums being done in the streets by good for nothing low lifes who have never been told the word NO.  But the average American does not have the same rules.  We are fed up with having our nation ripped apart.  We are fed up with this Marxist crap that Obama and his crew has been spreading like manure on to a farm field.  We are fed up with the garbage that the so called left wing media is pushing as news.  We are fed up with having good for nothing low lifes destroy the hard work done by good people to build up a meaningful life in an effort to provide for their families.  We are fed up with the stupidity of these protesters who block our roads to keep good people from going to and from work and the sick from getting to medical care.  I am not encouraging violence.  I make this direct statement because I do not want to have someone in an ugly suit knocking on my door saying that I advocated violence or some other kind of censuring garbage.  But what I will say is that the protesters need to start their whining now because the average American is also fed up and tired.  Do not be surprised when they drive through you little protests.  Do not be surprised when you get hurt as you tried to stop a car from driving through you line.  When you are stupid enough to chain yourself together, do not be surprised if you find your little chain community being carried along by an 18-wheeler down to his next stop.  Do not be surprised if the next person you think you are going to attack and mug because they are expressing their God given right to freedom of expression in attending a Trump rally is not armed and shoots your miserable butt (I am really trying hard to keep things clean).  Do not be surprised when the next business you think you are going to burn to the ground is protected by armed guards.   Do not be surprised when the police might be slow to respond to calls for help from your neighborhoods when you were the ones stomping on police cars the night before.  We have ways to get back at your little protest and we plan to use them.  We have ways to stop you from hurting good people and we plan to use them.  The police have ways to protect themselves from being ambushed and they will use them.  WE AS AMERICANS ARE GOING TO TAKE BACK OUR STREETS AND OUR NATION.  The only thing these brainless protesting animals have done is proven that DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT!




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