Why I support Trump


I do not expect everyone to agree with my statements nor even to understand some of them, but my support for Donald Trump as President has not come lightly.  After what I would deem consistent examination of the various facts of this election and the present state of America I have come to support Trump for the following reasons:

  1. I am from an extremely long line of people fighting for personal freedoms and smaller government control.  My ancestors go back to the American Revolution and even to the Magna Carta in England.  I cannot see supporting Hillary or Sanders who are openly supporting more and expanded government influences in the lives of people.
  2. I am from a strong military family. While I personally was never in boot camp I am a retired counselor for veterans and a life time member of the Vietnam Veterans of America as an associate member.  My father and uncle fought in World War II against socialism and fascism.  My brother and many cousins fought in Vietnam against communism and I have many cousins on the Wall who were killed by the communist and, in many minds, murdered by our government and its soft approach to communism and appeasing the enemy rather than killing the enemy.  I cannot agree to vote for Hillary or Sanders who are outspoken in their support for socialism/communism, the very ideology that sought the death of my family members.  I can accept the idea of Sanders being a ‘conscientious objector’ but not protesting against his nation and not supporting those who chose to go to war.
  3. I believe the only war to win a war is to kill more of the enemy than they do of your army. I do not believe that sitting down and ‘understanding’ your enemy when they want to kill you and your family is any way for peace.  I believe Sanders and Hillary want to ‘talk’ with the enemy to understand them better while Trump wants to kill the enemy.  Vietnam lasted for years and thousands of lives because our government wanted to ‘appease’ the enemy.  You kill the enemy then you no longer have an enemy.
  4. I believe America does not need another hand-out but a hand-up. Create jobs so that Americans become independent and earn money.
  5. I strongly support my right to own and carry a firearm. I believe that a vote for Sanders or Hillary is a direct vote against my right to firearms.
  6. In my opinion, America has not standing of honor or respect in the eyes of world governments. I believe Sanders and Hillary will continue that global position.  America once was a strong and respected nation.  Governments looked up to America while some feared America.  Now our enemies are licking their lips waiting to devour America.
  7. I believe Trump actually wants to do something to help the veteran. Any nation that abandons their veterans and their military will fall.  Hillary abandoned Benghazi.  Sanders appears to be another universe where the military is concerned.  What is so difficult to understand that our military is what is, has, and will keep America safe?
  8. Political correctness is killing our nation. We have become so worried about being politically correct that now helping people know which bathroom to use is a hot button topic!  How in the blazes can we dream about growing a country when it seems like we cannot figure out how to pee?
  9. This final point is personally my position. America was built upon Christian principles and doctrine.  America believed in God as the Ultimate Authority.  America has all but abandoned any resemblance of that origin.  Under Sanders and Hillary I see America no longer have any vestige of Christian roots.  I believe there is at least a chance that under Trump that America might return to some of its beginnings such as God and the Constitution.



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