Never forget never forgive



I locked horns with someone whom I had the utmost respect for over this statement as it pertained to the 9/11 attackers.  I still hold that opinion at least regarding the attackers.  Our society has forgotten what it means to be attacked.  Our society has forgotten what it means to defend itself.  Our society wants the world to be full of buttercups and daisies.  Whenever anyone does something bad we are to forgive and forget.  Life does not work that way.  I may not allow someone to rent space between my ears or allow them to keep me up at night over seething hatred, but that does not mean that I buy into ‘the forgive and forget’ mentality.  I will never forget watching those towers fall on people whose only crime was going to work that day.  Our PC world wants people to forget the screams and wants us all to play ‘nice nice’.  I think it is beyond time for people to remember the cries.  I think it is beyond time for people to be uncomfortable.  Yes, I hate every anniversary of the disaster because I do not like watching those towers fall.  But people have forgotten that we were attacked by radical Islam.  People forget about the USS Cole and the attack by radical Islam.  People forget about the first attack on the towers by radical Islam.  Just because our gutless President and his administration do not want to admit that there is radical Islam does not mean that radical Islam does not exist.

Our men in Benghazi died due to radical Islam.  Christians are being slaughtered in genocidal numbers at the hands of radical Islam.  Americans have been butchered and killed even on our own soil at the hands of radical Islam.  It is time that people stop trying to forget and forgive that actions of radical Islam and start demanding that they change according to OUR laws and not that we change according to theirs.  If they want their laws then they need to go back to where they live under their laws.  I am personally tired of people wanting to think that by compromising that they would stop wanting to kill us.  Radical Islam, and actually Islam as per the koran, must be radical and bloody.  It does not allow love for thy enemy.  It does not allow for differences to live together in harmony.  It does not allow for the ‘Holy Spirit’ to change a personal slowly.  According to Islam there MUST be radical change in a radical fashion.  It is time that people realize that Islam and a peaceful world cannot live together not because the world does not want Islam around but because Islam cannot accept anyone else but Islam to exist.

We will never make any true headway against ISIS as long as Obama and his administration is in power.  They will continue to protect and finance their movements and actions directly and indirectly as they have been doing for years.  Only after they are no longer in power will there ever be a chance to remove this cancer called ISIS.  Hillary is another extension of Obama.  Sanders is another extension of Obama, especially where Islam is concerned.  It takes a special kind of fool to think that people like radical Islam actually wants to talk and find peace apart from total domination of all opposition.  Only as ISIS is sent home in body bags and the rest of the world watches as fighter pilots exterminates the columns of caravans will there be a change with ISIS.  Only as there is death without any sense of remorse to any and all who wears the flag of ISIS will there be a change in the world situation.  Only as radical Islam is acknowledged and recognized for the bloodthirsty cult that it truly is will there ever be a chance for peace.

I like watching TV programs about snakes.  I basically hate snakes and feel that the only good snake is a hatband.  I have watched rattlesnakes kill its prey.  If I see a rattlesnake I refuse to forget what I have seen.  I also refuse to forgive that snake for doing what snakes normally do and that is kill.  Will I lose sleep over that snake, not expected.  Will I go out of my way to find a rattlesnake to kill it, not necessarily.  Will I kill that snake if I see it anywhere around my family and posing a threat, guaranteed.


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