Islam needs to be a bit more Jewish



I am really tired of hearing how superior Islam is supposed to be over everyone else in the world.  But I believe that the ‘proof is in the pudding’.  Show me someone’s actions and I will show you the true character of that person.  I watch Islam and I see honor killings, I see stoning of innocent women, I see sexual slavery of women and children, I see marriages of little girls to old crusty men, I see the so called moderates sitting back nice and quiet, and I see brutality that would make the Nazis look like Sunday School teachers.  I hear people complain because they do not like this holiday or that school event.  I hear Muslims complain because the free food at the food bank does not meet their standards.  I hear religious nut-jobs complain because they cannot wear this or that or the job wants them to wash their hands and it is against their religion.  I hear wackos complain because they refuse to sell booze or bacon to a customer.  GIVE ME A BREAK!  Islam love to slam Jews and Christians and according to their book the koran Jews and Christians do not deserve to live.  Well I have a news flash.  Maybe Islam needs to be a bit more Jewish.  I do not hear a Jew complain about selling someone pork.  I do not hear a Jew complain because someone wants a beer.  Maybe this is because Jews and most Christians believe that a person should have the freedom to make personal choices.  Maybe they have a sense of personal liberty that those who follow Islam can only dream about and never experience.

I also think that most of Islam could use a lesson in history.  Their faith goes back to Ishmael who was a son of Abraham.  Guess what?  Isaac was also a son of Abraham.  This makes Isaac and Ishmael half-brothers.  So in reality those of Islam who are trying kill all the Jews are killing off their own relations.  They are killing their own relatives.  To make matters worse, radical Islamic followers have the same DNA flowing through their veins as the Jews.  HA, guess they never saw that one coming!  Islam wants to teach that Mohammad was a descendent of Abraham.  The truth to this statement is questionable but let us just play along for now.  This also means that Mohammad has the same DNA in his veins as the Jews have in theirs.  This is really a fun fact considering how so many follows of Islam go totally bat crap crazy over anything Jewish or Christian.

This is a problem which usually bites most people who try to have a superior attitude over others.  There are always uncomfortable facts that disrupt their little superior meetings.  Life tends to bite certain people harder than others and this is especially true when people create a target on their backs.  Be careful about claiming yourself better than others.  You might just not know what is behind door #1, #2, or #3 when it gets to family history.


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