Physician heal thyself

heal thyself


This is one of those posts that is going to have some liberal who living in the basement of his or her parent’s house writing opposition posts to anything conservative going bat crap crazy.  It is clear and obvious that America has a huge problem with minorities.  Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gay and Lesbian issues; these all are critical explosive points.  But one thing that most people are too afraid to say is that if there are to be resolutions where people live in peace these groups are going to have to start policing themselves better than they have in the past.  I watch young black college students going totally out of their minds because of a ‘wall’ that has pro-Trump writing on it.  I see university students being ‘afraid’ over chalk.  I see mass groups of blacks blocking freeways interrupting the life’s flow of everything from simply wanting to go either to work or home from work to emergency services trying to get someone to a hospital to save their lives.  I see Hispanic groups who are not here wanting a better life making it impossible for those who did simply come to America, legal or otherwise; just to have a fighting chance at a better life.  I see Muslims killing their children in the name of honor killings expecting the world to simply accept that their god approves of running their children over with a car because they looked at a non-Muslim male.  I see some Gay Lesbians who simply want to be left alone to live life and they choose while others are demanding to be allowed in the locker rooms of little girls simply because they ‘feel’ themselves to be a female in a male body.  This is totally ridiculous.  If there is ever to be answers it must come from inside these groups themselves.  If they cannot control their own people who is going to?  If the police get involved then they scream discrimination.  If others step up and speak out they whine about racism.  So if you do not want others to get involved they had better get off the dime and start doing something themselves!

When I owned my own security company I had a Hispanic who was my business partner.  We worked well together and watched out for each other.  In him I saw the meaning of family for a Hispanic person.  Yet as we worked the various clubs and parties I was disgusted at watching the celebration for their 15 year old daughters becoming nothing more than an excuse to get drunk, sell drugs and have gangs come in to start fights.  I was so tired of watching children in strollers being in a building at 1 AM where the music was so loud it hurt MY ears.  If people are going to claim to be family oriented then protect the family.  The ‘black lives matter’ group is another example of contradiction.  They scream how black lives matter yet they are doing nothing to stop black violence.  All they seem to want to do is protest anything that might ‘hurt their feelings’.  It is beyond time for these various groups to grow up!  They need to either put up or shut up.  I would begin by advising them that if black lives really mattered that they get off the freeway.  If black lives mattered then stop making black lives into road pizza.

In France it was determined that only 30% or less of the Muslim community would report violent extremist behavior of other Muslims to the authorities.  This means that 70% of the Muslim communities did not care if innocent people died at the hands of extremist as long as they were able to protect fellow Muslims regardless of their intent.  Is there any wonder why people do not trust Muslims?  Yet when you talk in this manner then you are ‘Islamophobic’ which really is not a word.  If they are not willing to control and change their own people then they have no room to complain when others step in to protect the innocent.  They have no room to complain when communities step up and say that they do not want Muslim populations.  They have created the problem and they need to either deal with the problem or get out of the way while others remove the threat.  This is equally as important for the Gay and Lesbian communities.  Now I do not believe that everyone who is Gay or Lesbian is a child molester.  That would be like saying everyone who wore a black hat was a villain.  But there are some common sense things which must be observed.  If you are a male with male parts, regardless what you might think yourself to be, you do not belong in the locker room of a 6 year old girl.  If you are a male with male parts most men are not going to sit idly by while you follow their wives into the bathroom.  This is just plain and simply common sense.  If these groups are not willing to keep those who very possible do have ulterior motives under control then they also have no basis to get upset when people step up to protect their loved ones.  If someone was protesting because he was not permitted into a child’s locker room or shower of the opposite sex, there probably is reason to deeply question that person’s motive.

What I am saying here is not radical.  It is just simple and practical.  It is reasonable and rational but that is the problem.  Today’s society is not reasonable and has no concept of rationality.  They want to ‘have their cake and eat it too’.  They do not want to control their own groups yet they want to reserve the right to get all upset when someone else steps up and says something.  Growing up if there was a brat child and the parents were standing by watching their little darling tear things up at someone else’s house or in public, it was not uncommon for someone else to step and say something to that child.  As a security office I often would have to tell a parent to take their child outside because they were misbehaving and being destructive.  Maybe that is a big part of the problem.  These groups that scream the loudest of family and community have forgotten that community includes discipline.



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