Liberal education versus critical thought



I recently had a less than comfortable discussion with one of my nieces regarding slavery.  Since I was not willing to damn all slave owners into the lowest pits of Hell I must therefore be the rope salesman who supplied the needed equipment for every lynching that has ever happened across the four corners of the compass.  It is interesting how the liberal mindset and education has taken bright people and has turned them into nothing more than parrots spewing forth ideas of principles that are truly not rooting in history nor fact.  These same ideas are echoed by some of our more liberal politicians, which unfortunately is becoming an increasingly larger population, such as Sander’s cries for the nation to apologize for slavery and to grant reparations.  It is interesting that the main people I hear screaming for reparations and calling for an apology for the existence of slavery are coming from northern states.  These northern states which represent probably the lowest possibility of having mass decedents from slaves in comparison to southern states are crying the loudest.  Has anyone stopped to ask a few basic questions such as what about the creole communities?  Many of them were from mixed races which intermarried with slaves.  How about the Native American communities which often intermarried with slaves?  How about those who were off-springs from love marriages between slave and slave owners?  It is Hollywood that presents any sexual relationship between a slave owner and a slave as being rape and not history.

Liberals are very possibly the largest group of complete hypocrites that have ever been assembled.  If the issue is slavery then why are they not screaming in the streets about the abuse of the Irish who were sold into slavery prior to the influx of black slaves in American and whose treatment was lower than that of the black slave.  How about the Native American who was sold into slavery in America or taken to England as a slave?  In truth their issue is not about slavery but rather nothing more than climbing on the emotional and political bandwagon of the uninformed because it makes them sound sympathetic.  If the issue was the treatment of the black person then answer the questions regarding the black slave owners, the black wealthy businessmen and the blacks who sold their own people into slavery.  If their issue was the mistreatment of a group of people then they must either also address the women and children in the north who work in factories where the injury or death of an employee was considered just another day on the job or those immigrants who worked in the mines where a mule had more value than a human being since a mule cost money and human lives were a dime a dozen, or admit to their own ignorance of the issues spawned by a political agenda.  If the liberal truly was interested in the mistreatment of people then why is their cry silent regarding the small pox infected blankets given to the American Indian by the government, the death marches and the straight out massacres of a people?

Truly this whole ‘black lives matter’ hoopla and the ‘cries regarding the evils of slavery in the south’ are nothing more than a soapbox for the uninformed and the politically oriented.  It is not rooted in history nor in truth because it falls apart once it becomes critically examined.  That is part of the problem.  Today’s generation, in blanket terms, does not think critically.  It does not like to critically analyzed situations nor thought.  This generation seems to be marked by cowards who prefer a ‘safe spot’ on a university campus where people are supposed to be in the process of manhood and womanhood but instead prefer to whine and whimper over politically approved meaningless topics.

Now before people start planning my own lynching, I am not saying that there were not atrocities done to many black people under the yoke of slavery.  But I am saying that if we are going to be self-righteous over ‘slavery’ then be honest in what the issues truly are in reality.  If all America has to look forward to from the majority of this present generation is emotional babble without critical thinking then may God have mercy upon this country.


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