Ye ole socialism



I admit that I am a nerd.  It does not take long once a person really knows me to come up with the same conclusion.  I used to enjoy the Renaissance Fairs.   I figure anywhere that a person could openly walk around with a sword or battle axe could not be all bad.  Probably if I could get my sweetie to put on one of those peasant dresses (that kind that are more boob oriented than historically accurate) I would still be attending them.  I hate to admit it but I still have the Ren shirt and leather pants that I purchased after the last time I went to a Ren Fair.  While the Fairs are fun, life back then was no walk in the park.  You lived or died according to the wishes of the Lords and Ladies and whatever other royalty that happen to unfortunately be within vision or earshot.  It was a pure caste system of the ‘have’ and ‘have nots’.  If you had something and another party wanted it, you lost it and they gained it.

It is too bad that so many of the supporters of Clinton and Sanders are too young to understand the truths of socialism.  It is unfortunate that they have no concept of socialism on one hand yet a tribute to capitalism on the other.  Socialism is a caste system.  There are those who are seen as more deserving of the property or belongings of another.  Therefore you have one group seen as more deserving and another seen as less deserving.  The result is that the belongings of the one group is taken and given to those of the other group.  If you really listen to Clinton and Sanders this echoes throughout their speeches.  The theme is not that they would create more jobs so that a person who is without could gain what they desire.  Their mantra is that those who have will ‘share’ with those who do not.   When Obama made the statement grouping socialism with communism he proved that they view no difference between those two.  When he threw in capitalism proved that he knew nothing about capitalism.  Source after source all reiterate how socialism is the beginning of communism and how communism is always the ultimate end of socialism.

History is ripe with examples of communism and socialism with its effects upon mankind.  The National Socialist Party is better known as the Nazi party.  The old Soviet Union (USSR) was hard line communism with it famous labor camps for anyone with a different political point of view.  The Khmer Rouge was the driving force behind Pol Pot after the Vietnam War and was the ideology behind millions of innocent Cambodians being slaughter, many whose only crime was wearing glasses because they then were placed in a category of an intellectual and thus a threat.  Now I can hear the masses (at least I hope I have masses reading my writings) screaming how America would NEVER be like those countries if we had a socialistic form of government.  But keep in mind that not all of Germany embraced Nazism and neither did Nazism take hold over night.  But America is not the innocent land it once was either.  Instead of the Supreme Court of the United States applying the Constitution to law it is more often rewriting the law and reinterpreting the Constitution.  Likewise the SCOTUS is not being held to the Constitution once they make a ruling but is being seen as the final word on the matter.  Never before in America could a baker be arrested or sued for making a personal choice not to make a cake for something they opposed.  Never before could a person be forced into doing something against their principles.  Capitalism says simply to ask another baker because someone would see the void and fill it.  Never before were Christianity and Judaism under such attack while Islam was protected.  While Christian bakers are being sued no one is asking why there are no gay weddings held in a Mosque.  People who think opposite to how the government tells people to think are demeaned and insulted such as in the cases of global warming or ‘birthers’.  This administration appears to have even gone so far as to threaten anyone who speaks out against global warming or Islam.  It is safe to say that this is not the America of our youth if you are at least 50 years or older.

People are already upset over the IRS being able to take anywhere between 20-30% of your earnings.  We are taxed upon tax.  Our Forefather had a fit over a 3% tax.  We have sold our birthright.  It is guaranteed that under full blown socialism that these will be looked at as the ‘wonder years’.  Taxes must increase under socialism.  A class or caste system, while probably never openly called such, is a requirement under such a system because it demands one group deserving things more than another group who actually earns or produces it.  This election is no game.  This election is dead serious yet I listen to people of both parties talk like it is no big deal who actually gets in as long as they have gotten their way.  People need to wake up!  America is NOT healthy.  America is NOT on the right track.  America does NOT have a secured future.  America is living in days of intense threat of ending its existence as we have known it to be.  When Obama made the statement that he was going to ‘radically change America’ no one could have guessed that his idea of radically changing something would mean to radical end America.  If America is to survive, people must wake up!


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