Not the Democrat Party of your grandfather

democrat party


I believe that originally the Democrat Party originally, while still somewhat sketchy, had good intentions for the country.  I do not believe that originally the Democrat Party was any more crooked than the Republican Party.  But over the years the party has become hijacked.  Those of us who were of the 50’s generation remember many things that the present millennial generation cannot even fathom.  When and if they see the clips of students being taught to duck under their desk for safety during a nuclear attack they laugh.  Granted that desk would only serve to possibly identify any remains, but it was something that we lived with and knew that at any time the world as we knew it could come to a crashing end.  One main memory of my childhood was the riots.  In my opinion, these riots were nothing more than weak minded people who were easily swayed by paid communist agitators.   These people knew that they could create problems with the intent of cracking the core of America.  The biggest thing these riots accomplished was extending the Vietnam War for years and the hell endured by our POWs.  We grew up knowing that there were spies in America sent by Russia to promote communism and to attempt to bring down America and the American way of life.  For those who are screaming McCarthyism at your computer, history has proven McCarthy to have been correct!  The approach could have used some tweaking.

Today’s Democrat Party is best described by Obama’s latest comment of ‘capitalism, communism, socialism whatever floats your boat’.  The present Democrat Party sees no difference.  Never would there have been outspoken socialist in your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  Today’s Democrat Party is an insult.  It used to be that there were at least educated people in the party.  Now you have people like Maxine Waters who declares that a person is racists if they do not support sharia law.  Or Sheila Jackson-Lee who thinks she is a princess while dressing like a pimp and giving us the mind-blowing statements as how murder is the greatest form of homicide in America today.  And let us not forget the insightful words of Hank Johnson as he shares his fear that the presents of the Navy in Guam was going to make the island tip over.  I truly do not know how these people dress themselves in the morning.  Leading the Democrat Party is Obama who while berating business for spending money outside of the United States recently purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in Dubai.  Two things raise questions.  The first is that Dubai does not have extradition to the US.  The second is that it is a Islamic country during a time when Islam is being radicalized and slaughtering countless people in their path.  In my own opinion, the lies told by Obama and the Democrat Party to the people of America are going to be coming to such light that even the most liberal of minds would not be able to deny their reality.  I believe this will give Obama the perfect opportunity to openly be Islamic and after the evidence of treason comes to light he would be able to thumb his nose at the American legal system knowing the he cannot be touched.

Now the Democrat Party is fully coming out of the closet with outspoken socialist.  Both Sanders and Clinton are proud to be socialist.  As if being socialist should not enough to have blocked them from their position in politics, Sanders has yet to come up with a plan to actually pay for all his free things and Clinton just hopes to say out of the way of the FBI as her emails keep nibbling at her heals.  She has lied so many times that anyone else would have been labeled pathological by now. People also need to know that Marxism is normally the initial stage of the big three:  Marxism, socialism and communism.  Communism is the final stage.  I cannot understand how our political system has gotten so far removed from our Forefathers that these people are not representing the Democrat ballot.  We have gone to war to stop these ideologies and now we are voting on which one of its proponents will be on the ballot for the office of President.  I am hearing the words of Stalin when he made the declaration that America would fall without a shot being fired.

I am not saying that Democrats are bad people.  I am saying that Democrats, like everyone, must start looking beyond their party.  If they vote simply based upon a party affiliation they have abandoned the basic principles upon which America has been built.  Anyone who votes simply based upon a party spits upon the graves of those who died to create liberty in this country.  Use your brains before it is too late!  I do not care which party the candidate is associated with, whenever I hear anyone being referred to as the Messiah for America I cringe.

I believe this very much could be America’s last election.  I am not a doomsayer.  I am a realist.  If the people or a corrupt ballot system sees either Clinton or Sanders in the Oval Office, America will be America in name only.



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