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While our government will not say that we are at war with Islam, commonsense declares it from the mountain tops.  Now, do not get me wrong.  I still believe that there are some people who are in the Muslim religion who simply want to be left alone to live a peaceful life.  I must say that I also believe that these people exist in spite of their religion and not because of their religion.  I listen to the Imams and their crazy calls for the death of everyone who is not willing to bow down to Islam and Mohammad.  Well figure it out.  There are many people who see Mohammad as a nut-job pedophile and will NEVER bow to his memory.

I know that our government has done more to promote ISIS and to protect radical Islam than anyone and has not just bordered but has exceeded the normal rules of treason.  But there is still one thing that Islam and the stupid radicals of Islam have not calculated.  We know there are huge Islamic populations in America.  It only takes a small investigation to understand that there are more than likely terrorists training cells in those populations.  But Islam needs to keep one simple thing in mind.  Americans are different.

Granted Americans have become soft.  There are many idiotic people in America who wants to scream and cry about how bad they have had it in their lives rather than to actually do something about their condition.  These people do not count and really are just scabs on the arms of America and Lady Liberty.  There are enough people in America who are really tired of your crap!  We are really waiting for you to do something really stupid here on our homeland because we are ready for you.  Do not fear our government.  We are so embarrassed by our government it makes us want to vomit.  But we are the real power behind America.  You, ISIS and radical Islam, could not hold a military candle to Japan.  They would have walked over your carcasses in less than a month.  But they respected the armed American citizen to the point that they never attacked our mainland soil.  We the people are waiting and ready.  There will be no rules of engagement.  Our rules will be to find the enemy and kill the enemy.  Our rules will be not to allow you a chance.  We will not talk.  We will not discuss.  We will not negotiate.  We will simply kill you.  Case closed!


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