The new nuclear weapon



After World War II the world rapidly became unified under trade.  More than what affects a country militarily seems to be what affects a countries economy.  The power of the economy was observed in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.  In the future global economy will become the new ultimate power.

I find this election interesting.  If a person has anything favorable to say about a particular candidate then you are seen as a stanch supporter of that candidate and hostile to everyone else.  I always thought that a good mind was an open mind and was able to view issues rather than people.  In this election I see four main players:  Trump, Cruz, Clinton and Sanders.  From what I hear from Clinton and Sanders I believe a person would write all that these two people truly understand about global economy on the back of a cereal box and have plenty of room left over.  Being outspoken socialists proves that these two have no real concept of history, society, human nature or economy.  Listening to Clinton speak is mind numbing in trying to keep track of what was said one moment yet contradicted another.  What is more amazing than anything else regarding Hillary Clinton is that people who are supposed to be able to tie their own shoes support her.  Then compared to Sanders Hillary is a whiz kid.  Now we look to Trump and Cruz.  I believe Cruz has a considerably better view of overall economics than either Hillary or Sanders.  Comparing Cruz to either of those two in economics would be like comparing a Formula One race car to a golf cart.  Trump is now left.  Trump has all appearance of having the best grasp of global economics of the others.  Trump has proven himself to have a strong grasp of economics and how it all interacts.  Perhaps this is why the rest of the media and others in politics oppose him.  I cannot say that I agree with everything Trump has on his platform but I am simply discussing economics.  With probably the greatest understanding of global economics makes Donald Trump the greatest threat to many and the greatest resource to even more.

If there is anything that this election is showing the people of this nation is just how fickle the party process truly is.  When party speakers dare to make a claim that the delegates do not have to worry about the will of the people and that the people do not select the delegates that the party does proves that the general populous has a right to distrust the political arena and politicians.  The hypocrisy of the media is glaring as they try to rally against Trump yet remained silent regarding Obama.  The media still has not investigated Obama nor has truly tried to uncover his past or records or associates.  I also find it interesting as to just how stupid some people are in their voting.  I hear ‘conservative’ voters who say they would NEVER vote for Trump.  If they are planning to sit this election out they might as will vote for Hillary or Sanders.  By voting for no one through the act of omission they are voting for the very people they claim to oppose.  You are going to be voting FOR someone the only question remaining is whether or not it will be through the act of omission or the act of commission.

I do not remember a time when the leaders of other nations were so involved in our election process.  You also notice who is being opposed to Trump.  The nations who have been able so syphon money off of America by the millions if not billions over the past few years are the ones screaming the loudest against Trump.  Domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter are threatening massive riots if Trump gets elected.  Considering what Black Lives Matter has been able to accomplish in the scope of domestic terrorism, blocking good people from getting to work and emergency vehicles this is more of an endorsement for Trump than a push against him.  I believe it is possible to learn more about a person by understanding who opposes him or her rather than those who give their support.  As it is getting leaked that Rahm Emanuel the Mayor of Chicago had supposedly given an order that no one was to be arrested at the riots which happened in Chicago during the planned Trump rally, it again gives the impression that maybe negative people are opposing Trump because maybe he is worthwhile.

I hear people scream and yell against Trump but I fail to hear them say as to who they support and why.  By all practicality there are four people from whom the next President of the United States will be chosen.  It is fine to be for or against anyone since that is part of the American way of life.  But, we also have everything in the balance in this election and I would encourage people to think.  If you are going to support voting for Hillary because she has a vagina then support voting for one of the others because they have a penis.  If you are going to be critical of Trump or Cruz because of things they might have done or said then be equally as critical of Hillary because of things she has done or said as Sanders as well.  Hillary has lied to the American people so much over this election process as yourself that if her last name was not Clinton if you would still vote for her.  Ask yourself about Benghazi.  Ask yourself about what being a socialist means.  Ask yourself when was the last time that Clinton actually was caught ‘telling the truth’ which would be much harder than when the last time she was caught telling a lie.  Ask yourself if anything Sanders says is workable in this realm of reality.  Be as critical towards all the candidates as you are towards those opposing your normal party preference.  America has too much to lose in this election to simply vote because someone is a part of a political Party or has the right internal plumbing.


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