Our Forefathers knew what was important.  They did not start the Constitution with a discourse promoting political parties; they did not rave about the virtues of an established protocol of leaders; they did not even expound the importance of experience; they started the Constitution with ‘we the people’.  We the people was seen as such a foundation to the birth of the new nation that it was the beginning phrase to the greatest document ever written by man and the key concept which runs as a primary thread throughout its entirety.  Where did we as a nation slide off the rails?

We have ‘super delegates’ now that does not have to answer to the will of the people as to whom they support for election.  It appears as if the RNC was making the asinine statement that all delegates are super delegates and does not have to answer to the will of the people.  We have two people running on for the nomination of the Democrats who, being outspoken socialists, are promoting everything contrary to the capitalism which built out nation.  These people proclaim themselves as educated yet do not understand how socialism has never, can never and will never succeed.  It simply does not work.  You run out of other people’s money and then things must be rationed.  We have a society of spoiled brats who have never been told to go out and work for something if they want something new merely to expect someone else to hand it to them.  If it is not freely handed over then they scream racism or some other mantra crying how under privileged they are and demand that things be given and quickly.  What is even more amazing is that people continue to support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Continuing on the idea of being entitled to things Hillary seems to feel that she is entitled to votes from the women because she has a vagina.  With that logic Sanders should expect to be supported by males because he has a penis.

I listen to people, media and various talking heads discuss this election with the same sense of urgency needed to decide between a cheeseburger verses the chicken.  While 3rd party candidates are always on the ticket, the elections normally come down to a Democrat or Republican.  As mentioned on the side of the Democrats who two people who either do not appear to be rooted in any realm of reality or have a chronic history as a pathological liar.  Either way, Clinton or Sanders represents the death to what is remaining of the Republic.  On the Republican side is what is rapidly closing in to either Trump or Cruz with Cruz needing nothing short of a miracle in the realm needed for Sainthood for him to secure the nomination.  With this being said, as the talking heads slam Trump they are in essence promoting one of the remaining two who will destroy what is left struggling for air of our great nation.

It is beyond time for people to wake up.  It is almost too late for people get actually care about the future of America.  Now with the rhetoric of how delegates do not need to represent the will of the people the very fiber of our nation is being shredded even more.  I know it is a foolish question to ask but:  Do people not care about America anymore?   Do people not realize what will happen if Clinton or Sanders get the Oval Office?  Have people had their liberties and freedoms for so long that they just assume that they will always be there?  Are our elected officials so arrogant and stupid as to think that the people will simply remain quiet as they kill off the remaining right of the ballot box through end runs and political fast maneuvers?

Obama stated that he wanted to radically transform America.  He has done everything but destroy America.  It does not take much of a look to Europe to see just how well the ‘refugee’ issue has done over there.  Rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed.  It is foolish to offer a ‘class’ on how not to rape someone.  As long as the radical realms of Islam see women as property and nothing more than something to be used for their sexual enjoyment then there will continue to be sexual assault.  This is going to be America’s future under Obama and then if continued with Sanders or Clinton.  The difference is that Americans will not tolerate this behavior and will start eliminating the problem.  The final ‘radical transformation’ will be completed with a second American Revolution.  It is beyond time that the talking headers shut up long enough to listen to what the will of the people is trying to say.


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