I read a lot regarding politics, the election, candidates, Obama and where he is going to live after the election, and who said what about whom.  The majority of what I read amounts to nothing more than people scurrying around to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or being over concerned whether or not their nice Roman pot looks good on the mantel while Nero is fiddling and the flames are gathering all around.  Do people live in a different reality than most of us or did somehow a parallel universe suddenly develop and envelope most of the talking heads out there.  Let’s cut through all the fat and get into the reality zone.  We have now basically two people running for the next Presidential election.  On the Democrat side unless Hillary gets her well-deserved striped pantsuit from the FBI she will be the Democrat nominee.  On the Republican side, unless Cruz gets a major miracle Trump will be the nominee.  This is the reality of the situation.  I hear people who are supposed to be strong Americans and stanch conservatives blasting Trump.  Wake up people!  If you turn the populous against Trump you are helping Hillary get elected.  I do not know about the rest of the world but I do not see that as a great future for my country.  Whatever Trump might be he is probably better for America than Hillary.  I do not care if it is the lesser of two evils or that people see Trump as the greatest thing since the invention of white bread, the alternative is that Hillary gets the White House.  People need to get off of their high horse and look at the simple reality of the matter.

Hillary has lied so many times to the people that she has become basically synonymous with not being truthful.  Her husband has got on her bandwagon with the same routine of one lie after another.  Listening to him talk about Benghazi he calls the grieving families liars and that his wife suffered as much as the men did during the attack.  I do not remember her being tortured and killed but maybe that happened during the time she ‘run while under sniper fire’.  In my opinion, the only reason the FBI has not arrested her yet for her extremely inappropriate handling of highly sensitive matters is because of her last name.  I honestly do not know how anyone could remotely support this woman.  Obama has done more to shred the Constitution than anyone else prior.  In my opinion, he has done more to destroy America than any previous power foreign or domestic.  Now Hillary waits in the wings to finish the job.

I wonder when these people are so adamant against Trump if their real issue is Trump or their real issue is that the people are revolting against the political machine.  The people are behind Trump, I believe, not so much because he is a great politician but because he is not a politician.  He is not politically correct and the people are sick and tired of having political correctness shoved down their throats.  The people have seen political correctness kill this country.  Now we have men who because they think they are women are going into the woman’s locker rooms.  We have children who have not even yet begun to discover their own sexuality saying how they are transgender.  These kids are so young they cannot even spell ‘transgender’. Like the proverbial Rome America is burning.  These talking heads need to deal with the issue of saving what is left of America and not worrying about whether Trump has offended a former President of Mexico.  It is simple.  It is black and white (no that is not a racist expression).  It is not rocket science.  America is hurting and bleeding to death.  Our talking heads need to either get behind the people and help heal America or shut up.  I have not figured out how they think by blasting Trump they are helping America.  If they worked as hard revealing the truths about Hillary as they do trying to destroy Trump there would not be an issue in this election.  But just like the media did in the Obama election by not dealing with the real issues surrounding Obama they are not dealing with the real issues surrounding Hillary.  Now the media is all in arms over an illusion Trump made between his hands and supposedly his penis yet most of Hillary’s campaign has been about her vagina and nary a word is spoken.

I am not a blindly loyal Trump supporter.  But I do see only two choices for America.  I do not see a future for America under Hillary Clinton.  I do see a very bleak future for our nation and the final death of the Constitution under her.  She is a dangerous woman and is not to be trusted.  She has proven how little she truly cares for the common person and is more than willing to allow people to die to protect her reputation as she did in the Benghazi situation to keep the secret gun running quite.  I found it interesting how about a year prior to Fast and Furious coming to light how she was saying how 90% of the guns going to Mexico were coming from the US and so America must have tighter gun laws.  She was right about guns coming from America because they were the ones sending them.

Wake up people.  America’s future is a stake.  Our future is at stake.  These talking heads in this country need to put their egos aside and actually start getting behind the country.  If the election is going to be Trump versus Hillary then stop supporting Hillary if you really claim to be pro-America and pro-Constitution.  People need to set aside egos and agendas and actually start supporting this country again.  If America goes away, personally I doubt if it will ever fully be regained.  We are at a severe crossroads in our nation.  Wake up America.  It is time to set everything else aside and take a strong stand for our nation.  I know Trump may not be the best thing that ever came our way but he will a far cry better than putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.  Stop worrying about the deck chairs.  We are sinking fast and need a miracle if we are to survive.


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