Shadows of history



It has been said that if mankind do not learn from history then they are doomed to repeat it.  As I watch events happening in our nation today I see history screaming at us to learn and listen yet we keep turning a deaf ear to its pleas.

  1. Government over reach into the lives of citizens.

People want to think that the Civil War was all about slavery.  It was not.  A major factor in the start of the Civil War and the secession of the South was due to a sense of over reach by the federal government.  The federal government was being seen as telling the States what they could and could not do.  Our government needs to learn from history.  There are many counties and states that are already seeking secession.  This administration has given every appearance as seeking civil war in order to be able to invoke martial law.

  1. Proliferation of the gay agenda

Remember Rome?  The Roman Empire was the greatest empire on earth.  There was extreme open corruption and the forcing of the gay agenda upon the populous.  As the morals of the Roman Empire ended so did the Empire.

  1. Push to remove firearms from the general populous

Where do I begin?  Every time this has happened in history it has not ended well.  From China, old Russia, Nazi Germany, and the list can go on but every time the citizenry has been disarmed with the promise that the government would protect them the government moved in under a dictator and slaughtered the masses.

  1. Centralization of power to the federal government

The first thing Hitler did was to centralize the power under the federal government.  From health care to banking everything was under the final authority of the main government.  This never has ended well for the people.  People need to remember that ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  Never should the federal government have all the power.  This is why our Forefathers limited the power of the federal government and gave the true power to the States.

  1. Push of the Islamic ideology

This is not a anti-anything statement.  It is a historical fact.  The nations where Islam has been forced upon the people has never ended well for the people.  Throughout time it is easy to see the nations which were once free and open becoming closed and brutal as Islam becomes the accepted form of life.  Islam and radical Islam knows that America has a freedom of religion.  They are using this right and freedom against us.  Freedom of religion is good but when other people use that freedom to dominate and destroy life it is no longer a religion but a corrupt and evil lifestyle which must be stopped.

  1. Open corruption in politics

Corruption in politics has become a standing joke so much that even slot games have taken up the banner.  The problem is that corruption in politics is no laughing matter.  Our government has become so that the elected leaders are no longer trusted.  This is a well-earned response from the general population because our elected leaders have, for the most part, become nothing more than bought and paid for mouthpieces for a particular ideology.  Our elected leaders have majorly abandoned the people for whom they are to represent and do nothing more than push a political agenda.  The people know that they are no longer represented by our elected leaders.  Up to know the people have had the vote to fall back upon to respond to the corruption.  But more recently the corruption in politics has been attacking the sanctity of the vote.  Once the corrupt leadership removes the power of the voting ballot they leave the populous with no other choice but outward rebellion with which to make political changes.

  1. Sense of superiority of the elected/elite and of being above the law

Our political elite need to remember history.  Throughout time as the elected and governing elite begin to feel a sense of superiority over the people and a sense of being above the very laws they enact the people have eventually rose up to demand changes.  Many times these changes have not been peaceful.  I never want to see violence in our streets.  But as our elected elite start seeing the people as nothing more than piggy banks and peasants then they leave the people no choice.  Our elected leaders must read history.  It is the rights of the people to demand that our leaders understand that they work FOR the people and not the other way around.


This administration has done more to destroy America than any other country, nation or force before in history.  America is on a dangerous route and it begins at the top.  Our elected leaders must, and I repeat MUST find enough of something inside of them to demand change within themselves.  Either our elected leaders change and begin to demand a forgotten element called ethics from within their own ranks or the clock is ticking on a very dangerous timeline.

This is my conclusion of current events.  This President seems to have had an agenda of civil war since he began.  He wants to ‘radically transform’ America.  His advisors are proud of their efforts to make America into an Islamic country.  He has had every intention to make America into an Islamic country.  Our media has failed the people by not investigating this man.  He also has all appearance of being an extreme racists.  Our Congress has, for the most part, become comfortable in a job and not service.  Our Congress has abandoned the people for the sake of ‘parties’.  The Democrats in Congress have, for the most part, seem to have taken the idea that they must advance the agenda of the President at all cost to the people.  They have become nothing more than puppets and have abandoned their oaths to the Constitution.  The Republican Party has all appearance of having leadership that has given up leadership for the idea of playing political ball.  No one is held accountable.  Our veterans are dying in the streets while outsiders are given housing and massive benefits.  Right has become wrong and wrong has become right.  The people are waiting and hoping that our elected leaders will eventually get their heads out of their butts and make needed changes.  But our elected leaders need to do something quickly.  Remembering the first part of this conclusion, I personally believe that it has been the agenda of this administration to create civil war.  If there are not peaceful changes made quickly, the timeline that has been forced upon this country by this administration will take over.  There will be major bloodshed by governmental supporters and forces which are presently taking sides and it will be completely due to something this administration has forced upon the people.  I pray that I am wrong but I can easily see many Americans dying at the hands of this administration as it forces its ‘radical transformation’ upon the people.  I only hope we make it to the next election with enough of a country intact to make a difference.



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