Where will it all end



Anyone who has had kids is very familiar with the famous line: Are we there yet? This usually begins approximately 15 minutes after the car begins to move and continues throughout the entirety of the trip. They are interested not so much in the trip but when they are finally going to get where they are going so that they can get out of the car. For the past seven years the liberals, progressives and socialists have taken America for a ride. There are two questions which are looming: When will it end and where will it end. Masquerading as Democrats socialists, liberals and Anti-American progressives have taken America for a ride and have infiltrated every aspect of our government. The America that gives more money, food, and assistance to any nation in need has been demonized and basically allowed to rot while those whose primary objective is to destroy America and the American way of life has been uplifted. I see things happening in my country today that it is with a sincere since of extreme caution that I ask the question where will it all end.

The media appears to have basically been bought and paid for by the liberal and progressive in our country. So much of the news is nothing of substance when it comes to our government and what is happening behind the scenes. I can see what is happening in an auto accident but I cannot do investigative journalism. The media has done more investigative journalism on Ben Carson in the past few months than they have done on Barack Obama over the past 7 years. No one seems to even care anymore where Obama was during the hours that Benghazi was being attacked and Americans murdered. No one seems to view it as important that Obama has yet to provide a birth certificate that a first year forensic analyst is not able to shred as a fraud. No one seems to care that Obama was listed as a foreign student in college. No one seems to ask where are the documents which shows either that he kept the name Obama while adopted by his step father or that he legally changed it back to Obama which would make his oath of office to have been issued in a fraudulent manner. Why do these things matter? These things matter because of the Constitution. If the Constitution can be destroyed then America falls. It is the Constitution which has kept America safe from the same actions which plague so many other countries. People have grown so cold toward the Constitution that we now have two out spoken socialist running on the Democrat ticket who have openly shown disdain for the historic American way of life.

Under the present administration race relations have been set back a good 40 years. The Super Bowl was more a recollection of the Olympics of 1968 than it was a display of talent and beauty. The middle class has been more targeted than helped as they reel under both taxes and fees now set upon them by Obamacare. No one warned anyone about the ‘subsidies’ also being taxed prior to one’s income being taxed. Under the present administration our country faces the threat of being forced to accept untold numbers of Islamic terrorists under the label of refugees. These people are supposed to be ‘vetted’ by the government but the government has yet to even vet itself. As a concealed carry permit holder I have been vetted more time than probably our President.

Where is it going to end? America has been put on the wrong side of history. Russia now is the liberator of the oppressed by America either turns her back or supports the oppressor. Why is America even in Syria? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? ISIS is the child of much of the ‘interference’ in Syria originally formed as a rebel group to fight the present leadership. How did ISIS get so many US trucks and equipment? How did so much of the dropped aid fall ‘accidentally’ into the hands of those butchering Christians and selling women and children into slavery? Our ‘black lives matter’ people are not upset with slavery. They are upset because they do not get their way and want an excuse to support their ‘poor me’ mentality. If they were upset over slavery then they would be on the front lines against ISIS who supports slavery to this day.

My conclusions are uncomfortable. It is up to the American citizenry to protect America. Our government has sold us out to their ideology. In our present direction there will be violence in our streets to levels never seen before. In our present direction there will be terrorism done in the name of Islam basically protected by our government so that the only true protection a person has would be that which they carry on their person. In our present direction our law enforcement will not be able to keep up with situations and our government will continue to hamstring the officers to become more ‘peaceable’ and ‘tolerant’. In our present direction the historic American way of life will be nothing more than a footnote in history unless people purpose to keep it alive. In our present direction freedom of speech will be determined as to whether or not someone of a protected group is offended. In our present direction freedom of religion will be determined permissible only if every religion is willing to pay homage to Islam. In our present direction the Constitution will die. I, for one, cannot permit these things to happen. I will speak out even if uncomfortable and labeled racists. I will never honor a ‘gun free zone’ because I love my family too much and those around me. I will speak out against a government which is clearly out of control. I will use all means possible to get the message out. I, for one, want my America back!


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