I see stupid people

stupid people

I try to be careful of my terminology.  I do not always succeed but I try.  I use the term ‘stupid people’ on purpose.  I believe anyone who gets up and promotes an idea or cause who does not fully understand that idea or cause fits the category.  I heard an interesting comment regarding Hillary Clinton and Sanders.  The comment was that they were not Democrats; they were not capitalist, but that they were Socialist.  Do people even know what being a Socialist means?  Socialisms say that the average person does not work for themselves.  According to Socialism the average person works for the government.  It is the government which decides what people need and want.   It is the government which is the ultimate authority.  If you understand history it was the King of England that had this idea.  According to the colonialist days England it was the king that had all the power.  Your house was only yours as long as the king did not want that house.  People are supporting an idea which strips them of all authority and autonomy over their lives without even realizing what they are supporting!

Socialism does not work.  You eventually run out of other’s money.  As long as people know that the government will take care of them there is no motivation to change or to be active.  As long as people know that the government can and will take anything of theirs that the government wants there is no motivation to advance.  It has been capitalism which built this nation.  It is capitalism why people have migrated to America for centuries.  People come to America because they believe hard work will make a better future.  But people are voting between two candidates that hold a strong philosophical view that completely rejects that concept.  I actually wonder if Sanders and Clinton even truly know what they are promoting.  Socialism is fine as long as you are the one in power making the choices.  Once money runs out Socialism demands that if things continue to be provided that it is rationed.  There is no other option.  Remember in the USSR how food and gasoline was rationed?  Communism is basically just another form of Socialism.  If anything Socialism is the baby brother of Communism.

I do not know about anyone else but I do not want to work for the government.  It is bad enough how much our present government taxes the average person.  Our present administration has been pushing Socialism with its land grabs, EPA demands which are able to force the coal industry into oblivion and fine people for having a man-made pond on their property.  Our government and these so called ‘leaders’ need to wise up.  The people are getting fed up and just like under George Washington they are taking up arms against those who are trying to take away they is not theirs to take.  I am not saying that what happened in Oregon was right or wrong but it is an event putting the government on notice.  It also shows how little our government views the average person.  If you stand against the government be prepared to die.  It is difficult to say this but unfortunately it is true.  I also find this especially true it seems when there is a democrat/socialist in office.  I remember Ruby Ridge and Waco.  Both ended in crisis where people took at stand, right or wrong, against what they viewed as an oppressive government.  The government officials gave the word to ‘end the conflict’.  Oregon was another event where the government ‘ended the conflict’ with the death of one of the participants.  Now I am probably the last one to condemn a police officer who must kill someone in the line of duty.  But with the vast array of tactics which were at the availability of the officials on hand there seemed to have been multiple other means to end the conflict other than killing one of the so called ‘rebels’.  Maybe that is the problem.  People who opposed what they see in the government as oppression are simply deemed as ‘rebels’ or worst as ‘terrorists’ and deemed worthy of death.  It is interesting that our government labels these people as ‘terrorists’ and are more than willing to exterminate them yet when Islamic terrorists starts killing Americans in large numbers the government seems to hunker down in a protective mode defending them as simply needing job opportunities.

This election, if we make it that far, is critical for many reasons.  Our government is way out of control.  There have been things happening under this administration that has never been permitted in the past.  Our Congress must bear some of the blame because no one seems to want to reel in our president and his administration.  I have never seen such high levels of corruption in government as there is presently.  People are tired of it and are fed up.  Many in law enforcement realize this and also read the tea leaves as they are speaking up saying how they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.  They are realizing that the people have a right to be fed up because of the government over reach of power.  I have never seen such an anti-American government before in my life.  In my studies of American history I have never heard of such an anti-American government in the history of this nation.  No one wants civil discord and especially civil war on our soil.  But this seems to be the goal of this administration.  This administration seems to be wanting to create an environment where their Islamic refugees can infiltration and set off the powder keg which they have created.  I can only hope that our military will be wise enough to realize the reality of the situation.  I hope that there are enough leaders in the military which will support the Constitution of the United States over a corrupt government.  It is coming where people will have to choose between obeying orders or doing what is right according to the US Constitution.


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