American priorities


When I was a practicing counselor I dealt with some very serious issues and was known to be blunt especially when there was very little time to waste.  I remember telling a couple of my clients:  See that wall ahead of you?  Run real hard and fast into it and see if the jolt can dislodge your head out of your butt!  America needs to find a wall to run in to.  I read the news and find what is important is whether so and so wore something inappropriate somewhere.  I hear arguments whether the Democrats or Republicans are better for America like we are electing a party and not an ideology in leadership.  I hear words coming out of the mouths of some of our elected officials and really want to ask them if any of their mother’s children lived just to see if they could follow my sentence.  America must get their priorities together!

We have the government funding Planned Parenthood, an organization which appears to have been caught selling baby parts for profit.  We have the government supporting by the billions countries which are trying to kill us.  We have our government giving supplies to people we do not even know and are then surprised when they are being used by ISIS.  We have veterans who are sleeping under bridges while our government is providing free housing for ‘refugees’ they are bringing in by the thousands.  We have State counties going broke because they are spending billions on people coming into this country through the back door while American children remain in need.  We have a president spending tens of millions in vacations and travel to raise money for a political party while saying the government does not have any money to give to needed causes.  We have a president ordering that a cross be hidden while speaking at a Christian university so as not of offend anyone while speaking at a Mosque with no objections.  We have schools expelling elementary children because he ate one side of his pop-tart first which made it look like a gun while cancelling holiday celebrations because they do not want to offend the Muslims.  I could go on but does anyone else out there see a problem here?  Does anyone else out there scream:  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY?!?


I do not claim to be some great mind able to tell the future of political science.  But I am a person with a little commonsense who listens and observes.  Our nation must change its present course if we are to remain a free and open society.  If a person is not alarmed it is because they are not paying attention.  Ask yourself how much tax do the working people pay today?  We have two outspoken Socialists running on the Democrat side.  Whether we like to believe it or not, all those free things the Socialist promise must cost someone something.  It means higher taxes.  This means the average person is no longer truly working for himself but rather working to support the government.  The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money and things start getting rationed.  This includes everything from medical care and supplies to food.  But the only ones never affected by rationing are the elite and the political power sources.  Anyone who wants to argue this point simply needs to look at other countries that have gone full Socialist and you see its effects.  Does anyone else remember the long lines for bread in the USSR?

Right now, and it pains me to say this, America is on the wrong side of history.  We have stopped kissing the face of freedom and have gone to kissing the butts of the few.  We are supporting the rebels in Syria and probably cannot say intelligently why.  In supporting the rebels our government has helped to create ISIS.  If these are the people we are supporting someone needs to ask why we are continuing.  Christians are being slaughtered by the droves at the hands of ISIS while our government worries about insulting the Muslims.  Our government has lied to the people so many times and has gotten so openly corrupt that ‘lying’ and ‘corrupt’ have become synonymous with government officials.   We have racist groups doing everything possible to remove history.  These groups have nothing to do with supporting ‘black’ people.  These groups refuse to acknowledge history and the large numbers of black men who proudly and freely fought in the Confederacy.  We have a government and legal system which seems to be the best that money can buy and people such as Hillary Clinton who are running free even though there has been enough evidence against her and that she has been found in so many lies that a regular person would have been put UNDER the prison and not just IN the prison.  Race has become more important than achievement and being gay or transgender makes a person a hero.

If we make it to the election, America must vote for someone who gets America back on the right track.  Personally, I do not know nor care who that is but one thing for sure is that it will not be found in an ideology of free giveaways.  America must get back to supporting our military and our veterans before newcomers.  America must get back to kissing the face of freedom and kicking the butts of the freeloaders.  America must get back to not bothering with the issues of those who demand ‘safe space’ to not have to hear anything they do not approve of and return to allowing people be offended and learning to deal with matters personally.  America must stop funding those countries who are trying to kill us and start putting that money to work at home building a strong economy which provide opportunities.  America must stop believing ‘the enemy of our enemy is our friend’ and start seriously asking who we are actually supporting militarily.  Additionally, when our military is deployed we must be allowing them to do their jobs WITHOUT LIMITATIONS AND HAMSTRINGING THEM.  If they are sent to kill the enemy, let them kill the enemy!

I love my country.  I want it around for a long time.  At the present pace we are in real risk of losing what our Forefathers fought to create.  I am at risk of losing why many of my ancestors fought to create.  I am at risk of losing what many of my ancestors fought over the years to keep.  Our leaders, both present and future, must find a wall and run head long into it to see if it can dislodge their heads from their backsides.  If America does not start getting leadership that actually puts America and Americans first and commonsense back in leadership, we will lose the precious nation we have enjoyed and liberty will become just another thing rationed out along with the gasoline and potatoes.


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