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bridge out


I have had people ask me why I write and what my purpose is for my blogs.  My purpose in writing is not so much to get people to agree with me but rather to get people to think.  I am a permanently disabled individual.  So my working days are over.  So are my scrapping days.  But I see time coming ahead of us that unless there are significant changes made in this country we are all in for trouble.  The purpose for my writing is to get people asking questions regarding where our country is headed.  People are sitting idly by while our nation is like a locomotive heading towards a bridge that is no longer there.  This upcoming election is not something that can be capsulized into Democrat or Republican.  It is much more than a party.  There is an ideology that has been killing America.  Socialism never has worked in the past because you eventually run out of other people’s money.  Communism never has worked because the human element demands greed and power and whenever a select few is given power over the masses tyranny results.  The only thing which has worked in the past has been Capitalism.  But the greatest foes to Capitalism are those who do not want to work for a living yet feels justified to demand everything.

When I try to discuss issues with our present government and the threats it is presenting to the American way of life I am reminded of the theme from the old movie ‘Love Story’ with ‘Where do I begin’.  We have career politicians many of whom need to be fired.  I cannot believe some of the things that they say:  ‘We must pass the law in order to find out what is in the law’; ‘I stand before Congress a freed slave (now unless she was 175 years old I rather doubt this statement’; ‘Murder is the highest form of homicide in America’; and we can never forget how Guam was going to tip over because of the presence of the US Navy.  Except for a few years ago when Boehner began Congress with the reading of the Constitution I doubt that many of our Congress persons ever looked at one.  We have sweetheart deals and pork fed bills with billions being shipped to country who want to kill us, back room agreements and under the table payments.  The only thing that seems like is keeping Hillary Clinton from being indicted is Barack Obama and the only thing keeping him from being indicted seems to be Hillary Clinton.  We are being lied to on such a regular basis that it has become equated with politics.

There is an immigration and ‘refugee’ program being forced upon the nation that is all but guaranteed to break the system.  While somehow the government can find billions for all these people, our veterans remain homeless and stuck in an antiquated medical system where people are still dying while waiting to be seen by doctors.  Our old and those who live off of the social security system they have paid into all their lives appear to be seen as a hangnail on the finger of the government as the meager payments received do nothing to keep up with the staggering rages of goods, services and inflation.  We have a president who seems unashamed to promote to wonders of Islam while refusing to acknowledge the very existence of Islamic terrorism.  Nation after nation, country after country are coming to the basic conclusion that our president is the greatest threat to America and clearly has an agenda to destroy it while also wondering why the American people cannot see this reality.

If America is to continue to where our children and grandchildren are to have even a remote concept of the land of the free there are some things what must happen:

  • Anyone with any character and who still believes in the Constitution in Congress must step up and be heard. DEMAND TO BE HEARD!  If Clinton has deceived Congress then demand an accounting to which she is held responsible.  If Obama has lied the same thing applies.  Stop protecting Islam and start protecting Americans.  Start acting upon the oath of defending the Constitution which was taken at the beginning.
  • Anyone in law enforcement must decide which they will choose when it comes down to duty verses obedience. Remember that ‘I was just following orders’ did not work during the Nuremburg Trials and will never defend those who act contrary to the Constitution.  Will you enforce anti-Constitutional laws, edicts and executive orders?
  • Anyone who can legally carry a firearm needs to do so. The only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.  Feinstein needs her head examined if she truly thinks that once a bad guy realizes that no one is fighting him/her or that they have killed enough people that they will surrender.  America has had war thrusted upon its shores regardless whether our politicians want to admit it.  The attacks upon innocent people are not going to suddenly stop.  But it is fairly safe to assume that as they realize that they are not going to have the same free duck shoot that they have had in the past that things will improve.
  • Anyone who is going to vote must demand of your candidate to be clear where he or she stands regarding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, truth to the American people, American welfare and safety, and Capitalism. We cannot survive any more socialistic leadership.  If these people do not believe in America and the American way of life they why in the name of all that is good did they ever get involved in politics.  Based upon the past few years, if America gets saddled with any more of this mentality there will not be an America with any vague resemblance to its greatness of the past for the future.
  • Anyone who wants to see America survive MUST VOTE. I am amazed at the stupidity of people who say if this or that person gets the Republican nomination they are not going to vote.  How dare you!  Do you honestly think that you are making anything any better by not voting?  You might as well vote for the socialist who is trying to destroy America on the other ticket.  It would be nice if there were a Democrat running who was not running on a plan to bankrupt this nation and turn it into something totally opposite as to what it has been in the past.  But this is not an option.

We are not playing a game.  We are not acting like children playing house.  We are at a major decision point in our nation’s history even greater than when our Founding Fathers were deciding to break free from England and the king.  With the wrong person in the White House America will become close to a third world country with constant riots, anarchy, mayhem, murder, and martial law.  We will have not even a vague resemblance to what our Forefathers penned at the birth of this nation.  Elvis Presley had a sound entitled ‘It’s now or never’.  The same applies if we are to keep our nation alive.




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