2016 and the 60’s

60sFor those of us where were in the States during the 60’s the primary icon of the day would have been chaos.  Riots were common in the universities and would spill over onto the local communities.  I remember as a kid growing up in the Salvation Army watching my parents making hundreds of sandwiches to help feed the sheriff’s department and National Guard that had been called in due to rioting in Des Moines, Iowa at the Northern Illinois University.  There were paid professional ‘rioters’ who would go from university to university creating discord and flaring up violent riots and then quietly move on to another university during the cover of chaos.  Today is no different only instead of the Vietnam War being their ‘cause’ the key point of today are ‘feelings’, ‘sensitivities’, and race.  But just like in the 60’s, never just trust your eyes to what is being placed before you as the whole truth.  If this administration has taught us anything over the last few years it has been never to trust what you see as the whole truth.  Do not completely trust the hands of the magician.  The shiny coin in the hands of the magician is not actually as it seems.  The riots of today have nothing to do with race relations, racial equality, or even social betterment.  The riots of today are merely to keep society off course just enough to distract from the hands of the magician.  Just like the real magicians use scantily clad beautiful women to distract with their sensual movements while the real actions are being manipulated these rioters are a diversion from that which is truly happening behind the veil.

America is being set up to where our Constitution is being both ignored as well as used against us.  People need to look at the facts real quick before America goes into free-fall.  Anyone who votes today for a politician because of a particular party is a fool.  The Democrat Party of today is NOT the Democrat Party of your grandfather.  I have written to my legislators numerous times and each time I get a reply that has been sanitized and censored by their party as the ultimate answer which truly says nothing of substance.  We have rising before us Hillary Clinton as the Democrat front runner for the Presidential election.  Anyone else except for Clinton would have been indicted by now because of all the lies and deceit she has done in her handling of confidential and top secret material.  She is being pushed for President not because of her character but because of her genitals.  But her genitals will not be making the decisions if elected.  Her extremely questionable character will be what would be in power.  Voter fraud has been a proven problem in the past elections.  Party minions have met with people behind closed doors with absentee ballots helping them fill them out.  People whom, according to the Constitution, should not be allowed to vote are voting under false names through not being required to show any form of identification.  Showing identification does not have anything to do with race or economic standing.  I hear such ridiculous arguments against requiring any form of identification that it is mind boggling how sane people actually can allow themselves to believe the excuses.

This administration is flooding America with all forms of ‘immigrants’.  I use that word cautiously because most of them really are not immigrating from anywhere.  Many are simply invading.  An immigrant comes to America to become an America.  I know there are some who are here illegally who actually just want a chance.  While I reject the idea of coming to America in the back of a Chevy hidden under old blankets I also applauded every time someone would escape from the old soviet communist USSR in search for personal freedom.  But I also believe that these people are in the extreme minority.  I believe that the majority of those flooding the shores of this nation today are not here to build a better life or become American.  I believe that the majority are here for one purpose at that is to create discord and division.  Personally, I believe that the vast majority of the ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ are nothing more than a calculated effort to flood the next election with paid voters.  With no forms of identification being required to vote the door is wide open for fraud.  Additionally, I would not be surprised to see efforts to ‘fast track’ citizen status of many of these new comers.  Likewise, this administration knows how to use the Electoral College to its benefit and our demise.  It does not worry about the real people.  It targets the areas of highest concentration of a particular mindset.  In Illinois, the rest of the state basically goes as Chicago goes.  In Washington it is King and Pierce County which determines what really is accepted regardless of the will of the rest of the State.

We the people have been the proverbial frog in a pot of slowing warming water.  The water warms so slowly around us that we do not realize that we are being boiled.  America is at war.  America has had war declared upon us and this administration has been consisting siding with our attackers.  Radical Islam has declared war by consistently attack us on our own shores.  Yet this administration refuses to admit that there even is such a thing as radicalized Islamic factions.  Numerous law enforcement officials have recognized that America is under attack and has encouraged licensed people to carry a weapon.  There has recently been numerous occasions with a private carry individual have thwarted the efforts of would be assassins.

If this administration is able to pull off the invasion it is seeking under the guise of refugees our nation will be in serious trouble.  All anyone needs to do is to look to the UK.  Rape, murder and rioting are through the roof.  Americans are a different lot than many other nations.  When the citizenry draws a line, it is kept.  Should the same things happen in this country as happening in the UK then this administration will have the national crisis it needs to invoke the State of Emergency clauses disrupting all personal rights as per FEMA and the powers the many past Executive Orders have given to it during national crisis.  A simply examination of these powers is a sobering reality into the present situation.  But, I highly doubt that the majority of Americans will take the new powers lightly and willingly.  We as Americans love our freedoms and liberties and see them as our line in the sand.  I truly believe that this administration underestimates the power and will of the people.  I believe they expect that the people will simply follow and obey.  As a nation we did not form that way and have never lived that way.  I am reminded of a former relationship I was in.  She was used to abusive men.  She seemed to live life in crisis and only listened once a person reached a certain level of frustration.  I told her I have never been that kind of man and refuse to ever become that kind of man.  As Americans we have never been the kind of people to accept our liberties being taken away and I do not foresee us as ever becoming that kind of nation.  I know that this administration is continuing its efforts to ‘radically transform America’.  But I hope they realize all the consequences to them should they try to ‘transform’ too much.  Once the push back starts, it is not going to stop with simple changes in status quo.  I believe that once the push back starts it is not going to stop until ALL those who have proven weak towards our liberties, freedoms, rights, Constitution and efforts to simply live a better life will feel its effects.  I believe once it starts the effects will be felt from the IRS, Congress of every State, Supreme Court, the ‘Fed’, numerous law enforcement agencies that have been in the pocket of the politicians and even the White House itself.  My advice to this administration is to be careful.  YOU ARE PLAYING WITH MEASURES BEYOND YOUR KIND OR RECOGNITION.  PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AT YOUR OWN RISK AND PERIL.  No body that I know wants war in our streets.  Most people I know are willing to accept it if that is the ONLY way to keep America free and its Constitutional liberties intact.



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