America needs to face facts.  We are in a load of hurt.  We have been sold out.  The political parties we presently have are not the parties of our grandparents.  The Democrat party has basically become the old Communist party of the 60’s and the Republican Party has basically become the old Democrat Party.  The present Democrat Party has forced upon America the greatest scam of all time.  While knowing that Barack Obama was not permitted as president as per the US Constitution they helped bury all his records and created an excitement because of a color.  They are doing the same thing now with Hillary Clinton because of her genitals.  Neither of these people should have been or be President of the United States but they fit the agenda and are being covered with such a smoke screen to prevent their realities from showing.  While many of key Islamic nations describe the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization Obama keeps placing them in key positions.  Valerie Jarrett has been open and proud of her Islamic faith and as how they are proceeding in using the Constitution and our sleepy media to form America as an Islamic nation.  Obama continues to stack the deck of his administration with more and more radicals who push the pro-Islamic agenda.  He has proven himself loyal to Islam and not to the historic America and America way of life.  He has made it clear he has a primary goal of disarming Americans.  He has been caught in one lie after the other.  There is very little room left not to accept that he is a loyal Islamist follower who also accepts the principle of taqiyya or the permission found in the koran for a follower of Islam to lie and use deceit in order to promote the cause of Islam.

I listen to some of the comments which come out of the mouths of many congress persons.  I would recommend that anyone who wants to be in congress to be able to pass an IQ test but from what I have heard I doubt that many of them could even spell ‘IQ’ test.  Too many of those in congress are in for power and money.  They have expense accounts greater than many Americas make in a year.  I draw social security disability, which is NOT a hand out from the government but something I paid into while I was WORKING much like an insurance policy, and after Medicare got its cut I have a whopping 2% increase which amounts to approximately $25.00 increase.  Yet, somehow our government has the ability to spend countless millions on ‘refugees’ whom have already proven themselves not to be truly vetted or cleared in any sense of the word as evidenced by how well the wife of the San Bernardino radical Islamic terrorist was ‘vetted’.  The more that is investigated the more it proves how non-existent their ‘vetting’ process truly is.

I wonder when people will start seeing Obama as the Islamic plant that he obviously must be and his role in the destruction of America.  He made his position clear when he said that if the winds shift he would stand with Islam.  The media fail and betrayed America.  Liberals were excited about a person of color they did not care about his goals, beliefs or agenda.  Now it is up to the conservatives of this nation to pick up the pieces.  It is up to us to start carrying a concealed weapon like in the old days of this nation because we have the enemy among us.  We have been infiltrated by those who want to kill us and take away our freedoms and way of life.  It is up to the conservatives to start politely disobeying all the un-Constitutional laws that Obama and his crew is trying to pass.  We will not obey.  We will not follow.  We will not bow.  Islam, or at least many in Islam, has proven that they want a fight.  If radical Islam wants a fight then a fight they shall receive.  We will not have rules of engagement.  We will not have concern for the enemy age nor gender.  They have proven that the children and women are equally as brainwashed to slaughter all who do not accept Islam.  We will show no mercy.  We will give no quarter.  We will take no prisoners.  I would encourage our military not to take prisoners because Obama has proven that he does not care about our military nearly as much as he does Islam and will release them to return to killing Americans.

America is in a load of hurt.  The enemy has infiltrated this nation at the highest levels. When the Attorney General supposedly came out with the threat to prosecute anyone speaking out in a ‘violent’ manner against Islam that should have sent shock waves through the nation but it did not.  Is the nation so blind to what is happening? I watch all these silly protests by spoiled brats who complain because they have been offended or mistreated.  If they do not pull their heads out of their butts soon what lies ahead will make their ‘mistreatment’ seem like a Sunday School picnic.


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