Obama’s grand backfire


executive orders


Obama has been consistent in his protection of Islam.  He is insistent in not using the term ‘radical Islam’.  He says that the term of radical is insulting to the other Muslims of this country who do not want to have any association with ISIS.  But through his extremely view of not permitting some terms in order to protect others of Islam Obama has accomplished just the opposite.  But his refusal to acknowledge that there are those within Islam who have a murderous view of the world and a bloodthirst interpretation of the koran he has forced the issue of all Muslims to be painted with the same brush.

Through Obama’s refusal to identify that there are different factions within Islam he has created a ‘one Islam’ interpretation of the religion.  He seems to be the only one, except for some of the clones in the Democrat party, who refuses to see that there are evils being done in this world in the name of Islam.  He purposely is closing his eyes to the reality that there are those who are killing innocent people in the name of their allah.  One must ask what level of blind obedience to Islam with which Obama has been indoctrinated.   It is clear Obama is loyal to Islam.  He has made his loyalty to Islam above any and all other religions and philosophies.  He has yet to denounce anything which might be wrong with Islam.  With ISIS even though the first letter in ISIS stands for ‘Islamic’ Obama refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Regardless of Obama’s overt loyalty to Islam, the rest of the world sees the different sects within Islam.  Even Islamic countries recognize the different sects.  Perhaps, there is something more to Obama’s blind obedience and protection of Islam besides not wanting to insult followers of Islam.  By not admitting that there are bad players who are also followers of Islam Obama is seriously threatening national security.  Either he is purposely throwing open the doors of America for those who have the full intention of entering in order to do terrorism or he is completely beyond stupid.  Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Obama may not be the brightest bulb in the lamp, his handlers know exactly what his actions will accomplish.  A person must wonder just how deep the strings of his handlers must go in American society.  Obama seems enamored with himself, power, influence and money.  He goes from one fund raiser for the Democrat party to the next all at tax payer expense yet nothing ever seems to be said.  No President has traveled as much as he has on tax payer expense with the primary purpose of raising funds for his political party.  Yet nothing ever seems to be said.  He appears to be absent of all emotion except when speaking against the Republican Party.  He appears void of emotion as he went from a short announcement of Americans being beheaded and straight to the golf course.  In a very real sense he has all the outward appearance of someone completely psychotic and anti-social with a mentality that laws are for everyone else but him.

As Obama refuses to address the idea that bad followers of Islam exist and that they seek to enter the country dressed as refugees he purposely places this nation at risk.  This is treason at the highest level but again, nothing is being done.  Our media has abandoned America through their love lust with Obama.  You need to ask the question how much money has been exchanged between the Democrat Party and the media CEOs to buy such blind reporting.  I believe the only real hope for America will be through the people of America; the average person who loves the American way of life and freedoms.  Regardless what Obama may or may not want, his administration, Attorney General, and other plants which have been set in high places within this administration; it is the people who will have the last word.  I am glad when I read of another law enforcement head telling those who can legally carry a firearm to do so.  I am glad when people start speaking out sounding the horn of warning.  I am glad when the people awaken.  Obama does not want the people to come alive.  I actually believe he thinks that the people will simply accept anything and everything he says as the truth with blind obedience.  There are a few things that are clear:  1. All good people who can must carry concealed because it will be up to the people to shoot back at the terrorist.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time.  2.  It is time to clear House, Senate and White House of any remaining stench of liberalism.  People must be removed from office and every America must vote them out.  3.  Every America must prepare for the worst case scenario.  Obama’s plan only results in one thing and that is a major civil war within this nation.  There is no other conclusion.   As thousands of radicals regardless if from Syria, Middle East, Mexico or Central America are allowed to freely enter this country there will be war.  There is no other alternative.  America is not at war with radical Islam and radical ideology.  Radical Islam and radical ideology is at war with America.  We either fight back or roll over and I do not see the latter as an option.



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